Costco Treadmill Review: Overview and Guide

Costco Treadmill Review

Did you have the faintest idea that Costco is a global retailer? It has warehouses in 8 different countries across the globe! They have achieved a lot ever since their inception in 1976.

What’s more amazing is to know is that they started their operations from a hangar for airplanes in San Diego. As of now, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. They are a multi-billion dollar business and are well-known for their quality.

Ostomy Lifestyle are here today, to discuss one such inventory item, the costco treadmill. Although much has been said about their treadmills, we will unravel all that has not been said in this post.

Costco Treadmill Review

Common Features Of A Costco Treadmill

There is nothing much that can be talked about this company. They are a popular brand and anything that comes from them is valuable.

Ostomy Lifestyle have been able to draw a few common features amongst the best treadmills 2019 at Costco, like:

  • Most treadmills have an elaborate treadbelt of 60 inches
  • They have motors with 3.0 Horsepower
  • What this means is that the motor is quiet and has a smooth way of working
  • You can raise the incline, but it will not impact your joints or lower back
  • These are nothing short of high end treadmills
  • A few of these even come with a flat screen TV
  • Some have subwoofers for you to enjoy your music with a mix of acoustics
  • You can even procure models that can be folded and stored easily
  • You also get iFit® Coach Membership with most of these models for a year
  • This is a program that helps you track your stats and you can also get it connected to your wearable devices for more
  • Most of them even come with a space in the shelf for your tablets
  • Overall, Icon Fitness manufactures some stuff with class
  • These machines are backed by solid warranty of lifetime on motors, at times a few of years for parts and labor

This is very true and since, Costco is a brand that knows only to produce goods that are worth, all this only makes sense. These treadmills act like a personal coach by helping you keep a track of your goals.

What Ostomy Lifestyle Like In These Treadmills?

Their machines are primarily affordable by all, in spite of their superior class. They are convenient and do not much of your time while assembling. We have forked up a few characteristics that we would like to discuss in details in here. So, read on.




With patented design, sturdy body and compact size, these treadmills are a hoot for sure. Yes, don’t forget the foldable trait that put these devices in a different category. Again, with running area of 60 inches, you are assured to enjoy your space and experience. What more do you want from a treadmill?




With 2.6 to 3.0 CHP motors these treadmills guarantee that you will get to run, walk or jog in an effortless manner. They offer you with consistency of power and that should be the most important thing in a treadmill.

These motors are extremely durable and can bear up to weight of 300 pounds! See, this is what we mean, when we say that a costco treadmill is not that bad.




Treadmills of Costco are not that high priced. Although, you may have heard something different from other sources, yet this is the truth. There is no need to bad mouth about the pricing, when we know it is not.

Costco is a sensible brand and they know their pricing very well. There is no end to this discussion, but their costs are not at all dear.




Most of these machines come with big rollers, something around 1.9 inches to 2.5 inches on an average. These rollers are non-flex and keep you balanced with precision.

As a result you can expect to get a better grip and of course, are a quieter alternative to many. Now, who doesn’t like a treadmill with these qualities?


iFit® Coach Membership


As explained above, this is an app that opens a world of possibilities for you. You can browse through a library of classes of studio workout, personal trainers, and a lot of tracking.

This is like a personal trainer you have yearned for, but have not been able to afford. Not to mention, this membership comes at no cost with a costco treadmill.

What Ostomy Lifestyle Don’t Like?

These machines may not be updated and this makes it a bit of a snag. That is correct, you heard us right; treadmills of Costco are simple. Unlike, the new age treadmills that undergo change and are updated on a regular basis, Costco lacks this facility as of now.

Who Should Buy From Costco?

If you have basic needs like that of walking for rehabilitation or want to give it to an elderly, then this makes sense. This is most definitely is well suited for someone that wants to get back into action, but cannot as they may have suffered an injury. This implies that these Costco machines can cater to basic needs only.

The iFit membership sweetens the deal for anyone that wants it for these purposes. We have spilled it all, now it is up to you to make that choice.

Who Manufactures Costco Treadmill?

You could be a regular at Costco, but may not have tried their treadmills. What we ask you is to give them. Who would buy them and under what circumstance should you buy them is a different query. We will answer all that in this write up.

For now, if you are really interested to know who manufactures a costco treadmill, then here is the answer – Icon Fitness. Yes, they produce everything you can think of, from NordicTrack, Weslo, Image to ProForm.

Point is; they build strong, stable and cool products that you can rely on. Their treadmills are impressive and have a lot of attributes that you would love to have in a treadmill.

Amazon versus Costco

It may be surprising to know that though Costco is a late-boomer in the online retail industry, yet it is favored by consumers a lot. Studies reveal that they beat Amazon, the giant ever since 2010 in this category.

They are appreciated as have a variety to offer its customers. They are even into groceries; something that Amazon till now has not been able to penetrate. Certainly, their brick and mortar shops win over Amazon in a way.

Most shoppers prefer Costco over Amazon and that has worked like a charm for them. Getting back to treadmills, yes Costco is also a name in the arena and there is nothing stopping them from going beyond this.

The components they use are quality and have a great body. Moreover, the quality control makes them a top notch player in the field. It has to be added that Costco has a Midas touch and their sales speak of that. Customers love their products as the reviews speak for them as well. No, it is not going anywhere, as Costco is here to stay, more surprisingly in this Amazon era!

Costco is a brand to look forward to and there are no qualms about it. They have grown inch by inch and this is a great quality in itself. They have learnt everything on their own and have channelized their lessons in a positive direction.

In the same way, when talk about a costco treadmill, it is understood that it stands for quality. The rest just fall in place, but the foremost thing is they have never compromised their quality. This makes them a brand name that is epitome of excellence. Still, we would suggest you to compare and conduct a research at your level to get the very best of treadmills. Ostomy Lifestyle wish you all the best for your endeavors!


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