Worst Countries to Visit- 7 Destinations to Avoid

Worst Countries to Visit

The world is our oyster when we plan to visit an exotic destination. Exploring the beauty of unexplored destinations and enjoying a great time with family is a great pleasure. Many people indeed have diverse travel preferences, and every destination needs to fit better as per the preferences of people across the globe. If you are a globetrotter, you should know the list of the worst countries to visit. In 2024, you might be planning to explore different parts of the world. We will help you accomplish your travel goals effectively by listing the destinations you must avoid visiting.

Here are the worst countries you should avoid:

Every country is not worth visiting as per the preferences of travelers. The globetrotters have set exclusive benchmarks to analyze which countries they should visit and which ones they should avoid. So, we are helping you on this front by listing the top 7 worst countries to avoid on your list of countries to visit around the globe.

1) Somalia

Somalia- Worst Countries to Visit

If you are planning to visit any African destination, Somalia should not be on your list. Because it is the worst country to visit for anyone who plans to explore the nooks and corners of Africa. This country is regarded as one of the most poverty-stricken and poorly managed destinations.

Apart from poverty, several other reasons urge you not to visit this destination. For example, the country is rampant with many instances of human trafficking. In addition to this, this beautiful country boasts several other odds, such as drug abuse, a high crime rate, illegal arms dealing, and smuggling. After considering these drawbacks, we are sure you would not like to plan a holiday to Somalia with your family or alone.

2) Bangladesh

Worst Countries to Visit

The other destination that comes on the list of worst countries to visit is Bangladesh. Although the country boasts a rich culture and traditions, it is poorly managed. The country is densely populated, and therefore, travelers can have problems with traffic congestion, traffic road conditions, an extremely polluted environment, and much more.

The rivers and ponds of this country are also extremely polluted. Another aspect that makes this country the least preferred destination is the corruption prevalent in the country. Therefore, if you are yearning for leisurely and pleasurable holidays, then Bangladesh should stay off your travel list in 2024. Visiting this country will become a horrifying and dissatisfying experience for you. 

3) Syria

Syria- Worst Countries to Visit

No traveler would like to explore the war-torn destinations in this world. Syria was once considered a heaven on earth because of the love people bestowed upon tourists and its historical destinations. But in the present scenario, Syria has become the least preferred destination to visit because of its political turmoil and disturbing war conditions.

According to reports, Syria has been termed the second deadliest destination to visit in this country. The bomb attacks and insurgencies have made this place one of the least safe places to explore for your next trip.

4) Afghanistan


The country of Afghanistan is another country that is not conducive to travelers. Although the country has some cool places to visit and is popular for its Kababs, it does not have smooth conditions to survive, even for travelers. Also, Afghanistan is not a safe country to visit as it is the top spot for terrorists.

Hence, visiting this country can also pose a risk to your life. The risk of kidnapping and ongoing turmoil makes the country highly unsafe for tourists. Therefore, if you are looking for the worst countries to visit for safe travel, Afghanistan should be a part and parcel of your list.

5) Kenya


Kenya is a country where the crime rate is very high, and therefore, we should keep the country off our globetrotting list. The country is in an environment of political turmoil. Apart from this, some areas are highly susceptible to diseases like malaria.

Some public areas are highly vulnerable to attacks, and it is not safe for us to visit such areas. Apart from this,  there are several possibilities for assaults and sexual attacks. Therefore, if you are looking forward to planning peaceful holidays with your family members, Kenya should not be your preference.

6) Tuvalu

Tuvalu- Worst Countries to Visit

One of the worst countries to visit is Tuvalu. Therefore, you should not include this country in your list of backpacking destinations. Tuvalu is one of the smallest destinations in the world. The most surprising fact is that it is situated just 7 km above sea level. The reports of metrological departments anticipate that this country will be washed away in the upcoming thirty years.

The other drawback of visiting this country is that there are no amazing places to explore, like beaches, the sea, and other attractions. Moreover, this country has extremely poor facilities for transportation and basic amenities. Therefore, this should not be on your travel list.

7) Thailand

Worst Countries to Visit


Thailand is a beautiful destination that one would like to visit. But the present scenario of extreme political turmoil and excessive crime has made this country the least-spotted destination on earth. This country is full of so many instances of violence, crime, and widespread corruption. Therefore, these places are in the list of the worst countries to visit in the world. Thus, if you are planning to see the best and most peaceful countries, cut Thailand off your tourist list.

The Crux

So, we hope that you have received valuable information regarding the worst countries to visit. Keep these countries in mind the next time you plan a trip. Visiting these countries can also be a threat to your life and may also harm your peace. If you are planning a peaceful exotic vacation, you must not visit these countries at all. Therefore, this year, plan your trips very carefully after examining all the aspects beforehand. We wish you a happy travel experience in 2024.


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