10 Facts vs Fiction When It Comes To Drug Addiction

Facts vs Fiction

Although addiction has been quite prominent in our society since the 1900s. However, the subject has still been pretty vague due to people making wrong assumptions and erroneous portrayals of the same in the media. – Facts vs Fiction

For example, many people consider kratom withdrawal to be something similar to an opioid drug. However, that’s not true at all. The former is much more powerful than the suspected option and, therefore, can affect your body much more than opium. 

Nonetheless, this is not where it ends, though. When it comes to the “Facts vs Fiction” of drug addiction, there’s a lot more to it. Here’s what you need to know about Facts vs Fiction. 

Facts vs Fiction of Drug Addiction 

In this section, we have debunked some of the myths and facts of drug addiction elaborately. Make sure to keep reading the same till the end to find out more about it. 

Myth – 1: You Can Stop Using Drugs At Any Time. 

Many people consider leaving drug addiction to be straightforward. 

However, that’s not true. 

If you stop drinking suddenly, you may start experiencing withdrawal sickness out of nowhere. Besides, you will also have this “prominent need” to use drugs, even when you are trying to stay away from them. 

In case you want to reduce your level of addiction, you will have to opt for facility care or undergo a well-designed program. 

Myth – 2: Only Using Drugs For Years Damages Your Health. 

No, not really. You can still get addicted to drugs, even when you are using them for a small period of time. If your body does not bode well with the drug usage, it might also lead to –

  • Heart attack. 
  • Breathing constriction. 
  • Coma. 

Myth – 3: Teenagers Are Too Young To Become Addicted. 

According to a report, the issue of addiction is more prominent during the teenage years of an individual. They usually become addicted due to emotional affliction, sexual abuse, and many other societal causes. 

Usually, the average age of becoming an addict is considered to be 13-15, and alcohol is the most common option in this aspect. 

Myth – 4: Addicts Stick Only One Substance. 

Well, yes – while using drugs, some people tend to stick to a single substance. Nonetheless, it is pretty rare, especially amongst people with a higher level of drug usage. 

Most drug addicts tend to be pretty adventurous. Therefore, once they are done trying a product, they’ll immediately move on to something else. 

In some cases, it also depends on their mood regarding which drug they should take. Many people also take substantial risks to learn “what’s new” in a specific drug module. 

Myth – 5: Drug Addicts Are Essentially Bad People. 

Well, if you are an adult, you probably have already heard this stereotype before. Although it’s not overly explained, it’s an attitude that’s been implied for quite some time. 

However, in all honesty, addiction has nothing to do with someone’s intelligence and economics. Not everyone, who’s going through a phase of drug addiction, is abusing something illegal. 

Most addicts don’t even do anything unlawful, such as harassing people or stealing money, too. On the flip side, they tend to stay away from society and its innuendos altogether! 

Myth – 6: Prescription Drugs Are Safe. 

Yes, in most cases, the prescription drugs are, indeed, safe and, therefore, do not cause any harm at all. 

Nonetheless, if the medication has a recreational element, such as opioids, it can cause a certain level of addiction to people. 

Various medicines, which are used to treat depression or anxiety, can also lead to drug addiction in people taking them regularly. 

Myth – 7: Relapse Is An Insistent Sign Of Failure. 

This is a pretty common scenario – 

Many people go to an addiction care facility for treatment, get treated, and then their addiction relapses again after some time. Due to this reason, some individuals think that treating this condition from a center will turn out to be a failure in the end. 

Nonetheless, it’s not true. 

Recovering from a specific addiction is quite personal and depends on your level or state of determination. In some cases, your level of addiction will get over you and relapse. However, if you are consistent enough, you can efficiently defeat your urge and become clean again! 

Myth – 8: Drugs Can Cause Permanent Brain Damage. 

Drugs do interfere with the chemistry of your brain, and, in some cases, they can damage the organ as well. However, fortunately, the cells residing in your brain can regenerate again. 

Therefore, if you stop taking drugs or get rid of your addiction, it will be possible for you to improve your mental health again. 

Nevertheless, if you are taking drugs for a prolonged period, it might be a little difficult for you to get your brain function as new again. 

Myth – 9: If You Have An Addicted Family Member, You’ll Become One Too! 

Addiction is not a disorder or disease, at least not in the purest sense. Therefore, it cannot be referred to as a genetic condition in any manner. 

Hence, even if your father was an alcoholic, you will not become one if you don’t want to. It would depend on you, your environment, and the circumstances you’re dealing with. 

Myth – 10: Drugs Relieve Stress. 

This is probably the biggest one of them all – “drugs relieve stress.” 

Well, no, they don’t, and they never did! 

Drugs do cause a sense of happiness and euphoria in the user. It may also help you sleep better than usual. However, they don’t reduce your stress at all. (editorialmash.com) Instead, they can increase various stress-related issues, such as depression anxiety, even more. 

Make sure not to take drugs just because you want to sleep well or get rid of your everyday stress! 


Like any other vague topic, the subject of drug addiction is filled with various myths. Needless to say, each of them is false to the core and, thus, needs to be ignored altogether. 

A drug addict isn’t a bad person, at least not in every aspect. Therefore, if you meet someone who’s struggling with the same, make sure to help them get rid of it. Taking them to a drug rehab center can also be beneficial for them! 


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