How to Find Hidden Cameras Using Your Mobile Phone- A Detailed Perspective

RF detectors

In this technical world, hidden cameras can easily spy on you, and can make you feel that you are being caught doing something. Oops! Your employer can watch you using their hidden cameras, or else, anyone else can spy on you. So, we need to find the hidden cameras wherever we go. It is quite true, especially in public places. Say, if you are visiting a mall or a supermarket, you will be interested to know where those hidden cameras can easily spy on you. If you face similar problems and do not know the process of how to find hidden cameras using your mobile phone, then, you have landed at the right place. Here we will let you know the different ways to find hidden cameras using mobile phones.

Important Steps to Know Regarding How to Find Hidden Cameras Using Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones nowadays are not limited to the calling feature only. These smartphones are quite useful for a lot of purposes, but you will feel so much delighted to know that you can use these mobile phones or else, say smartphones to detect hidden cameras. Luckily, you can save yourself from being spied on.

  1. Detecting Camera Light Using Your Smart Phones: Do you want to discover hidden cameras using your mobile phones? Luckily, today’s gadgets are there to help you to find these hidden cameras on a quick note. Your smart Phone’s camera will easily scan the entire room for you and will easily make you locate the hidden camera. The hidden camera contains infrared rays that can be easily captured by your Phone camera.
  2. Make Use of Phone Camera App to Detect Hidden Cameras: Are you looking forward to getting access to the hidden cameras with the aid of your mobile phone? Don’t look further, as we have got you covered in this amazing post where you can use phone camera apps to detect hidden cameras. For doing so, you have to make use of a camera app to detect the hidden cameras. You must start to look for a hidden camera place through your phone app. You should check if you can see a blinking light source that was not at all visible before. In this way, you can access your phone camera app to detect hidden cameras.
RF detectors
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3. Make a Call from your iPhone: You can easily detect the hidden cameras by making a call from your iPhone, or else, android. Doing so will make it quite easy to access the hidden camera as you will hear the buzzing sound of the camera device.

4. Use your Phone and Observe the Room: Do you want to spot the hidden camera from your mobile phone? If yes, first switch off the lights and observe the room and find out the hidden camera spots with the aid of your phone. As many cameras make use of IR sensors, using your mobile phones will make it quite easy to spot them and it can easily ensure straight access to your mobile phones.

5. Locate the Hidden Cameras through Dedicated Services: We would highly recommend you locate the hidden cameras through dedicated services. You can use dedicated services such as RF detectors to locate the camera services. RF detectors known as radio frequency detectors can be used to detect the hidden cameras. First of all, ensure to purchase a radiofrequency detector from online e-commerce websites such as Amazon. Before initiating the process, you should first unplug all the devices that emit the radio signals such as routers, modems, and television sets or T.V etc. Now, sweep your entire room very carefully. If you have a hidden camera in your room, these radio frequency detectors will give you a beep or else, we can say an audio signal.

6. Use Phone Flashlight to Find Hidden Cameras: You are on the way to finding the hidden cameras through your mobile device. If you desire to, it is best practice to use your phone’s flashlight to locate the hidden cameras. Before using flash lights your entire room’s light should be switched off as your room should be dark enough to use the flash lights to find the hidden cameras. Now turn on the flash light and look for small camera reflections if any. If you find such reflections, it will be an evident sign of a hidden camera in your room.

RF detectors

7. Through Electromagnetic Fields: Do you want to go ahead with your mobile phones to find hidden cameras? Well, if you think that you should use a mobile phone to locate the hidden cameras at a place, you are on the right track because in such a case, you will make use of electromagnetic fields used to locate the hidden camera located at a place. Using mobile devices along with electromagnetic fields is just a great option for locating the hidden cameras. All you need to stay technically updated and should acquire knowledge about how to make use of electromagnetic fields.

8. Use the Third-Party Apps to Locate the Hidden Cameras: Do you want to make use of third-party apps to locate the hidden cameras in your phone? If yes, you should first locate the apps in your ios, or else, android phones. We can confidently say that there are a lot of paid Android and ios apps to make use of while finding hidden cameras. Using these third-party apps is quite beneficial for locating your mobile phones.

So, these are a few ways that can aid you to locate the hidden cameras with the aid of your mobile phone.


 We hope that you are now clear about the diverse ways to locate hidden cameras from your mobile phone. By making use of these wonderful ways, you can make sure to use the diverse techniques of mobile phones to know how to locate hidden cameras through the stunning smartphone devices.


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