How to Smell Good in 7 Easy Steps

how to smell good

Everyone likes to smell good and be around people who smell good. It’s attractive. Getting clean and fresh is nothing a good shower or bath can’t accomplish. However, you may notice that “fresh” feeling leaves not long after.

This happens more often during the hotter months of the year. Is it possible to stay fresh at all times? ( Keep reading to learn how to smell good throughout the day.

1. Maintain Good Hygiene

It probably goes without saying you should take good care of your overall hygiene. Showing is the most important. You should focus on your armpits and intimate areas the most because they are most likely to produce an odor when you sweat. Do not forget behind your ears and around your ears either.

Showering once or twice a day is more than enough, but you may have to take additional quick showers depending on your level of activity. Brush your teeth at least twice a day as well, ideally after a meal, to keep your mouth fresh.

If you use washcloths or loofahs you want to remember to wash them often or replace them as they can harbor bacteria which also promotes acne.

2. Use Scented Cleansers and Moisturizers

Taking a shower or bath is all great and good, but it won’t leave you smelling good for a long time if you do not use a fragrant soap or follow-up with a good moisturizer.

Some people use lotions, creams, and mists, but may notice the fragrance leaves after a while. A good tip to ensure the moisturizers you apply last longer is to add it on moisturized skin.

For added scent, you want to apply it in layers. Just make sure the scents are compatible and don’t compete with one another otherwise you may find the outcome overpowering, which takes away from smelling good.

3. Keep Your Body and Mouth Fresh Throughout the Day

You can reapply scented lotions, perfume, and moisturizers throughout the day. This will keep you smelling good. Do not use them as a way to mask body odor though. This doesn’t work. If you feel musky, you should cleanse yourself again or the specific area in question.

Not home? It would be a better idea to use cleansing wipes to “wash up” and take advantage of the mini toothbrushes that are travel-friendly or single-use.

Keep mints and a portable mouthwash with you at all times so you never have to worry about bad breath. When you feel like you need it, you could brush your teeth using travel toothbrushes. The single-one ones are ideal.

4. Use a Good Deodorizer

After you take a shower, you should add a good deodorant or antiperspirant. If you want to avoid chemicals, there are many natural deodorants you can make yourself or purchase one that is effective. There is no real rule when and how much you should use.

If there is a good time, it would be at night rather than in the morning. This is because you allow the odor-fighting ingredients to work into your skin as you sleep. the sweat glands that produce foul-odor are blocked.

5. Wash Clothes Regularly

The clothes you wear are another thing to take into consideration if you want to smell amazing throughout the day. If clothes do not smell fresh, you may not feel or smell fresh either. It’s good practice to change your clothes and undergarments often.

Throw your clothes in the washing machine after a few uses. You can add about half a cup of white vinegar for greater deodorizing effects. If you are prone to sweaty feet, it’s best to alternate between your socks more often. You can also add a good deodorizer in your shoes to help get rid of odor or prevent it.

6. Find a Good Perfume

Perfume is one of the best arsenals to use for smelling nice for a long time. You do not have to go overboard with it either; a little goes a long way.

Look at it that way if you think a bottle is too pricey. The cost is more than worth it because it will last you a long time.

You can find great deals on bulk perfume to save you even more money. You can ensure the perfume you use last when you apply it to pulse areas on your body such as your neck, wrists, or behind the knees. You can also add it to your hairbrush before you brush your dry hair.

7. Avoid Eating Certain Foods

You should be more mindful of the foods you eat too if you want to prevent body odor and bad breath. The most common culprit is garlic, nuts, and other fruits like onions and certain spices.

The best way to control body odor is to limit the overall consumption. These foods cause bad odor by sinking into your body. At the same time, you also want to refrain from eating things like red meat and alcohol.

Anytime you are not sure what to eat, you should opt for foods like fruits and vegetables as they are least likely to produce odor-causing bacteria in your body.

How to Smell Good All Day in Seven Steps

Smelling good all day can be a challenge. Most people give up on the idea that they can learn how to smell good because they feel grimy minutes to hours after a shower. You can combat this from happening by using any of these tips.

You can pass by strangers, your friends, boss, or co-workers as much you want to and smell just as delicious as you do when you are out of the shower.

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