Benefits of Protein Bars For Weight Loss: Updated 2019

benefits of protein bars for weight loss

With the increased levels of pollution on earth, people are keener on healthy living. Extra time is picked from their busy schedule in search or healthy foods that give them instant energy and strength and this is the juncture where protein bars come into the picture. Here is a guide to help you with the information to look in when you are picking the healthy protein bars for the first time and benefits of using them.

How to get healthiest protein bars
How to get healthiest protein bars?

How to get healthiest protein bars?

Protein quantity

You are picking the protein bars for having proper protein intake. Anything with less protein less than 5 grams is just a waste of money. If you are picking 60 grams protein bar, it should contain 20 grams protein. You will get sufficient protein intake that is needed for muscle building. Protein intake through bar consumption not only helps in filling up but also contributes to fat burning those results in weight loss. After you measure the quantity of protein look for quality and check for milk or whey proteins in the bars you pick.

Sugar content

The bars you pick to eat should be low on sugars too because consuming high sugars leads to high sugar in the blood that leads to excessive insulin production. To make the bars taste sweet, many companies do add natural sweeteners so; you cannot check it by tasting. Any bar that contains sugar more than 8 grams should be avoided.

Fat levels

Make sure that the protein bars you pick have significant levels of healthy fat like omega-3 and omega -6. Not every bar you pick will have omega-3 fats, most of them are saturated so, you should make sure that fats levels are not more than 3 grams to avoid any weight gain problems.

Crabs levels

Even crabs on the bars should leap on the low side. Though they are an important part of your diet, excess of crab consumption can be counterproductive as they can be easily converted into fat. Choose to pick the bars with more fiber proteins than crabs. Having little crabs will give you great energy on workouts. A general rule of thumb is 20 grams of crabs works well. To put it simply the cab content doubles protein content in the bar than it is considered as ideal.

What is the ideal calorie count?

Protein bar consumption is sure to add calories on consumption. Too much of calories in the bars can be counterproductive. You should be low on your calorie intake; it is advised not to cross calorie intake at 150 to 200 for females and 180 to 300 for males.

 Ingredient Panel Listings

 Just don’t stop your hunt for picking the right protein bar by checking cabs and calorie count, do remember to glance the list of ingredients at a go before you make a purchase. You should be able to recognize majority of the ingredients in the bar at a glance. The ingredients that are listed on the protein bar should be available in the market separately. Be noted that not all hard to pronounce ingredients in the bar are bad for your health. Some of them may be displayed in their scientific names too. be sure to know them before you make a purchase.

benefits of protein bars for weight loss

Benefits of protein bars

According to, It’s good for muscle, increases strength and power, healthy to lose weight. 

Muscle mass

Protein bars can play a key role in increasing muscle mass. Consumption of protein bars directly elevates muscle protein synthesis. A 2gram protein in the bars is sufficient to get the job done for you.

Increases strength and power

 There are few published studies in 2001 which state, increased protein consumption would increase strength and power as well.

Improve recovery after an intense workout

 If you have a habit of conducting high resistant exercise regularly, consuming a protein bar after intense work out will give you a quick recovery.

Contribute to weight loss

There are three different ways of how protein can contribute to an effective weight loss. It will increase metabolism in the body to create a calorie deficit. The protein in the body will also increase satiety that prevents hunger by reducing the hunger hormone called ghrelin. Intake of protein in the combination of intense resistant exercise will produce great fat loss results.

Stabilize blood sugar

The protein intake also helps in stabilizing blood sugar which is important for a healthy body. It will not only prevent overeating, also help people with diabetes, enhancing concentration and make you feel better.

Improve heart health

The heart is one of the vital organs of the body. Several studies stated that milk protein has the potential to reduce the risk of metabolic diseases like hear stroke, diabetes, obesity, and many other health problems.

More energy

Protein in the body is the vital element to sustain energy and keep the day going the entire long. It takes a long time for the body to digest so, it provides continues energy to the body till it is digested completely. You can easily crack hunger bangs between the meals with the protein bars, or they can also serve you with the nutritious energy needed after an intense workout. This instant energy you gain through the protein bars keep you motivated and help to achieve your weight loss goals quickly.

Calorie burning

 This is another best benefit any protein bar can offer you on consumption. It helps you increase the metabolic rate by preserving the lean muscle. It takes more time for the body to digest protein than carbohydrates which leads to more calories burning effective weight loss. If you are eating more protein-rich food, you will be burning more calories will less effort.

Keep your craving satisfied

Eating protein bars will keep your stomach fuller for a longer time when compared to bars made of crabs.  It turns to be a compelling pick for your weight loss diet as it limits your temptations for food cravings throughout the day avoiding chances of unwanted weight gain.



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