Beaches to fall in love at and with

Beaches to fall in love

Going on vacation is a very thrilling adventure; it provides the opportunity to meet new people, see new cultures, eat new food, and of course, visit new places. If you visit a new environment, the eagerness and urge to see a lot of new things within a short period of time might make you miss the must-visit places in that location. Find about the beaches to fall in love with.

Since we are talking about beaches, especially the ones in Greece, this article will tell you what Santorini beaches you should visit.

 It may surprise you to know that the origin of the eight types of love can be traced back to ancient Greece. These eight types of love include eros (the erotic type of love that is felt between couples), agape (the love that is stemmed from the charity, usually towards children and neighbors), philia (love experienced between family and friends), mania (obsessive love), Ludus, philatia, pragma, and storge love. 

Greece is a country that has a long history of superheroes, supervillains, gods and goddesses, paranormal powers, and every other wonder written in books. The beauty of Greece cannot be described in words. Therefore, if you are vacating in Greece or you are planning to travel to Greece, the beautiful and numerous Mykonos and Santorini beaches should be on your bucket list. This article will give you a little tour and review of the best five Greece Beaches to fall in love with that you should not fail to visit.

5 Beaches to fall in love with in Greece.

  1. Platys Gialos in Mykonos: Platys Gialos has more than ten hotels within 0.3 miles close to it. It has a nice romantic feeling to it, without losing the “I’m definitely on a beach” aura. It is one of the few beaches to fall in love that organizes a lot of water sports to keep customers entertained.

2. Ornos Beach, Mykonos: this is the most family-friendly beach in Greece. Because of its closeness to Mykonos town, it is often the first beach tourists visit. It is usually crowded but is always stunning at any time of the day.

3. Mylopotas Beach, Ios: this is the beach that always has a shady and dry place for every customer, no matter the number of people on the beach. It is the perfect beach for swimming, and its water is always clean.

4. Koukounaries Beaches, Skiathos:  this is one of the few Greece beaches that have a private yacht for hire. It is also covered with sunbed and umbrella pines, so there is always a shady spot for everyone. Their blue sea and golden sand make the best place for lovers to go and enjoy some time together. 

5. Perissa Beach, Santorini: this beach is popularly known as the beach with the most beautiful sand. This is because, unlike the other beaches with golden sand, Perissa beach has black sand. It’s just the perfect place for couples. 

There have been a lot of testimonies and reviews about the romantic feeling between couples that go to Greek beaches. Therefore, if you are asking what Santorini beaches you should visit, I think those five above are exceptional places to see.

Finally, the beauty and elegance of the entire Greece promoted a lot of writers to create worlds that are based in ancient Greece. So, why don’t you give yourself a break and travel to Greece? I promise you will not regret it. 



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