Best cases for iPhone 12

Best cases for iPhone 12

A phone case is the most important accessory for your phone, especially if that phone is the new iPhone 12. Apart from the esthetical point, it is fair to say that a case protects your phone from any damage that can come. 

We all know that the producers of the iPhone 12 always use the best prime materials and high-end glass. This new model also has a ceramic shield screen that endures all the unexpected drops. But even with improved durability from Apple, a case for your iPhone 12 is the best investment that can be made. Aside from protection, it can also add a stylish effect to your phone esthetics.

If it’s for an Apple product, you will always have a vast selection of cases from which you can choose. You can choose from durable plastic colorful cases, sheer cases, or futuristic ones with extra protection and appearance. Here you can find a list of the best iPhone 12 cases, each with its characteristics. 

Nudient V3 Thin

If you just played at the Jackpot City Casino and wanted to make some adjustments for your iPhone 12, a good case with quality materials it’s a great choice.

Nudient is a matte, minimalistic case for the new iPhone 12. The modern look goes well with the bulky design of the phone. As for the structure, the producers made it more rigid, so that you cannot remove it when it’s attached.

The access of the buttons it’s cut, so it is easier to press them than they would be if covered by the case. Nudient has also a cut for the USB-C port. Although the edges aren’t raised, the camera has a bump which when it’s put on a flat surface, doesn’t touch the camera.

If you are a person who doesn’t like the phone to be heavier, this phone case is for you. The case comes in different colors and the premium feel of the materials will for sure be a great purchase.

Spigen Mag Armor

Spigen Mag Armor is the first Spigen Armor designed for MagSafe. On the inside, it has a conductive magnetic ring, which enables charging. This case is made out of durable polycarbonate and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane.

The slick matte finish on the outside will surely fit your style and the magnet inside will boost the charging speed. As for certifications, this one has a Mil-grade one with Air Cushion Technology. Its slightly raised shape around the camera panel and screen will protect the phone on a flat surface.

If you want to appreciate the natural size and form of this device, the Spigen Mag Armor is the ideal product for you.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

If you are tired of the colored cases and you’re looking for something clear, this case is right up your alley. An all magnetic case designed for strong MagSafe connections, this Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is the one you need. Its hybrid nature combines durability, functionality, and clarity, all in one.

Because of the crystal clear transparent design, the case will reveal the beauty of the original phone design. On each side, it has raised bezels that lift not only the screen but also the camera off the flat surfaces that you put the phone on. For the sides, it has pronounced buttons with tactile feedback, a detail that will help you with everyday activities. For the charging port, it has easy access, due to the perfectly made cutouts for this specific phone. 

Like the previous model, the materials which are made from are also high-quality silicone on the side and transparent polycarbonate on its back.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is the ultimate clear phone case for your iPhone 12, which will perform and protect your device the best it can.

Rhinoshield MOD NX

The ultimate fully customizable iPhone 12 case comes from Rhinoshield. The MOD NX model gives you full liberty to switch the backplate how you want so that it will fully suit your style. If you’re not in the mood for a backplate, you can always just replace it with a rim and have a bumper case.

 From the start, you can choose the case color and the backplate style, adding an extra rim and buttons. Although it’s flexible, the Shockspread material that it is made from is very tough, making it almost impossible to break. Its properties prevent you from falling out during impact, due to the tight fit of the bumper. 

Being one of the thinnest and lightest protective cases on the market, its weight is an average of 30. That means barely an equivalent to a single AA bumper, using also the backplate.

 If you are looking for a stylish accessory for your new iPhone 12, this case is the best option out there. Not only does its very flexible and durable bumper but also its high-quality materials make the Rhinoshield MOD NX a great choice.


Want to save the planet but also look good while doing it? The phone case from Wave is the right choice for you. With this eco-friendly accessory from wheat straw, you’ll have a great plastic-free alternative for environmental consciousness.

Wave cases are designed by British experts, all in-house, that are perfect for absorbing all the shocks from accidental drops. For 360 grade protection, you’ll have a 2mm lip around the phone screen and camera.

Being plastic-free, the design is ultra-thin and has a precise hole to fit your phone perfectly. The texture of the case is matte, but it also provides you a perfect grip, so that it won’t ever slip through your hands.


When you will choose the best case for your iPhone 12, the first thing in your mind should be protection. Another important aspect is the kind of materials, which will decide the life of that case. Also, the style of the case, whether it’s clear or super colorful, should be according to your personality. 

One last important thing to note is the fact that if you want to upgrade your phone and change it to an iPhone 12 Pro, all of the phones will fit both of them.


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