Warm Places to Visit in December in the USA

warm places to visit in december

December and January are marked to be the coldest months of the year. And this makes many of us embrace the white beauty of the snow while some are in an urge to spend winter holidays in warm and cozy places. But if you are the one from the probability list of people looking for warmth and you are too busy to wander around or ask people about places then we are to help you provide the list of best warm places to visit in December in the USA.

Best Warm Places to Visit in USA

1. Sedona, Arizona

    Temperature- 1℃ – 15 ℃ 

Sedona, Arizona

If you want to visit a place where you can find scenic beauty to hike then this place offers you scenic red-rock hikes with charming downtown. For hikers who want to hike in December, this place is comfortable and pleasant at an affordable price. Here you will find scenic wineries where you can taste samples of a variety of Spanish wines. This place also has a rare Sedona waterfall to make red rocks look like a fairytale. For the sunset hike, you can visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross and don’t forget to get yourself clicked at the magnificent Devil’s Bridge.

2. Joshua Tree National Park, California

    Temperature- 1℃  – 16 ℃

warm places to visit in december

If you love adventure and want to have fun outdoors then this place on the list of warm places to visit in December is the best option for you. It offers exciting outdoor activities and pleasant weather with affordable accommodation nearby. You can experience the best rock climbing here with its smooth-doomed rocks. For mellow trekking, you can go for 1.5 miles to Barker Dam to experience a leisurely hike without getting tired. And for a split boulder 2.25 miles, Split Rock Loop boats have an adjoining cave that you can explore.

3. Los Angeles, California

    Temperature- 9℃- 20℃

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles which is famous for Hollywood glamor is just more than this. It offers a cultural hub with pleasant weather, Broadwalk fun, and infinite entertainment. This place has the finest venues and concert halls where you can enjoy majestic orchestra performances. To make your trip more memorable you can visit Fairytale 123 Farm in Los Angeles. This farm has acres of lavender, ancient oak, and an old olive grove that glows in winter with a million lights. To withhold an ancient feel you can try a carriage ride and can eat in the gingerbread house. 

4. Phoenix, Arizona

    Temperature- 7℃ – 20℃

warm places to visit in december

Are you a desert lover then Phoenix is also on the list of best warm places to visit in December. This desert destination offers ample luxury activities. With mild weather, you can also enjoy a creative festival for a memorable trip. If you are fond of handmade goods then you can be a part of the annual Phoenix Festival of the Arts. At the festival, you can enjoy mouthwatering snacks from food trucks and can grab a handmade gift. To get the flavor of dance you can experience the Zona Music Festival and have the flavor of indigenous with a visit to the Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market. And if this too is not enough then you can enjoy Art & Crafts Festival in December on Ahwatukee Plaza. All these fun activities at Phoenix make it a perfect pitstop for all outdoor fun.

5. Palm Springs, California

    Temperature- 7℃ – 21℃

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, the desert oasis is known for its stunning mountain landscapes, leisure activities, and mid-century modern architecture. The month of December makes the weather of this place more pleasant and warm to experience outdoor recreation at the best prices. Here you will find beautiful deserts and landscapes full of mountains, like the Araby trail where you can enjoy hiking and look at nature from the sky. In December you can also enjoy the Indigo International Tamale Festival which happens at Miles Avenue Park where you can taste authentic tamales and enjoy live Latin music.

6. Castroville, Texas

    Temperature- 6℃ – 19℃

warm places to visit in december

Castroville welcomes you to venture into its natural beauty, warm locals, and Alsatian culture. It is said that December is the right time to visit this place because it is idyllic to explore its scenic nature and visit local attractions. You can visit St. Louis Catholic Church and stroll through the residential neighborhoods. Walk through the Castroville cafes for Alsatian sandwiches, Taqueria Jalisco for Tacos, and Haby’s Alsatian Bakery for pastries.

7. Port Aransas, Texas

    Temperature- 12℃ – 19℃

Port Aransas, Texas

On the list of best warm places to visit in December in the USA, we have this coastal destination with dreamy sand beaches and scenic outdoor adventures. In December you will find less crowd and mild weather to enjoy at better deals. You can also take a visit to the Port Aransas Art Center to have a look at stunning contemporary paintings. To have a look at local artistry you can also visit Port A Glass Studio & Art Gallery. You can also hike to look at the white Chapel on the dunes.

8. Dallas, Texas

   Temperature- 4℃ – 15℃

warm places to visit in december

Dallas offers a diverse metropolitan mecca with its variety of cuisines, all-time going events, and world-class museums. In winter this place has a lot more to offer like exciting festivals, mild weather, less crowds making Dallas the best warm place to visit in December in the USA. On the streets of Downtown Dallas, you can watch the Holiday Parade where people come to watch holiday-themed balloons, costumed characters, and floats. You can enjoy ice skating, and light maze adventures at Enchant Christmas, also you can shop and eat in Christmas Village.

9. Austin, Texas

    Temperature- 6℃ – 17℃

Austin, Texas

Nothing can be better than visiting Austin in December because here you can find sunny, blue skies with live music and beautiful urban parks. This place is an amazing destination for nature lovers. Here you can never get tired of shopping and entertainment. You can visit Austin Trail of Lights or take a drive through the mile-long Peppermint Parkway lights tunnel. Enjoy local Black artisanry at Kwanzaa Kwanzaa Ujamaa Marketplace.

10. Key West, Florida

      Temperature- 21℃ – 25℃

warm places to visit in december

Key West is an island paradise for the one who loves beaches, it offers unspoiled beaches with turquoise blue water making it a romantic setting for lovers to adore for lifelong. Here you will find Clear Music & Arts Festival to enjoy live music from the lineup of musicians. You can admire coral reefs and tropical fishes or you can dive to spot turtles in the Key West’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. For photoshoot vacations, Key West Garden Club is the best.


Now that you have got the list of some best places which you can explore in winter to experience the pleasant weather, get your bag packed and be ready to enjoy the warmth of the places listed here in our list of the best warm places to visit in December. We promise you won’t regret going to these amazing places because they don’t just provide amazing views but also make you enjoy different cultures and experience thrilling adventures.


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