Attractions and Things to do in Catalina Island


Do you want to find a hidden gem in California? You must take time to visit Catalina Island or Santa Catalina Island to know the city’s best secre. Until now, cruise lines, day-trippers, and a-listers have flocked to the small town-based island for many years to enjoy everything the tourist spot offers. Here, you will know the attractions of the island and things to do in Catalina Island.

Attractions of the island and things to do in Catalina Island

Attractions of Catalina Island

Home to Epic Beaches

Santa Catalina is an island in sunny Southern California. However, the specialty of Catalina beach is its unique white sand and clear waters. Both of these aspects are reminiscent of paradise in the entire South Pacific region. Beach lovers may choose from varieties of private and public beaches near the island.

These are the iconic Beach Club of Descanso, Middle and South Beach, and Two Harbors Beaches. In particular, Two Harbors is an isolated area on the west side of the island, where you may relax beneath a palapa. Along with that, you will find water activities in almost every area you want. Indeed, visitors will get a pool of options to involve in pleasant activities along with relaxing on the beach.

Conservancy of Catalina Island

Catalina Island is home to the largest private land trust in Southern California set up during the early 1970s. William Wrigley Junior and his family aimed to preserve the natural beauty of the island and set approximately 88 percent of the land of Catalina wild forever.

The wildland area includes miles of secluded coves, unspoiled beaches, and habitats of many insect specials with unique plants and animals. The land trust always remains open to the public for varieties of activities, like exploring, camping, and hiking. Moreover, outdoor enthusiasts may start their adventures in Avalon. Here, they get details on things to do on Catalina Island, where to visit and to make the most of the journey.

Two Harbors

Two Harbors is a small village with a bar, a single restaurant, and a general store. You will get a few places to stay, like cozy Catalina cabins, and historic Banning House Lodge. However, many tourists explore Two Harbors to involve in camping activities.

Moreover, Two Harbors is a dream for every outdoor lover, who wants to participate in snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, boating, and diving. However, the spot is ideal for beach activities because of the cool breeze of islands and shady palapas dotting the seashore. If you want to experience Two Harbors, you may choose a passenger ferry directly from San Pedro. Alternatively, one can choose the Cyclone powerboat commencing from Avalon.

Expedition of American Bison

The American Bison expedition is one of the unique things to do on Catalina Island. The adventure consists of 2 hours, where your vehicle driver takes you for a journey through grazing grounds of the American bison. (

Other than viewing American bison grazing on the island’s hillsides, your guide will highlight a few interesting facts about the history of Cataline. Moreover, you will get a chance to find flora and fauna while passing through up rugged Cape Canyon and the historic Middle Range. If this is not enough, the expedition allows you to view the sceneries of Black Jack Mountain and a part of a beautiful blue Pacific ocean.

Zip Line Eco Tour

Before you begin your zip line eco tour, you get a brief session on safety. Later, you may gear up to climb abroad a shuttle to reach the top of a ridge at 600 feet above the beach club of Descanso. Starting from this point, you will get views of the nearby ocean while going down in a zigzag pattern. Moreover, you will go across the canyon by passing through a grove of many towering eucalyptus trees on five different lines. An interesting aspect is that you will move at a speed of 35 miles per hour.

Your trained guides will highlight a few interesting facts about the flora and fauna of Catalina Island across your zip line eco-tour. As the name eco-tour, you will find approximately 60 species found on this island. Descanso Beach Club is the final destination of your picturesque tour. Here, you may share your experiences related to the zip line eco-tour with your friends via signature food and drinks at the only restaurant cum bar at Avalon.

Aerial Adventure

Aerial adventure on Catalina Island is a short stroll, which starts from Descanso Beach Club. The adventurous trip will take you deep into the woody areas while you swing, climb, and crawl through many challenging obstacles suspended in a big grove of towering eucalyptus.

Organizers of aerial adventure at Catalina Island arrange self-paced and self-guided courses in advanced, intermediate, and beginner configurations. Each course consists of log bridges, rope ladders, zip lines, balance beams, and several other elements. The course will bring aerial excitement to individuals irrespective of their athletic ability or skills.

Walking and/or Hiking Trails

Catalina Island is the perfect destination to explore approximately 165 miles of walking and hiking trails. As 88 percent of the island is within the conservancy, you may experience easy to difficult walking and hiking trails. Moreover, many visitors to the island may explore the trans-Catalina trail for 37 miles.

Rock Climbing Adventure

Rock Climbing Wall of Catalina Island is near the base camp for a zip line tour. The height of the rock is approximately 32 feet to create lots of excitement and give enough scope for adventures activities. Another attraction is that it has eight color-coded routes designed for both beginner and advanced climbers and tests every skill level possible. You may grab hold and race with your friends to the top. Alternatively, you may create different milestones by climbing new heights every time you want. The Climbing Wall uses an innovative auto-belay system to manage each line. The wall lowers rock climbers slowly to the ground by assuring their safety.

White sand beaches, wildlife, flora, fauna and adventurous spots makes Catalina Island must visit place for every tourist across the world.


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