How To Take Amazing Nature Photos

How to Take Amazing Nature Photos

Nature photography is a great way to get yourself into the great outdoors and try your hand at taking beautiful nature pictures. However, if you want to take award-winning nature photos like the ones taken by Sam Wilson and Amos Nachoum then you’re going to need a few tips and tricks.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some essential photography tips and tricks to help you start taking breathtaking nature pictures that help you to stand out as a nature photographer.

Use the Right Gear

Social media sites such as Instagram are full of nature photographs. The cameras on cellphones are getting better and better as time goes on, but they’re still limited when it comes to taking nature pictures. If you’re serious about nature photography then you’re going to need some gear.

Once you have a good camera, most of the magic comes from the lens. If you’re planning on taking close-up shots of flowers or insects then you’ll need a macro lens. These let you get close to your subject without losing focus. If you’re looking to take stunning photographs of the landscape then you’ll need a  wide-angle lens.

Balance the Photo

When it comes to taking nature photos it’s all about balance. Balance is what separates great photographers from the rest. It is arguably where the real art of photography lies.

There is no real secret behind balance. It is about being able to truly see what you’re capturing. When you’re taking nature photographs you need to see what you’re going to be capturing in your frame.

Focus on the Foreground

Even if you’re taking photographs of wide vistas, you can still enhance your photo by finding points of interest in the foreground. If you’re feeling clever you could even remove background from an image and then add it to a different landscape. To the purists, this might sound like cheating, but it’s a great way to create unique and interesting images.

Stray From the Beaten Path

If you want your nature photographs to stand out from the rest then you’re going to want to visit places that ordinary people and their mobile phones don’t. A good photographer should always be searching for the perfect shot.

Search for the perfect vantage points. Stray from the beaten path to find hidden gems and inspect your surroundings carefully to find the perfect photograph that others would miss.

Taking the Perfect Nature Photos

There are no one-size-fits-all rules when it comes to taking breathtaking nature photos. Quite often, it is the rule-benders that stand out from the crowd. However, if you’re just starting then it’s paramount to build a solid foundation before you begin to experiment with your picture-taking.

These tips and tricks are a great way to help you get started taking nature pictures. So, get outside and capture the world.

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