Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

The first step that a woman takes when she receives some signals regarding a possible delay in the periodic return of the menstrual cycle is to go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test to check if it is appropriate to start the day with a different attitude and especially with the happiness of those who have just discovered that they are pregnant. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about missed period negative pregnancy test.

Happiness is guaranteed thanks to the high, almost infallible, efficiency of the pregnancy test. Available today in different types and assisted by the use of new digital technologies. That allows rapid recognition of the result and a clear and unambiguous response in the same. This type of technological advancement has made it possible to develop devices capable of ensuring a definitive and rather in-depth result. Also, managing to detect the number of weeks that have elapsed since the beginning of pregnancy.

The possibility of exploiting such a product with such precision and this reliability index is favorable for women. Who wants to get pregnant or who tries to keep this type of eventuality under better control. In this sense, events such as the false negative. A result that does not highlight the development of pregnancy. As it is, in reality, it can represent a rather significant problem.

Missed period negative pregnancy test

Thanks to the tremendous technological development that has also affected the obstetric field. Today it is possible to rely on pregnancy tests to respond effectively and quickly about the actual presence or not and to know. Thanks to the introduction of digital in this important medical field. How many weeks have you been pregnant, with a genuinely negligible margin of error?

Certain conditions, however, may be based on false-negative results, i.e., tests that fail to confirm pregnancy, although it is actually in progress. Several cases can lead to a different response. Then the actual one when it comes to missed period negative pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test that gives a false negative result may be due to:

  • Lack of efficacy of the test due to incorrect storage of the same, or the use of the pregnancy test well beyond. 
  • Taking diuretic drugs. This condition alters the results of the pregnancy test when the urine is used to carry out the test. As a result of the drug, too diluted and therefore unable to provide a credible result.
  • Execution of the test in a period earlier than the beginning of the pregnancy itself. In this sense, it is helpful to evaluate the period during. The missed period negative pregnancy test is performed not to carry it out earlier than at the beginning of the same. That is, in days when this has not yet started.

Taking a pregnancy test is a step that marks the beginning of an essential period in a woman’s life. This type of exam allows you to understand if and when the pregnancy began. A false-negative result can represent a problem, so it is helpful to evaluate the conditions within which this result can occur.

Missed period negative pregnancy test: Negative test and then pregnant

When looking for a pregnancy, you can’t wait to get tested to determine if the stork has finally arrived. However, the test may be harmful. (expatfinancial.com) Do you have to put your soul in peace and wait until next month, or can there be a mistake? On the Pianeta Mamma forum, many users tell of cases where the test is negative, but then it turns out to be pregnant. How is it possible? It must be done by wetting the swab with the first urine of the morning, although now there are also sticks that can be done at any time of the day.

It is also said that if the test is positive, it is sure that the woman is pregnant. However, if the test is negative, it could be a ” false negative,” and it is advisable to repeat the test after a few days. There are tests of various brands on the market. If you have a regular cycle, these tests can also determine the pregnancy four days before the supposed arrival of the menstrual cycle. On the other hand, in women who do not have a regular cycle, it is better to wait a few days late before taking the test.

For this reason, it is essential to try to wait a few days of delay of the cycle before taking the test. However, many women can’t wait for it. This is typically 5 minutes. However, there are women whose initially negative results turned into positive after 2 or 3 hours. And they were pregnant. In this case, it is worthwhile to repeat the test.

When to take a pregnancy test

Every month, women who try to have a baby, when menstruation approaches, experience this period with anxiety and expectations. Any symptom or disorder other than usual bodes well that the stork has finally knocked on the door. And you can’t wait to take the test to find out if the pregnancy has begun or if you have to postpone everything to the next month.

Pregnancy test when to do it morning or evening?

Often we read in forums dedicated to pregnancy symptoms. When it is best to take the test to see if you are pregnant or not. The test should be done in the morning as soon as you get up, fasting, with the first urine, without having drunk during the night. Because at this time of the day, the urine contains a higher concentration of the beta hCG hormone.

When to take a pregnancy test? The expert replies

When to take a pregnancy test? In this podcast, RossellaNappi, a gynecologist at the San Matteo hospital and professor at the University of Pavia, answers.

How pregnancy test works

The pregnancy tests sold in pharmacies are urine tests that show the urine of ‘ hormone hCG (which does not exist in a non-pregnant woman). The test (presented in the form of a stick or paper) contains antibodies that react in the presence of the pregnancy hormone. A blue line or across appears depending on whether you are “pregnant” or “not pregnant” (the signs can be different depending on the brand). Remember: the hCG level is highest between 7 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. Then the hCG level decreases, which is why you have less nausea after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that, the hormone level becomes stable throughout the pregnancy and remains stable for up to 3 weeks after delivery.

As soon as conception, the embryo takes about 6-7 days to go from the fallopian tubes to the uterus. Once the trophoblast (a type of particular cell in the baby) settles in the endometrium (the mucous membrane of the uterus). It begins to erode the endometrium to “take root” and then transform into the placenta. It is this tissue that will start producing the beta HCG hormone. At first, there will be little of it, and then it will gradually grow following the growth of the placenta.

How is the pregnancy test done?

The test should be done by wetting the swab under the first-morning urine, which is more concentrated. It is easier for the test result to be accurate, as it is possible to better calculate the pregnancy hormone’s presence. Some tests can be done throughout the day. After wetting the stick, it is left to dry for a few minutes, and at the end, it is observed: two pink lines indicate pregnancy in progress, a single line indicates a negative result. Some tests instead of the lines have the words PREGNANT – NOT PREGNANT.

Clearblue test

Clearblue is one of the most trusted pregnancy test brands. On the market, we find different types of tests: early detection, capable of giving the result up to 6 days before, the digital one with the dating of the weeks of pregnancy, and the simpler ones.

Clearblue also provides couples looking for pregnancy with numerous sticks and valuable tools to measure the fertile period. For example, the digital test also indicates the possible time of conception with the weeks’ indicator. Here all Clearblue pregnancy tests.

Best pregnancy test

Most home pregnancy tests promise 99% reliability. The mechanism of action is straightforward: the stick is composed of a sheet with a chemical reagent. That is activated only in the presence of Beta hormones. Given the simplicity of the test, most of the household ones. That we can buy at the pharmacy at a low cost is reliable. Of course, if we want a better pregnancy test, we can opt for those. That is also equipped with a pregnancy week calculator (which is evaluated based on the levels of Beta present in the urine).

Missed period negative pregnancy test: Negative pregnancy test

For some women who have been trying to get pregnant, perhaps for a long time. The monthly pregnancy test appointment can be a nerve-wracking and stressful time. Especially if the test is always negative. This is why it is essential to remain calm and not turn the desire for a child into an obsessive thought.

Missed period negative pregnancy test: False negative

The home pregnancy test may be negative even if there is a pregnancy in progress in reality. In this case, we speak of “false negative”: if the cycle still does not occur. It is advisable to repeat the test after a few days. And the test sticks still unable to detect the presence of the hormone in the urine. Remember that most of the tests are reliable from the first day of your missed period.

Missed period negative pregnancy test: False positive

It is always said that a false positive in pregnancy does not exist. The test measures the amount of a hormone produced by the body only when there is a pregnancy in progress. So how can you explain a positive test when there is no pregnancy? A miscarriage may have occurred in the first few days after conception (which happens in 20% of pregnancies), which then presents with blood loss similar to a menstrual cycle. Or you are taking drugs containing HCG.

Pregnancy test, after how many days can it be done?

But what is the best time to take the missed period negative pregnancy test and have a safe result, perhaps without getting a second light line on the test? After how many days can it be done? Surely it would be better to wait at least a week from the alleged date on which the menstruation should have arrived. Especially if you have a regular period, a one-week delay could be a sign of pregnancy, even if it’s not 100% sure. But not all mothers looking for a baby can wait that long and often can’t wait to take the test. It is, therefore, better to opt for an early pregnancy test.

Early pregnancy test, the risks

But an early pregnancy test could give a false result. Do-it-yourself pregnancy tests, or sticks that you buy at the pharmacy, detect the hCG hormone present in the urine. Many sticks can calculate the presence of this hormone (a sign of pregnancy). As early as two weeks after conception. But in some cases, perhaps, there may have been a delay in ovulation. And then taking the test too early could give negative results. A negative test, however, does not give the certainty that there is no pregnancy in progress. It is easy for a false negative to happen. So you should retake the test after a week.

The reds do not arrive, but the DIY test continues to be negative, or is it not very clear? Try blood tests to measure the beta hCG dosage. To check the increase in the concentration of the hormone in the blood. Which indicates the correct start of pregnancy.

Blood test

The blood beta HCG test should only be done if prescribed by the doctor, this is to check the progress of the pregnancy after problems have arisen or there has been a threat of loss, if the doctor suspects an ectopic pregnancy, if there are particular indications for monitoring the health of the woman.

To compare the correct growth of human gonadotropin, the values ​​follow approximately these ranges. Still, it is not sure that if they do not follow them perfectly, the pregnancy is not proceeding as it should.

  • double every two days for values ​​up to 1200 IU / l
  • double every three days for values ​​from 1200 IU / l to 6000 IU / l
  • So, double every four days for values ​​above 6000 IU / l

Where to find pregnancy

The most common sticks are also on sale in drugstores and shopping centers. At the same time, the more elaborate and sophisticated ones can be found in pharmacies. It is also possible to buy pregnancy tests online. The important thing is to rely on online stores. That has the Ministry of Health stamp, which authorizes them to sell drugs and medical devices.


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