Nautilus t616 Treadmill Review

Nautilus t616 Treadmill Review

Are you on the lookout for a nice treadmill to get into a fitness routine?

Nautilus t616 Treadmill ReviewWell, this treadmill From Nautilus does not disappoint in any way. Packed with wonderful features this will make a fantastic addition to your home gym.

Say goodbye to pricey gyms and indulge in your very own fitness regime from the comforts of your own home.

The good part about this device is that it is very easy to use. You do not need any special tool to assemble this unit. Simply unpack it and you are good to go.

The manufacturer has been in business for years and is known to incorporate vast improvements in their products and this treadmill is no exception.

Want to know more about this astonishing equipment? Simply read his nautilus t616 treadmill review.

Noteworthy Features Of The Nautilus t616 Review

The features of this treadmill have literally made it a household name and it is outselling every other rival brand by leaps and bounds.

Here is a look of those wonderful features:

  • The treadmill is easily foldable so when it is not in use you can move it and store it somewhere else
  • The device is powered by a very powerful motor of 3 CHP capacity which not only gives a powerful performance and high responsiveness
  • The cushioning technology facilitates smooth operation
  • The incline is fully motorized and can achieve up to 15%
  • The ¬†treadmill can support a user weight of 300 pounds
  • Compatible with a host of fitness apps such as RunSocial
  • Has connectivity through Bluetooth and can connect with a host of apps
  • The overall construction is very good and it is evident that it will last for a very long time to come
  • This is readily available online
  • Can be used straight away, does not need special assembly

By studying the features mentioned above it is safe to deduce that the treadmill is designed to offer maximum safety and comfort to the users.

This has very advanced features for a basic model and that is what makes this unique.

What Makes The Nautilus t616 Treadmill So Desirable?

It is true that this treadmill has grabbed the attention of every consumer in the market and here is at the factors that made it so desirable.

Well Equipped Console

The console has every single control you could possibly want. This contains various programs, an audio system, and a fan. The key for incline is located on the left of the console. The controls are all neatly arranges so you will not feel lost.

Settings For Incline

With the Incline feature, you can give all your major muscle groups a good intense workout. Expect to give your endurance level a major boost.

Connectivity Via Bluetooth

Fortunately, this treadmill has Bluetooth connectivity that will permit you to connect with all the other workout apps such as MyFitnessPal, Trainer App, and Nautilus Connect. Amongst all the apps Nautilus Connect happens to be very effective in tracking your workout.

Different Programs

With 26 different programs to choose from you can now take your workout to another level with the click of a button.

That is so cool.

From quick goals to intense training you can do them all by pressing the suitable buttons. As a bonus, you also have 4 programs that can be customized as per your requirement.

The different workout routines in the treadmill make it stand out from the other models. You can literally program this to give you the best workout ever. The treadmill can pick up a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour.


The console of the treadmill features two LCD screens that display all the details related to your workouts. The best thing is you can monitor your heart rate through the treadmill and that is the products biggest USP.

All you have to do is hold the sensors on the handlebar and you can get an accurate reading of your heart rate.

Folding Design

This particular model has a SoftDrop feature incorporated in its design. This makes the treadmill very easy to move around and use. (

After you finished using it, simply fold it and tuck it into a corner. This also has wheels so you can move it around.


The manufacturer does not offer a warranty that is valid for a lifetime but even then a ten-year warranty is not bad either. His aspect has been well received with the consumers.


The well-arranged console has two monitors with backlight giving you good visibility. This is a feature that most other basic models lack.

Strong Construction

The frame of the treadmill is made of premium material so you can always expect the treadmill to hold up well throughout the years. This what most consumers expect out products like these.


The cushioning system takes all of the pressure off from your knees and ankles. So, you can indulge in an intense workout without feeling any strain whatsoever.


For all you music lovers this has a dedicated port that helps you to hook up your MP3 players and play your favorite hits during your workouts. An adjustable fan and bottle holders are some of the other noteworthy features of the Nautilus t616.

What Makes The Nautilus t616 Treadmill Not So Desirable?

This product is not perfect at all and it does have its share of problems. Here are some problems associated with the treadmill.

Display Screens

Though the console has two screens on it, they are quite difficult to see as they are too tiny. The congested set up of the console adds to the difficulty. The dimensions of the screen are not mentioned in the description so it is a bit misleading.

Weight capacity

The 300-pound weight capacity is considered quite low as other entry-level treadmills offer much more

Noise level

The treadmill is not as noiseless as the company claims. After a couple of months, it gets really uncomfortable.

Poor Customer Services

Many customers have complained of the fact that customer care executives do not offer prompt answers. This needs to improve a lot in terms of providing a quality reply to customer grievance.

How To Use This Treadmill?

Well, you can literally breathe a sigh of relief as this treadmill is super easy to handle. The console has all the controls to get the treadmill to perform everything you want and they are neatly arranged.

Like other treadmills, this too comes with a nice user manual that you should read as it has all the instructions. It also explains in depth on how to program your treadmill for customized workouts.

The troubleshooting section should not be missed out as it will help you deal with technical problems. Make sure to use the treadmill gently if you want it to last for a long time.

Do call professionals for cleaning and maintenance as this will ensure that the equipment does not malfunction.

Final Word On This Product

Well, this treadmill is quite a good deal as it has more pluses than negatives. If you go through all the features mentioned in this nautilus t616 review you will that for a basic model you are getting more than you could imagine.

This treadmill combines ergonomic design with great features which make it such a delight to use on a daily basis. With a well-equipped console, you literally have a world of endless possibilities opening up to you instantly.

A ten-year warranty on the frame is more than you could ask for. This product is widely approved by trainers all over the world so you will get a product that is safe to use on a daily basis.

With user-friendly features, you can literally have good command over your workout sessions. With so many programs to choose from, there is no stopping you from giving your fitness a much-needed boost. The manufacturer puts its products through a series of quality checks before being sold in the market.

So, there is no doubt that this product is of good quality and most importantly it is safe to use. Once you use this you will never think about switching over to another brand.


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