Top 11 Wedding Decor Trends to Make Your Wedding Memorable


    Wedding day is a special day in everyone’s life. Hence, both the bride and the groom put their best possible efforts to make their day memorable. Today, couples not only focus on their wedding dresses but also on their wedding décor trends. For this, we have shared a few unique and latest trends to apply for your wedding and reception day.

    Trend 1-Ombre Indulgence or Ombre Shade

    Many couples are now exploring creative ways for personalizing their wedding days. They want unique themes and wedding décor trends. In particular, brides and grooms are choosing the trend of ombre shades. These shades work well to break the monotony of traditional decors and colors found in Indian weddings. The Ombre indulgence theme adds freshness to the wedding venue and gives both Indian touch and a contemporary vibe.

    Ombre indulgence is a versatile trend and one can incorporate it into diverse elements, like invitation cards, floral patterns, and drapes. The theme creates a minimalistic and smooth appearance without clashing with any other décor elements.

    Trend 2-Breathtaking Décor with White Clouds  

    Almost every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding in her childhood. However, many brides later want to have a dreamy wedding celebration. For this, young girls are showing interest in breathtaking wedding décor trends with white clouds engulfing the ceiling.

    The best thing about the white cloud trend is that it never goes wrong and makes statements without any obtrusiveness. One can also mix the cloudy look with a few green hints or keep it pristine white to get an ethereal vibe.

    Trend 3-Environment Friendly Wedding Trend

    Young couples are now well aware of the environmental and social consequences related to their wedding décor choices. Hence, they now want environment-friendly wedding décor trends. For this, wedding event organizers use potted plants in beautiful planters instead of floral arrangements done with cut blooms.

    Besides, a few organizers use non-biodegradable materials as décor items instead of using fabric or decoration papers. When you use flowers, families become conscious about using seasonal and local products to prevent any damage to the environment.

    Trend 4-Rainbow Ombre Décor

    Rainbow Ombre has also become one of the latest wedding décor trends in the industry. It uses bold colors to create an eye-catching and cascading effect. Here, designers have to select the right color and variety of exotic flowers and gauge them in the appropriate quantity. The combination thus lets you obtain the right gradient and a vibrant wedding table. 

    The Rainbow Ombre trend involves many things than a simple wedding setup. It extends to several details, like the bridal bouquet, floral adornments, wedding favors, and many more. 

    Trend 5-White Delight Wedding Trend

    Today’s generation has observed a huge interaction with cultures, which differ from their own culture. One can see the difference between their favorite TV shows, films, or their selection of friends. The cultural difference has led to the rise of white delight wedding decor trends

    White flowers symbolize hope and purity, which are common in western weddings. These trends have also become in Indian wedding ceremonies. Event organizers use white flowers with draped chandeliers and crystal elements. The combination enhanced the grace and beauty of the wedding setup. 

    Trend 6-Eclectic Indian Wedding Trend 

    Are you looking for wedding decor to balance the roots of Indian couples with international influences? Try the eclectic Indian wedding trend, which has a fusion of themes, cultures, and colors. The combination highlights the harmony of diverse traditions. The best thing is that the decor gives you a huge room to show your creativity. 

    Trend 7-Unusual and Fun Green Garlands 

    Unusual and fun green garlands offer you diverse textures and plenty of room to explore innovative ideas to reflect the personalities of wedding couples. You will find leafy garlands in almost every space whether on a long staircase railing or a ceremony aisle decor. Flowing greenery gives a wholesome and natural feel. It is also perfect to create a romantic and intimate ambiance. What would be trendier than combining gorgeous leafy greens with romantic blooms?

    Trend 8-Lavish Décor with Elegant Look

    We have noticed a surge toward minimalistic designs b a few years. However, going over the top has become an en vogue for this season as well. Only, the trend has become more refined to give lavish décor with elegant looks.

    Whether it is a ceiling consisting of flowers, heavy bridal backdrops, life-sized chandeliers, or bold colors and rich accents, everything is present in wedding setups. Furthermore, the lavish décor works well in every type of wedding venue, whether it is large, medium, or small. Besides, both big gala and intimate ceremonies need elegant looks today.

    Trend 9-Furniture Pieces to Furnish the Wedding Venue 

    Gone are those days when wedding event organizers put efforts to conceal the furniture pieces by using covers. Nowadays, everyone embraces them as exclusive additions to the existing wedding themes. 

    The modern furniture pieces are rich, which encourages many wedding planners to ditch tiebacks and overlays on chairs and tables. Couples are putting their efforts to include exclusive elements and customization in furniture pieces to create a statement even with limited features. 

    Trend 10-Wedding Decor with a Touch of Transparency  

    With the consistent increase in the popularity of destination weddings, mandap backdrops and see-through stages have become the latest wedding trends. The setup further develops the idea of creating elements to prevent the obstruction of the views and boost the ambiance and overall look of the wedding venue.

    Mandaps and a see-through stage also give an opulence touch to the entire decor. The combination looks beautiful in the sunset sky with consistently changing colors observed through them. 

    Trend 11-Use of Geometric Patterns in Decor 

    Want to get a perfect blend of contemporary and modern decor for your wedding, try geometric patterns. As a versatile style, you may do almost everything according to your taste. Metallic features, clean lines with bright colors, monotone elements, and floral accents are enough to show creativity with the aesthetic.   

    Therefore, innovative trends related to wedding décor let you choose the setup, which combines your style with the popular design or concept of the latest wedding season.


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