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Colostomy? Ileostomy? Urostomy?

Ostomy Lifestyle is a UK charity that was established in 2007. We provide support, advice and information to anyone affected by stoma surgery on their bowel or urinary system.

The medical conditions that lead to stoma surgery can affect people of any age, gender, profession or race. We seek to empower people, enabling them to make informed choices and to communicate frankly about all aspects of stoma surgery, and we are working to raise awareness of ostomy issues, amongst both the medical profession and the general public.

News: we have partnered with Sexton Dental Clinic to provide discounted dental implants for patients after recent ostoma surgery. Costs of dental implants can go as high as $6000. With our help you can reduce it up to 60%. You can learn more dental implants prices here. Please submit your application to