3 Ideal Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early

sleeping position to get periods early
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Experiencing your period on the same day as the previous month is cause for celebration. It’s okay to receive them just a couple of days before or following your date from last month. On the other hand, one may become concerned if days go by without their periods. In these kinds of situations, getting a healthy sleep become hazardous. But you can have a healthy sleep and date of period early. So for that, we are here to tell you three ideal sleeping position to get periods early the day of your usual date. 

Sometimes there’s no need for concern about postponed periods; they could be the result of a recent medication or alteration in lifestyle. If it is uncommon for you to occur, you may be pregnant if you engage in sexual activity. However, nothing can be decided upon too soon. See your gynaecologist if your menstrual periods aren’t coming on time every month as there might be an underlying health issue.

Maintaining a healthy way of life can assist with menstrual cycle regulation. Trying different sleeping position to get periods early is one such tool for doing that. These are some useful ways to naturally start your period.

3 Ideal Sleeping Position to Get Periods Early

The existence of a sleeping posture that can cause one to get periods earlier may sound strange, but it is worth a try. Let’s examine those and their ways of impact.

1. Pose as a child for sleeping 

You could feel strange at first if you have never slept in a child’s pose. However, it’s a great yoga stance that accelerates the menstrual cycle. Due to its clear advantages, this is how a lot of ladies choose to sleep. This pose will calm you down and help you get a good night’s sleep. 

yoga aasan
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Understandably, sleeping in this posture is fine if you get your period early. Even when you’re menstruating, this is a beautiful stance. It relieves period cramps and headaches.

It’s important to get plenty of restful sleep when your menstrual cycle approaches. You will experience delayed menstruation as a result of anxiety if you lie awake during the night and fidget.

2. Fetal position for sleep

The fetal position is achieved when you sleep on your side with your knees tucked up against your chest. This is the ideal sleeping posture if you want to avoid having delayed periods. Because of the manner it mimics how a fetus sleeps in its mother’s womb, it is also known as the fetal position.

sleeping position to get periods early
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This is the sleeping position that doctors advise women who are upset about uneven or late menstruation to adopt. The position is ideal for obtaining early periods since it eases the muscles in the abdomen.

3. With a soft cushion beneath the knees

Put a round cushion beneath your knees. Maintain an erect posture with your legs, neither raised nor lowered. The lower part of your body and abdomen will have improved circulation of blood when you are in this posture.

soft cushion
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You can also roll up a fresh bed sheet or wash towel. Spread it equally beneath each knee. Your abdominal muscles won’t feel pressed upon, and you’ll feel relaxed. Your chances of having your periods sooner will therefore increase.

In addition to experimenting with different sleeping position to get periods early, you can also adjust your diet if you notice a delay.

Why Do Irregular Periods Occur?

Period irregularities are typically a natural part of the changes that come with being a teenager. Your menstrual cycle will likely become more regular as you age. 

Period irregularities can occasionally be brought on by certain medications, excessive exercise, extremely low or high body weight, or insufficient calorie intake.

Period irregularities can also be caused by hormonal abnormalities. For instance, irregular periods may be brought on by excessively high or low thyroid hormone levels. A hormone called androgen, which can induce hair growth on the face, chin, chest, and belly, is overproduced in certain girls. Adequate testosterone can also cause weight gain and irregular menstruation in females.

Consultation with a gynaecologist is recommended if irregular periods have been occurring for two to three months. The physician will identify the appropriate cause and recommend a successful treatment plan for irregular periods.

Natural Remedies To Quickly Start Your Period

Here are some suggestions to help you get periods quickly if the time you were supposed to start your period has gone.

sleeping position to get periods early
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  • Ginger helps with a variety of illnesses and symptoms, notably irregular menstruation. Consuming raw ginger regularly can assist with period regulation.
  • Aloe Vera aids in treating irregular menstruation and balancing your hormones. But avoid using aloe vera when you’re menstruating. It might make uterine contractions worse. 
  • It’s well known that taking turmeric can help you receive your period early. For instance, you can include turmeric in your regular meals or stir it into heated milk.
  • The irregular periods caused by unripe papaya are widely recognized. It strengthens the uterine contractions that assist in occurring during your menstrual cycle.
  • When dates are consumed, the body produces heat, which might lead to contractions in the uterus. Your periods may start earlier as a result.

Changing Lifestyle to Receive Periods Instantly

Lifestyle modifications are crucial for controlling your menstrual cycle and promoting hormonal equilibrium in general.

exercise for female
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  1. Exercise on a regular basis: Exercise promotes hormone balance and general wellness. Choose moderate physical activities such as swimming, cycling, or brisk walking. Exercises that are too strenuous should be avoided as they may cause irregular periods.
  2. Keep your weight in check: Hormonal balance and menstruation frequency can be affected by being overweight or underweight. A balanced diet and consistent exercise should be combined to help you maintain an ideal weight.
  3. Balanced diet: Maintain a balanced diet by choosing fruits and vegetables that are high in all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you require. Restricting your intake of processed meals, sugary snacks, caffeine, and liquor might cause irregular menstruation.
  4. Get sufficient sleep: Hormonal equilibrium depends on getting enough deep, restful sleep. Try to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night to help your body’s natural cycles. Also, try sleeping position to get periods early during sleep.


Using home treatments and experimenting with sleeping positions has the advantage of not causing harm to your body. However, using medications often to control your period will have more negative effects.

The greatest approach to ensure that your periods arrive on time is to lead a healthy way of life that includes frequent exercise, a balanced diet, and regular sleep hours. You also have to abstain from drinking and smoking. 

If you like to receive your period swiftly, it will be beneficial to adhere to the above-mentioned ideal sleeping position to get periods early.


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