Reasons That Make Granite Composite Sink Ideal for Every Kitchen

Granite Composite Sink

Granite is one of the most popular materials that always sets the trend for kitchen decor and is a go-to alternative for countertops and kitchen sinks. The natural material is known for its durability and timeless appeal. More so, they get designed explicitly for regular wear and tear and heavy use without any damage and risk. Along with this, the aesthetic appeal of the granite composite sink is suitable for any kitchen type. 

Along with this, multiple other reasons make granite composite sinks a preferable option over other materials. The visual appeal and durability are well-established reasons that make granite composite sinks the first choice among homeowners. Although there is a distinction between granite composite and granite sink, these options are durable and easy to maintain. However, as a responsible homeowner, you must understand the difference between them to make a perfect choice. 

Understanding granite composite sink in detail

In the end, what you get is a highly durable material designed for regular use. The mixture of granite stone and acrylic resin is known as granite composite. It is famous for its elegant finish and durability and is ideal for modern households. Along with this, granite composite sink has several pros, which current homeowners must anticipate in detail. 

They don’t discolor or fade with time

Kitchen sinks are best for heavy use but they are prone to damage. However, the same is not the scenario with granite sinks. The natural material is resistant to regular wear and tear and lasts for a long time. It is sturdy and durable. There is no issue of discoloration or fading because of frequent use. 

Resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining

Most kitchen sinks you get in the market require high maintenance and careful handling. Not doing so may result in chipping and scratching. Apart from this, kitchen sinks result in staining and water spots that do not resolve with household tips and tricks. Granite is resistant to these issues. It is durable at the same time. Therefore, when you invest in a simple yet elegant granite bowl, it will withstand chipping, scratching, and staining. 

Various color choices

When remodeling the kitchen, the budget plays a vital role. Most homeowners want to experiment with several ideas but do not have them. However, when working with composite granite sinks, you will find them in a wide range of colors. Thus, you can mix and match in different tints and tones to get the color of your choice. It is the reason granite sink is a viable choice. They are available in several matte color options as they look timeless and classy. These are so versatile that they brighten up the kitchen décor with their simple presence. 

Affordable and attractive

Another reason that makes a granite composite sink a viable option is that they are not too expensive. Thanks to the low maintenance and durability, they play a vital role in cutting down your expenses. The process of maintaining the sink is easy, and you can employ simple cleaning hacks for doing away with stains and grease. You must use a soft fabric and mild detergent to avoid regular stains. In some cases, you may use organic cleaners effortlessly available in the market. However, you will not feel the need for a professional to maintain granite composite sink if you maintain it properly. 

Composite granite versus natural granite

Natural granite does not have any mixture, while composite granite is a mixture of acrylic resin with natural granite. Hence, there is a difference between both, which is discussed below: 

  •   Durability: Composite granite sink is more durable since their manufacturing is of high quality. Hence, you can go for a composite granite sink if you want a durable and long-lasting solution. 
  •   Cost: Natural granite is more expensive than composite granite sink. Further, the cost of installation of a natural granite sink is higher than others. 
  •   Porosity: Natural granite is more porous and thereby slightly harder to maintain. Moreover, you might have a tough time keeping it stain-free. On the other hand, a composite granite sink is easy to maintain and thereby not a burden on your pocket. 
  •   Appearance: Composite granite sink is more uniform than natural granite. Although you have unique colors, patterns, and finishes of natural granite, the cost of the natural granite sink is high. However, if you want to get a luxurious appearance in your kitchen, you can go for premium options. 

Compare stainless steel with granite composite sink

Now, coming to the question of choice between a traditional and modern sink. Although stainless steel is popular in the market, it’s slowly losing ground because of the granite composite sink. However, it still has reasons to hold ground. Whatever be the case, the distinction between both these options are discussed below: 

  •   Durability: A granite composite sink is a better option than stainless steel. The natural stone is more durable and resistant to corrosion than stainless steel. 
  •   Cost: The stainless steel sink cost is cheaper than the natural material. More so, the cost of installation is also on the lower side. 
  •   Appearance: Although stainless steel sinks help you with a shiny or matte finish, granite sinks give you a natural appeal. If you love the aesthetic finish, you can go for a it. 

Although stainless steel is a cheaper option than granite composite sink, the latter is a vital option. Various companies are dealing in different categories of composite granite sinks and coming up with economical alternatives. Thus, if you want to get something reliable, you can go for a granite composite sink. 

Another reason people are attracted to granite composite sinks is because it provides a traditional look but with a modern touch. The conventional sink is very costly, but a granite composite sink is an exotic option that fits the budget of the middle-class individual. These sinks are available in different styles, colors, textures, and patterns. Hence, they are a viable option for those who want something exquisite but within budget. 



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