Sole F63 Treadmill Review 2019

Sole F63 Treadmill Review 2019

Are you willing to shed some extra pounds or wanting to gain more muscles? In case you do, then you already what to do next. Hit the gym, but memberships are so costly makes that idea pretty repulsive.

So, the next best thing is to invest in a treadmill for more cardio. This is exactly, why we have come up with this sole f63 treadmill review. This machine is a powerhouse of a treadmill. Moreover, it has been re-engineered to suit the needs of modern exercise enthusiasts.

Sole F63 Treadmill Review 2019

We have explained all that in this review and if this interests you then, Ostomy Lifestyle plead you to keep reading this post.

Features Of Sole F63 Treadmill

The Sole F63 is presumably a quality, yet simple collapsing treadmill. In fact, it’s the least difficult model in Sole’s present lineup, regardless it keeps getting fantastic reviews from user across. Here is a list of what makes them different:

  • The running surface that has been updated recently gives you 60 inches of space
  • A treadmill that you can fold (we will discuss this later in details)
  • The heart rate monitor system helps you track it with accuracy
  • The 3.0 CHP motor truly takes the cake away
  • It comes with a weight restriction of 253 pounds, this means it is quite a sturdy option
  • The console has been updated with 10 additional programs
  • Has MP3 ports
  • Also comes with personal cooling fans that built into the display
  • Of course, has charging ports and Bluetooth speakers
  • Has a warranty of a lifetime for frame, 1 year on labor, 20 years on motor, 3 for electronics and deck
  • Plus, you get a 30 day money back guarantee

Overall, it’s a moderate machine that doesn’t forfeit quality or experience to hit that value point. This treadmill is considered good for novices, sprinters and walkers alike. It additionally offers an assortment of exercises to challenge even the most experienced person.

What Makes The Sole F63 Good?

The freshest rendition of the F63 expands upon this present model’s prior progress with all the more strategically placed speed and grade controls, an improved console, and upgrades for coordinating your tech.

It is true that if you are looking for reliability, then the sole f63 treadmill is the one for you. We have liked a few things in this treadmill and here is a rundown of all that:

Minimalist Design

Have a space crunch? Don’t worry about it. The F63 is foldable and can without much of a stretch be stashed away (in the name of storage). All things considered, that doesn’t mean its stability has been compromised.

That is correct, it is as stable as a non-foldable machine is. The machine is still truly steady and won’t wobble like other foldable treadmills.

Running Belt And Deck

The deck is extensive and long which decreases the effect from an engrossing framework. Not to mention that it saves joint injury (once again). The front of the treadmill is somewhat near the running deck. This to some extent is quite a disposition the machine for smooth functioning.

More or less, the 2 ply running deck is regarded as the best thing for people that have suffered injury in the past. This is because the CushionFlex technology takes off about 35% to 40% impact on the joints. How was that?


What makes this treadmill exceptional is the execution at the cost. In general, treadmills accessible in this value extend or generally for running or walking, wouldn’t come up with resistance for training and dedicated running. This one does, and the engine is sufficiently able to guarantee brisk advances and smooth activity.

The engine (CHP) has the ability to stay aware of your pace. All said and done, it offers you with steady platform to run, walk, and jog. This means, it can help you build all the stamina and power you need. This comes with the bonus of quiet and smooth walks.


This is the alternative for having a running deck that doesn’t hold back your ability to walk. The engine is an effective model that runs discreetly enabling you to tune in to your TV or music as you work out.


There is nothing troublesome about utilizing the machine. The handlebar controls things like, speed and height, as it is strategically placed. It has a speeding capacity of 12 mph (up to) is perfect for running and hardcore training.


Computerized incline bolsters phenomenal conditioning. It comes with 30 settings down the middle and increases running up to a 15% of slope. Controls are fixed to both on the console and the handlebars. Not to forget, this only makes your workout more intense for this can burn more calories. The result is well toned muscles and a chiseled body! Now, who would not want that?

Exercise Features

The Sole Fitness F63 treadmill works at what these devices should work at, giving you a steady stage to practice and have a fantastic cardiovascular practice.

The Sole Fitness App

Well this is it, an application for iOS and Android gadgets that interfaces with different health applications. For example, if you are into MyFitnessPal and the most popular FitBit, then this is one for you. The application has Bluetooth® remote innovation and coordination, which makes it practical to be utilized with the Sole Fitness treadmill. The application stores all your exercising history in a secured area.

Another element of the portable application is that it could be utilized for making exercise choices while using different applications.

Additional Features

The Sole Fitness F63 has the execution, unwavering quality and usefulness you are looking for in a home and at a moderate cost. If you are searching for a quality treadmill and would prefer not to overspend, this is your treadmill.

The workout program app includes a variety of exercises like cardio, manual exercises along with diet and portion controls. That certainly is a complete package that everyone would like to get their hands on!

What Are The Downsides Of Sole F63?

It is very difficult to find faults in the sole f63 treadmill. In order, to make this an authentic review, we had to state a few cons. So, here they are:

  • Costlier treadmills in this arrangement have all the more dominant engines, further developed presentations and different overhauls.
  • It takes time to crank up the speed
  • Takes up a bit of floor space

How To Use The Sole F63?

Sole has a made it very clear what could be done with this model and what should not be. That said; we have taken a gist of what they explained in this write up too. Have a look and then work accordingly, once you procure it:

  • Do not use it with an extension
  • Use a control unit that is grounded
  • Keep children and pets away from your treadmill
  • Once you fold it, make sure that you provide a space of three and a half feet, as a precaution
  • Remember the handrails are for your own safety
  • The unit is not for outdoor
  • The cord must be kept away from heated surfaces
  • While disconnecting, ensure that you have switched off all the controls and finally the tethering
  • Remove the cord after use
  • Please wear proper shoes while running, jogging or even walking on this treadmill, i.e. to say, no heels, sandals or dress shoes should be entertained
  • Do not drop anything in between gaps


To be honest, the sole f63 treadmill is totally a functional device. The latest updates have made it fit for millennials as well as for others to bank on. If you prefer a treadmill at a reasonable price, then this is it for you.

The impact has been reduced considerably, which means your joints will be no longer at the peril of getting hurt. The deck certainly is pretty forgiving and durable parts make it a haven for runners.

Don’t forget the warranty that seals the deal. What makes you still thinking? Come on get up and running! What’s stopping you?


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