Hiring The Right Recruiter In Montreal, Quebec

The Right Recruiter

When you need a job to be done properly you have to get the right people that fit the task at hand. Failure to do so might result in wastage of various resources such as time and money. At times, it can be a difficult task to do the recruitment as the Right recruiter all by yourself, especially, when there are lots of requirements involved. Having a competent individual to do the recruitment will make your work much easier and give you satisfactory results. 

Thus, it is good to take time and hire the right Montreal recruiter to help you in your next hire. With that said, here are the key things to consider when doing so.

  • Knowledge

The person you choose must be knowledgeable in the particular field of work in which you are seeking employees. 

For example, if you are looking to hire engineers then the recruiter should be knowledgeable in that particular field of engineering so that they know what to look for when doing the job. This way they will be able to hire skilled employees who will be easy to train and can deliver what is required of them. 

They should also have significant experience in their line of work. Vast experience gives them better judgement hence will enable them to do a thorough evaluation of the recruits. 

  • Integrity

This is a position that requires someone with a high level of integrity. The job must be done in a fair and just way without any favoritism. Malpractices such as corruption and nepotism must be avoided to be able to get professional individuals. 

To get to know how honest they are you should do a comprehensive background check instead of just settling for the information that they give you. Find out the places that they have worked before and how they related with other people. 

Did they leave on good terms, or they were fired due to misconduct? Read here to know more about hiring https://hbr.org/2019/05/your-approach-to-hiring-is-all-wrong 

  • Inter-personal skills

This basically refers to how they interact with other people. A good recruiter should be able to interact well with people. This requires good communication skills first and foremost. 

They need to be able to convey the message properly and engage the interested parties to be able to learn more about them. Make sure they have a good command of the official language being used. 

Avoid those who use unscrupulous means to try and attract people. Hire someone who is professional and is ready to adhere to the code of conduct put in place.

Hiring The Right Recruiter In Montreal, Quebec

  • Qualification

Although it seems like an easy job that doesn’t require great effort, it is not. One must undergo the relevant training to be well-informed and know how to do the job properly. 

There are several different factors involved that makes for a qualified and competent recruiter. 

You should also consider their talents. A combination of passion and qualification makes a great individual who is well-equipped for the job.

  • Cost

This is a necessary aspect to consider. Firms have to find ways to implement cost reduction to be able to grow. Thus, you should find a way to hire the required personnel at an affordable cost that won’t hurt the firm financially. 

For instance, hiring local personnel is usually cheaper than getting someone from far away. You should look into their billing methods too. Some charge per hour while others charge as per the whole task. 

While it is good to reduce the cost of operations, you have to take care to avoid impacting the operations negatively. It is of no use to hire incompetent personnel in an attempt to save money. Click here to read more insights about using recruiters.


Having the right recruiter will save you a lot of time and help you get the right candidates. Trying to undertake the process of recruiting people all by yourself is a heavy burden that will take a toll on you and the organization at large. To ensure that you select the right person for the job you should take into account their knowledge, integrity, inter-personal skills, qualification, and the cost. All these factors should be aligned with the task at hand. Make sure that you conduct a comprehensive background check on the individual before your hire them. Don’t rush into choosing someone just because they’ve been recommended to you.


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