Best Treadmill Under $2000 For Home 2019: Fitness Enthusiasts


Running or walking are the most popular exercise types, whether you’re pounding pavement outdoors, heading off to a gym, or practicing on home equipment.

Yet, when going for running outdoors, there will be some obstacles such as rocks, uneven pavement or cars. Compared to them, you will be safer working out with the best home treadmill under 2000, right?

And diving into the treadmill market will feel overwhelming. There’s a variety of models and brands to select.

To simplify that process, Ostomy Lifestyle has done some research and made a list of the best options now. Read up on for what you need!

Top 13 Best Treadmills For Home 2019 Reviews

Top 13 Best Treadmills Under 2000 Dollars Reviews

Now, scroll down to view our top picks as well as consumer favorites:

Products Elevation Range Motor Running or walking Surface Max User Weight
3G Cardio Elite Runner 0% – 15% Incline 4.0 CHP 22″ x 62″ 400 lbs
Precor TRM 445 -2% Decline to 15% Incline     3.0 CHP 22” x 56” 300 lbs
True Performance 300 0% – 15% Incline     3.0 CHP 21” x 60” 350 lbs
NordicTrack 2950 -3% Decline to 15% Incline 4. 25 CHP 22” x 60” 300 lbs
Sole Fitness F85 0% – 15% Incline 4.0 CHP 22” x 60” 400 lbs
Precor TRM 211 0% – 15% Incline 3.0 CHP 20″ x 57″ 300 lbs
Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber 40% incline 4.0 CHP N/A 300 lbs
Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit 0% – 15% Incline 1.5 HP 20” x 40” 400 lbs
NordicTrack       T 9.5 S 0-12% Incline 3.6 CHP 22” x 60” 300 lbs
NordicTrack C 1650 0-12% Incline 3.5 CHP 20”x60” 300 lbs
ProForm PRO-9000 -3% Decline to 15% Incline 4.25 CHP 22” x 60” 300 lbs
Nautilus T618 0% – 15% Incline 3.5 CHP 20″ x 60″ 350 lbs
LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 Not Available 2.25 HP DC 20″ x 50″ 350 lbs

3G Cardio Elite Runner

3G Cardio has become a well-known fitness equipment manufacturer with many quality machines, including treadmills. The Elite Runner product of this company is its commercial-grade high-end one.

It looks like a sturdy tank and helps to offer a stable feel. The item won’t wobble or shake when you pick up the pace.

Besides, you’re able to plug in the iPod and other similar devices or listen to the favorite tunes via console speakers. There is also a free heart-rate monitor to help you stay in the target zone of heart rate.

The special display area features three screens. They’re the heart rate tracker, the dot-matrix LCD track, and the workout screen for showing distance, speed, calories burned, and more.

With the unique Ortho Flex Shock™ suspension system combining with the orthopedic belt and large rollers, you’ll get a reliable and comfortable workout experience.


It is a bit heavy. Although that heaviness can contribute to the stability, transportation or movement will be still an issue.

Bottom line

This model will help burn fat and stay fit, no matter what shape you are now. It’s also ideal for professional runners. Interval training, walking, jogging, running, or cardio training are possible.


  • Large running area
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Outstanding warranty
  • 400 lbs user weight capacity
  • Unique suspension system
  • A multi-speed cooling fan and water bottle holders
  • Customizable exercise plans
  • Wireless chest strap and contact grip
  • Works silently and fast with no disturbing sound


  • A bit heavy

Precor TRM 445

Precor has been providing quality treadmills for gyms and commercial facilities for years. The TRM 445 model by Precor represents all the best it can offer thanks to the latest technology.

Its console is great and offers 27 training metrics and 23 training programs. There is a chest strap for managing the heart rate as well.

In many cheaper treadmills, the thickness of the deck is only 0.5″. Others don’t even show that detail. But, this item has 1-inch deck thickness, which makes it better.

When we try running, it gives us such good cushioning. Not many products can offer that feeling.

The highlight here is 2 Exclusive Technologies. Here, the first is the Ground Effects technology. It gives the precise cushioning thanks to front shock absorbers and a back rigid.

The second is the Integrated Footplant system. It adjusts the belt speed to fit natural movements and minimize the impact on knees, ankles, and hips.


The running surface is a bit short at just 56 inches. Taller users or those who enjoy making sprints will not like this feature.

Bottom line

This item will be best for muscle toning and speedy calorie burning. Its overall technology integration is great for entertainment and training support.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Quality performance
  • 4-user profiles
  • 12 mph top speed
  • Low-maintenance track
  • Long handrails
  • Reversible deck and tablet holder
  • Onscreen controls for many mobile devices
  • Powder-coated and welded steel frames


  • Short deck

True Performance 300

Another outstanding product comes from the famous brand TRUE Fitness. That is the club-quality PS300 treadmill.

Ostomy Lifestyle loves its large running surface, which will offer the utmost comfort throughout running and walking routines.

With the TRUE’s Patented Soft System™, this machine will bring you an orthopedic, soft surface to help prevent joints from fatigue and stress.

The long handrails give comfortable and easy grip during every workout session. The heart rate monitor for tracking your heart rate and the Polar wireless system for maintaining the proper heart rate is fascinating.

The LCD makes it easy to use and track the workout progress easily. Thanks to many workout programs, data feedback, and quick keys, you can achieve the fitness goals easily.


A weakness we see may be the cost of this machine. It may scare some limited budget customers. If considering everything you will be getting, that price is reasonable.

Bottom line

This machine can accommodate intensive usage years from users of many body sizes and weights. It’s perfect for everybody in families, regardless of fitness level or size.


  • Robust warranty
  • Premium components and solid build
  • Easy-to-move thanks to removable handles and attached wheels
  • Backlit console
  • High user-weight capacity
  • Easy-to-reach accessory tray
  • The orthopedic belt for ultimate impact reduction on knees and joints
  • Practical tablet computer holder


  • High price

NordicTrack 2950

NordicTrack is one more brand we would suggest. The premium 2950 is an impressive product on the fitness market. Check a comparision of NordicTrack 2950 at  nordictrack 2450 vs 2950 and link it

This treadmill has notable upgrades like the Runners Flex™ cushioning and the 22″ HD touchscreen.

That full-color display may be the biggest with high-def images we have seen, and that cushioning is also the most functional.

It owns a self-cooling electric motor and a self-adjusting system for the responsive, quiet operation. This item also comes with one commercial-grade running belt along with a two-ply, non-stretch tread.

With its membership to the iFit connectivity, you can live-stream many studio workout lessons to your machine’s console, receive lessons from exceptional coaches or run wherever in this world thanks to Google Maps.


This model is a little heavy and needs about two men for further safe assembly. And paying for the in-home deliveries along with assembly is worthwhile.

Bottom line:

The item is an awesome fit for any trainee or home workout areas, for gym enthusiasts that value advanced electronics or for whom price isn’t a big issue. It is ideal for family use as well.


  • 40 workout programs
  • WhisperQuiet deck
  • Spacious running surface
  • DurX 4.25 CHP motor
  • Firm and soft settings
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Three adjustable speed fans
  • Top speed up to 12 mph
  • 3” speakers and Bluetooth audio connecting
  • Five-year electronics and parts warranty


  • A bit heavy

Sole Fitness F85

If you’re a fan of the Sole brand, don’t miss the handsome F85! That’s the top among the models in Sole’s folding series. It boasts a powerful 4.0 CHP motor.

The machine can reach 12 MPH with only a button press, which makes it a worth-trying challenge for the strongest users.

With the pulse grip, it can measure your heart rate. In case you don’t want to hold onto hand grips, you can work out hands-free with the help of the chest strap.

The 2-ply belt of this model beats many other products on the market with 1-ply belts. The additional length also compensates for many taller users.

Here, we feel impressed by the backlit LCD 9-inch screen. That screen will serve as an information center. It’ll show you the calories burned, incline, speed, pulse miles, and pace throughout your treadmill workout.


There are a few workout programs to opt. For users who require more workout experience, this fact is a shortcoming.

Bottom line

For people living in small apartments or condos, this treadmill is a perfect option. It’s also ideal for heavy and tall runners and those who are rehabilitating from or prone to injury.


  • Low-impact and quiet workouts
  • Essential accessories
  • Long warranty
  • Convenient monitor
  • Sturdy and solid feel
  • Powerful motor
  • Smooth operation
  • Simple-to-follow guide and assembly tools
  • Large running surface


  • Limited programming

Precor TRM 211

Precor is famous for the commercial residential treadmills. It comes with impressive warranties as well as powerful motors. And the TRM 211 is one of those excellent products.

It has advanced and comfort features. For instance, Stride Technology will offer amazing shock absorption.

The deck will conform to every user’s stride, bringing more support to wherever you want it most. That feature is great for further joint support when you walk or run.

With a short deck at 20” wide and 57” long, it is compact and easy to place in small spaces.

We also like its non-slip PVC surface for extra safety. And with an up-tọ-maximum15% incline, users can achieve interval training or hill runs at the steeper grades.


This TRM 211 model does not have personalized customer IDs that can store the individual workout data of users.

Bottom line

It’ll be an ideal partner for weight loss or cardio programs with the support for jogs, long runs or walks in your home comfort.

It might not be a good choice for those who are seeking more audio options or advanced entertainment for the cost.


  • Powder coating and welded steel frames
  • High-quality design
  • Multi-ply track
  • Maintenance-free belt
  • 12 mph top speed
  • Extra support with short handlebars
  • Light-impact running area
  • Impressive warranty
  • SmartRate® Zone system for tracking heart rate


  • Unable to save the user profiles

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

This Bowflex TC200 is one more awesome model that will provide you with luxurious and efficient walking workouts.

It offers 3 separate workouts in a fluid motion. That is a perfect combination of elliptical, stairclimber, and treadmill technology.

It is the Dual-Treadles patented design that makes it possible to accomplish a unique effect.

The TC200 has the own wireless and accurate heart rate monitoring. It’s able to reach speeds of 4.5 mph, which is faster than many entry-level models.

Besides, two different treadles along with the moving belt will move down and up to gain the best workout experience. This process helps to burn around 2.5x calories more than traditional models.


This TC200 model lacks program variety. It has just five programs available to select. That fact may make some desired users a bit disappointed.

Bottom line

This item is not for running but a top candidate for those who are looking for low-impact workouts that will burn calories.


  • Compact and unique construction
  • Comfortable to use
  • Colorful LCD
  • Innovative equipment help to burn a lot of calories
  • 4 customizable user profiles
  • Coaching and progress tracking technology
  • Modern Climb Indicator
  • Dual-purpose USB port
  • 3-year coverage


  • The lack of program variety

Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit

Have you ever heard about the Exerpeutic, a famous brand for home-use workout equipment? If yet, consider its 2000 Workfit treadmill!

This machine is a durable and strong piece of workout equipment. The attractive design will solve many issues of spending hours sitting at your daily work desk.

You can burn nearly 500 calories only by walking on this item. That point sounds great, agree?

Besides, this Exerpeutic item provides much room for light jogging and walking. The built-in desk is removable and supporting bars are foldable. You can exercise while still working as well.

Especially, the item has the wrist support and Polyurethane foam arm. They will supply cushioning for wrists when you are typing.

There is also safety keys for attaching to the clothing. In the case of a sudden fall, while walking, the belt will stop.


The cup holder is on the desk corners. This fact makes it difficult to reach, especially when there are a monitor and computer on that desk station.

Bottom line

This item is suitable for small-statured users with a tight budget but enjoy using the treadmill desk to watch everything on their iPad.

It is not appropriate for running and will be best suited for those who are between 5feet 6 inches and 5feet 8inches.


  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Good customer service
  • Extra-long safety and removable handles
  • Space saving
  • High user-weight capacity
  • Large desk to hold up to 80 lbs of phones, computers, or other peripherals
  • Reduces the back pain or health issues relating to sitting in extended periods
  • Lengthy warranty


  • Hard-to-reach cup holders

NordicTrack T 9.5 S

Do you know NordicTrack? It is a first-class brand of quality fitness equipment in the current market. The T 9.5 S treadmill has become the best unit in the T Series of this company.

It features a modern ergonomic design, along with much room to relax on the cushioned deck. There is also a large Smart HD touchscreen console and quick touch buttons.

You can observe all of the workout stats and select proper training classes with personal trainers wherever in the world.

There are up to 50 diverse exercising programs (and endless with iFit) as well as a 3.6 CHP powerful motor. How awesome it is!

This machine will provide you with a standard speed. It includes the incline capacity at 12 mph as well as 0 to 12%. Besides, the brand is capable of self-cooling so the item won’t overheat.


This T 9.5 S machine does not include any HR chest strap, which is a minus in the treadmill line up.

Bottom line

It will be best for customers of all different levels in jogging, walking, and running. It is also a perfect option for those who enjoy high-end fitness technologies and various workout programs.


  • Long lifetime motor and frame
  • Affordable
  • Low noise and smooth running
  • Gives a real running experience
  • Little maintenance
  • Space-saving design and easy-lift assist
  • Folding hydraulic system
  • One-touch controls
  • FlexSelect cushioning
  • Has the workout fan, integrated tray, and Bluetooth audio


  • No HR chest straps

NordicTrack C 1650

Another affordable and excellent product from the NordicTrack brand is this C 1650 model. It features a fascinating list of preset workout programs as well as an attractive mix of technology for entertainment.

The top speed of up to 12 mph and 3.5 CHP motor will help to handle trainee’s workouts with no strain.

Not enough? This item stands out from many other competitors with many creature comforts such as the 10″ touch screen, iPod compatibility, web browser, and more. Its workout guidance is also extensive.

Besides, it comes with 34 apps belonging to four categories: heart rate-controlling, calorie-burning, speed training, and interval training. The iFit-enabled function will be perfect for data tracking and unlimited workouts.

Thanks to the iFit subscription, users can access all benefits of iFit on their mobile devices.


The belt rollers of this item are very solid except for their 1.9″ sizes. They aren’t wide compared to that of many higher-priced products. Larger rollers will help to minimize maintenance needs of the machine.

Bottom line

This is a good machine for runners and walkers of all sizes. It will serve users for four or even five years of use


  • Power incline up to 12%
  • Long track
  • Customizable cushioning
  • Music friendly with 2″ speakers and iPod-compatible function
  • Many workout apps
  • Great Lifetime guarantee for deck, frame, and motor
  • Adjustable tablet holders
  • Full-color 10″ touch screen and Android browser
  • Space-saving design


  • Not wide roller size

ProForm PRO-9000

The final product we would suggest is the Pro 9000 from Proform brand. Why? Because it is a runner-friendly and impressive model.

It has a strong motor at up to 4.25 HP. That is one of the strongest ones that Proform creates. The machine can hold up better under multiple uses per day or long-running workouts.

That multi-color console is iFit available for wonderful things and comes with a variety of preset training programs. We also love its large running platform and foldable deck for convenient storage possibilities.

The web browser will allow you to surf the Internet, read the news, or watch interesting Youtube videos and more.

That feature makes it simple to entertain yourself and have fun while you are still working out.


This treadmill isn’t a starter machine and will be a little much for occasional walkers, especially in case they won’t use iFit or the full-color web browser.

Bottom line

Busy customers who want to squeeze workout plans, serious runners or multi-user families will love this machine. It allows you to walk, jog, and run,


  • Folding and ProShox cushioning deck
  • Large running surface
  • Light commercial design
  • Crowned and large rollers for high traction
  • The prolonged belt lifetime
  • Stretch-resistant
  • Large LCD console and touchscreen navigation
  • Trail distance ability
  • Various accessory trays
  • Excellent warranty


  • Not a starter treadmill

Best Choice

Well, they are all treadmill options we would recommend. So, which product is the best choice?

Here, we would reckon the 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill is the best one around today. Why is it worth investing?

The Elite Runner item is a sturdy product that supplies the user with the latest features and well-made design.

The running deck is large enough for jogging, walking, and running. It is designed to last with the impressive home warranty we’ve seen in the treadmill market.

The upgraded orthopedic belt is even more comfortable and thicker than many other competitor belts. With a 4.0 HP powerful motor, it can support a maximum of 400lbs user weight. How wonderful!

It can be problematic due to its weight. Anyway, with the clear instruction manual, its assembly will become easier.

That is only our suggestion. You should consider the budget and all requirements to get the best fit.

Benefits when using it

Calorie burning

Exercises such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or interval training will be ideal for torching calories.

And treadmills are a perfect partner for performing those workouts. You won’t be restricted by all mechanics of, stepper or bikes.

Impressive cardio workout

HIIT is ideal for increasing the metabolism, fat burning fat, and building endurance and stamina.

Those exercises will be effective on treadmills, in any controlled environment.

Lower Impact

Many runners suffer from joint pain or lower body injuries during their lifetime. Using treadmills can help to alleviate those pains.

There will be less impact when using treadmills than running on concrete or pavement.

There are many technologies in today’s treadmills which can absorb up to 40% of possible impact or more.

Awesome feeling

Running can release endorphins into your brain and bring mood-changing responses.

So getting on your own treadmill is an ideal way to feel great at home within only 30-40 minute workout.

Which you need when choosing it?

Here is our treadmill guide with important things you should consider:

  • High-end features: They include the heart rate monitor, health metrics display, shock absorption, MP3/ iPod compatible system, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports or more. In some way, they will enhance your workout experience.
  • Running surface: This is an important factor to notice, especially when you’re a tall user with longer running stride.

You should select a product with a commodious length of the deck, around at least 20 ” wide and 50 ”long.

  • Durability: Analyzing how long all moving parts of a treadmill last before the wear and tear event is important.

If those parts need frequent replacement, then you shouldn’t buy that the treadmill because of the extra expenses of regular replacement.

  • Incline: Many products come with an incline, either variable or fixed. It will intensify your workout and let you prepare for your performing by simulating a mountain or hill slope.
  • Motor: Most products have different speeds on their own motor. This factor will allow them to supply customized workouts based on calories or cardio.
  • Size: You should consider the size you want. Standard models are often 7 feet long. Some are longer whereas others are shorter.

Shorter ones won’t take up much room. They need much work not to lose balance as well.

  • Price: Don’t forget to consider your budget! You don’t want to spend up to $1000 on what you will just use only once a week, do you?
  • Space: Remember to consider how much available room you get in the house! You had better look for a convenient space so you can store your treadmill easily.
Best treadmill workout to lose weight
Treadmill workout to lose weight

Treadmill workout to lose weight

General type

Whether you perform basic treadmill workouts or advanced sessions, don’t forget to heat up as well as cool down throughout every workout.

After and before working out, you can stretch muscles to avoid injury. Be sure to keep drinking water during each workout.

You should exercise at least 3 times per week, and rest for about 24 hours after every workout.

Incline and speed type

Cardio workouts will be boring when you keep running at a continuous speed during your entire workout.

So you should consider this kind of workout. To complete it, at a time, change your incline and speed for around 20 seconds with 1 minute of constant running at your comfortable speed in between.

Constant type

Feeling more comfortable keeping a constant pace? Let choose a weight loss workout that doesn’t relate to intensity changes much.

Those are also suitable for newbies. You can begin slower than the most comfortable speed to heat up your body.

After some minutes, you raise your intensity level so you can run at the expected pace to maintain during your workout.

For some last minutes of the session, you return to the initial speed to let cool down your body.

Random type

Some of the best running treadmill under 2000 offer programs which can randomize the workout. During your random workout, it will change inclines and speeds randomly.

Those workouts will help to keep your focus, as well as facilitate the muscle confusion training principle.

The premise here is that the body will torch more calories when you keep making unpredicted changes to your workout. Random workouts aren’t the best options for newbies.

Hill sculpting type

Want a treadmill workout for losing weight and sculpting muscles in both legs? This type will be better.

It will utilize the incline feature of your treadmill to intensify your workout as well as make legs’ muscles work harder.

To warm up, you can run at a constant pace without incline. Then, you increase the incline of your treadmill every 15-20 seconds not until reaching the desired incline level. In the end, you cool down by decreasing the incline.

What is the best brand for treadmills?

3G Cardio

This Phoenix-based company has distributed treadmills via top retailers nationwide.

Its treadmill models range from about $1,699 types to $3,999 ones. One type is foldable while the other feels commercial. All of them are suitable for runners.


This brand is the division of the ICON Health & Fitness. The brand combines low prices with attractive features like music speakers and iFit.

Various top retailers and many manufacturers at sell ProForm treadmills. The sale prices can be down to $599.


This brand is famous for its popular treadmills and home training equipment. It stocks workout rooms and fitness centers.

You can buy Sole’s products at the page with affordable prices.


This top international company belongs to the Amer Sports Corporation. The commercial and residential treadmills combine advanced components with digital workout technologies and optional TVs.

In many specialty stores, the price is from around $2,000 up to $8,700


This leading brand produces quality treadmills with the engaging iFit workout. The prices of NordicTrack products range from around $799 up to $3,499 in stores and online.

TRUE Fitness

This Missouri-based manufactures many treadmills for both commercial and residential use. Its treadmills have the price from $2,000 up to $6,000. Those products are available via dealers on this company’s website.


This is a famous indoor product brand. It provides different kinds of fitness equipment. It provides customers with an affordable training machine with innovative technologies.


It is headquartered in Washington and appeals to users with unique treadmill products.

You can buy its products at many stores online or pick up the old-fashioned types at Sears. The prices are from around $2,599 up to $3,999.

Which is the top treadmill to buy?

Of course, the top treadmill will have all of the features we mentioned earlier. By the way, don’t forget to buy products from the leading brand that produces fitness equipment like treadmills.

You should also consider the proper treadmill running area because no one wants a cramped one, right?

Besides, remember to purchase a product which can support your weight. To know the weight level, it can accommodate, let consult the owner’s manual and look for weight restricting data.

Do treadmills have weight limits?

Each model on the current market has a customer weight limit. It is stated by manufacturers.

These limits are often from 225 to 350 lbs. In high-end, more expensive products, that can be up to around 500 lbs.

You can also check out those details through the brand’s website or the user manual.

Which treadmill has the best cushioning
Which treadmill has the best cushioning?

Which treadmill has the best cushioning?

If your budget is around $1,000 and you want to get the best cushioning treadmill, don’t miss the brand we show below!

The cushioning system on Icon models is often from the NordicTrack, Proform, True Fitness, or Gold’s Gym. Precor treadmill along with its Foot Plant technology is also a great option.

They offer simpler systems that can do the cushioning task well for most users.

Are treadmills bad for your knees?

It’s possible! When you first use treadmills, you may tend to shorten the stride. This condition can increase your knees’ stress.

How to resolve? You should keep the running sessions shorter, less than 30 minutes to reduce the bad effects on both knees.

Are treadmills bad for your knees
Are treadmills bad for your knees?

Also, don’t forget to stretch again right after running to support your knee flexibility.

When performing a workout, you should maintain the forward-leaning, natural posture as well.

Final word

Treadmills can give you various workout options available in your home comfort. You can vary the intensity and time to find out what will benefit you the most.

Ostomy Lifestyle hopes our article will help you to get a perfect picture of the best treadmill for under 2000 out there as well as related vital information.

Don’t forget to visit our site for more interesting information and share it now! Thanks!


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