Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Review

Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Review

There is no denying that this treadmill is outstanding and it has a wide range of features and is sold for a reasonable price. The equipment combines great design, fabulous features and solid construction. This has already gained a lot of popularity and is outselling all the rival brands by a large margin and too for good reason. As a customer you will not regret using this treadmill. The quality and performance of the treadmill has proven that it lives up to the customer’s expectation.

Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Review

This treadmill will grasp your attention right from the start as it offers endless possibilities. You can indulge in 15 different exercise programs that are pre-set into the treadmill. The best part is that this treadmill can be combined with iFit so you can get the very best out of this. To learn more about this fabulous treadmill continue reading this Proform 505 Cst treadmill Review.

Noteworthy Features

Here is a list of all the features of this treadmill that have made it a hit in the market

  1. The warranty differs depending on the part of the treadmill for example the framework of the treadmill has a warranty for lifetime whereas the motor is covered under a 25 years warranty
  2. The workout data includes time, distance, amount of calories burnt, and incline
  3. The treadmill can tolerate a weight of 300 pounds
  4. Features a music port so you can use your Mp3player and ipod
  5. The design is very impressive and compact
  6. The  treadmill can be folded and stored neatly
  7. Features a heartbeat monitor
  8. Has separate controls  to achieve incline
  9. Can achieve a maximum speed of  10 miles
  10. Compatible with iFit so you can customize  your program
  11. The ultra-comfortable cushioning provides protection to the joints
  12. The overall construction is very sturdy and it will last for a longtime
  13. This is readily available online
  14. Very affordable price

So, these were the fabulous features of this treadmill and as you can see that for amid-priced equipment you are getting more than what you bargained for. So making this a part of your life is a total win-win situation for you. It is time you embrace this and usher in a health life.

The seamless connectivity with iFit is an attention grabber for sure. This feature will give the users the liberty to access countless exercises on the internet.  This also means that you will be able to be able to try out many different exercises.

Also you can use Google maps to connect with other users across the globe and create fun fitness challenges. The incline feature which is fully customizable is the best thing about this equipment. This helps the users to enjoy an intense workout.

This treadmill is also recommended by many professional trainers for people who are just starting out or for those who would just like to walk on it and not have to go out.

What Makes Proform 505 Cst Treadmill So Desirable?

Here are some of the aspects of this treadmill that have put it on top of everyone’s list of things to buy.

Compatibility With iFit

Doing repetitive exercises can get very uninteresting and so to break the monotony of it all you can use an iFit with this to gain access to newer exercise programs. You can also connect with other users and set up challenges to motivate yourself.

Warranty Offered By The Company

When you think about warranty there is no other brand that comes close to this. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the framework. You will get 25 years of warranty on the engine and 12 months for the accessories.


The treadmill features a powerful Mach Z motor that is not only efficient but also super quiet. So, you do not have to worry about waking up other people in the house. This is ideal for people who get headaches from loud sounds.


Well when we talk of entertainment, this treadmill features has dual Intermix speakers and is very compatible with smartphones. This is a plus point for many users who like to play music to motivate them while working out.

Preset Programs

This is a very versatile product and it has about 18 preset programs that let you explore endless possibilities. Most of these preset programs are put together by trained professionals. So, this equipment caters to everyone.

Convenient Design

You obvious do not want to have something in your house that takes up substantial amount of your living space. The space saving design of this treadmill makes it a clear winner over all the other models in the market.

Price Tag

It is no secret that this brand is very popular with the people but it does not mean that this costs a bomb. The treadmill belongs in a mid-priced range and with all the wonderful features it simply does not get any better.

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What Makes The Proform 505 Cst Treadmill Not So Desirable?

Like every other product this treadmill has its share of flaws too and they make this not so desirable for certain customers. Let us look at some of the negative aspects of the product.

Absence Of Negative Incline

This model does not have a negative incline and some customers can view this as a huge negative.

Speed control

Though this treadmill has fabulous features but it can only achieve a speed of 10mph and this is not enough for people who pursue a serious regimen. So people who like to do a bit of speed running may feel disappointed.

Running Track

The running track is a lot smaller when you compare to other models. So, tall people may not find this useful.

Monitor For Heart Rate

The Proform 505 cst has a sensor that monitors the heart rate but it is not possible to monitor using wireless receiver. This will be seen as a negative by many users

Entertainment Factor

Though this is a very popular model but people who expect a variety of options for entertainment will give this one a miss. When you buy this just do not expect too much as this is a basic model. So not expect good display screens or other entertainment options.

How To Use The Proform 505 CST?

Using this treadmill is no rocket science. In fact, you do not have to use any special tool to assemble it. Simply unpack it and plug it in. After this you are good to use this. The sales package contains a comprehensive user manual which you should read.

The manual has all the steps neatly explained and there is a troubleshooting section that can help you in case you face issues with your unit. If you want your unit to last for a long time then you have care for it.

You should know that these equipment need to be cleaned and serviced from time to time. Since this is a very basic model you will not have any trouble in figuring out how this works.

The preset programs are also quite easy to understand. Just make sure that you have plugged in the device properly and that’s it, your tread mill is ready to use.

Should You Buy The Proform 505 CST Treadmill

Like other products this too has its negatives but then you have to understand that this is an entry level treadmill so you cannot expect an outstanding product. However if you go through the above Proform 505 Cst treadmill Review you will see that the plusses have outdone the minuses by a huge margin.

If you dig deeper into the facts mentioned in the review you will see that for a basic model this has a lot to offer. In fact the best thing about the product is the warranty on the framework which is for a lifetime; it’s a sigh of relief for most users.

Once you start using this you will no longer feel the need to depend on other expensive brands. The compact design makes it very easy to store. With fitness equipment like this you should not wait any longer. Go out and buy this and make this a part of your everyday life.


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