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market any business

Amongst the trending social media platforms that are widely used around the world, Instagram (6th in the list) is one of the most convenient and preferred media to market any business. 

Instagram, shredding its image of only being a social media site and transforming itself into an e-commerce platform, is also now the most sought after channel to post long-form videos, especially for video marketing of business houses. Instagram has some really cool, colorful, and attractive features that will make your video pop out in the crowd, only if you strategize and execute your planning in sync with Instagram’s latest updates.     

The pandemic situation has got everybody into fitness and it’s the next time for the fitness industry, be it personal trainer, fitness guru, fitness brands, etc.  Instagram as this a social media platform is popular to provide correct brand exposure and connect your fitness business with a wide range of active client base. And, the best way to use Instagram as an advantage for your fitness business is by posting not only interesting but visually astounding videos as Instagram is a platform that is known to visually drive its users with its vibrant, quirky, and unique features.  Some brands also leverage the TikTok platform to reach their younger generation audience. They even buy TikTok likes to uplift their visibility and reach globally.

Your fitness will need to have an Instagram strategy for posting content like videos, posts, IGTv, Reels, stories, etc. Here are tips to constructively market any business on Instagram. 

  • Adding motivational/inspirational quotes 

Who does not need motivation or inspiration to succeed in life, especially in this never-ending competitive world? And, when the question is to attract a person towards a fitness brand, you definitely need to motivate that person to the core so that he does not find an option other than accepting your offer. Videos with such content would increase your fitness brand’s visibility, credibility online and you can market any business easily. 

Today, people before taking admission to any fitness studio or any other organization, research on how strong is the social media presence of that brand as the social media is the first point of communication (non-verbal) between your business and the potential customer. Moreover, apart from the still photos and GIFs, what can be more convincing and appealing for the customers are the Instagram videos that have positive, strong, and highly motivating quotes or messages in it, spoken by some prominent personality from your industry.   

  • Being consistent with your content  

The best way to keep your followers on Instagram interested in your business is by consistently posting videos related to your forte at regular intervals. These videos may either contain a mix of a few alluring photos and mini video clips or only a video where your expertise or fitness business’s specialization must be showcased. A beautiful Instagram video can be made either by using the awesome Instagram filters and features or just by assembling all your video making parts on a video creation tool and merging it with some cool background music or a matching song. 

You may go for a bi-weekly upload option, each concentrating on any particular exercise, diet, or workout, and share the same using the correct, branded, and industry-specific hashtags as it is your source to reach a much wider audience on Instagram. You must end each video by hinting at what is going to come in the next one. Do not forget to have the same look and feel, it can’t look unplanned. The feed has to look organized. 

  • Try and personalize your video with Instagram stories 

In comparison to the Instagram Feed section, the Instagram Stories require more natural, realistic, DIY type content that can hit the viewers with a bang. Instagram Stories has a much wider scope and does not restrict you from sharing different types of content. 

To use Instagram Stories for your benefit, you can create behind the scenes videos, through which you will be giving a chance to the viewers to take a look at your training sessions, fitness equipment, facilities, and more. Such videos help the audience somewhat get a feel of how your fitness brand is by knowing about your approaches, methods, trainers, etc. 

You can also create videos on other interactive things, such as polls, quizzes, surveys, countdowns, and more, where you and your audience can talk, communicate with each other, and establish a strong relationship.

  • Tell your business journey  

Whether big or small, today, to market any business or its brand on Instagram, which explains that your competitors are either already there expanding their market base or will reach there soon. 

So, what sets your fitness brand apart from your competitors is your own story, its related struggle, and most importantly, how you came out with flying colors and established your brand is something that will remain yours forever. 

The unique story of your brand formation will definitely strike the right cord and connect with the audience. Viewers love to see genuine and inspiring stories, which you can tell through a video. Simply you can start by introducing yourself in less than two lines and then swiftly jump on to sharing why starting a fitness business was your passion or what drove you to take this step. 

As said above, you can also add soulful background music, light hues of pastel color, texts, and your business logo to make the video look professional as well as personal at the same time. 

Even if you are a camera-shy person, you can create a voice over video and put your workout photos, exercise photos, photos of your fitness arena, etc., into it that would convey a feeling of love for your business.

  • Post  testimonial videos  

In a recent survey conducted by Zendesk, it was concluded that 90% of the respondents have said that their purchase decision is impacted by positive reviews posted by the previous buyers. 

Therefore, you, too, should add a rave review video or a video of your loyal customers where they would talk about and highlight your fitness brand’s best features and the results they have received. 

Such testimonials eventually build a long-lasting bond of trust with potential customers and force them to join your brand in order to benefit from it. Such feedback videos also enhance your credibility in the market and show your business’s transparency.

  • Sound organic, transparent, and authentic in your content 

Today, people are in search of original, pure, and organic ideas and content as their dislike and hatred for plagiarized and copied content is soar. They will love to share content instantly on their social media accounts if its originality appeals to them, even if the content is not so interesting.

 What the audience about a business is its transparency, genuineness, and clarity in their ideas, approach, and working methods. Thus, capturing real-life moments of real-life people would attract more audience than stock images.

Thus, to market any business through Instagram video is comparatively easy as the industry demands video demonstration. Applying the above tips with the latest Instagram updates would surely help you boost your fitness business and garner more clientele and popularity on social media.


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