Funeral & Sympathy Flowers Buying Guide

Sympathy Flowers Buying Guide

Flowers are one of the most common gifts for a variety of occasions. They are incredibly versatile and can be given for everything from a birthday, to Valentine’s day, to college graduation. However, in addition to happy and joyful moments, flowers are also a kind way to show condolences. Let’s see funeral & sympathy flowers buying guide.

Gifts like sympathy flowers are common at funerals and other events, and are a great way to show support and love for another person during difficult times. But when buying sympathy flowers, you need to be careful. You don’t want to offend anyone or do anything that might upset someone. 

In an effort to help you out, this article is going to serve as a buying guide for funeral and sympathy flowers, to help you make the right choice.

Avoid Bright and Vibrant Colors in Most Cases

When many flowers are given as a gift, it is for a joyous occasion. Bright, colorful and vibrant flowers are often given to take the happiness and excitement to a whole other level. However, in most cases, when giving sympathy flowers, they should generally be more subtle and muted in their colors.

White, light blue, light yellow and other soft and pale colors often work best for sympathy flowers. They are still beautiful, but more subtle. Of course, some funerals may be more of a celebration of life than a sad occasion, and in these instances more bright and cheerful flowers may be appropriate.

It is a good idea to ask around beforehand and try to feel out what sort of thing is appropriate and what is not. In addition to colors, flowers also have different meanings, and it couldn’t hurt to keep those in mind, as well.

The Size of the Arrangement/Bouquet is Also Important

If you are going to give sympathy flowers to an individual or family, you need to think about their size. In general, the size of the flowers you give should often reflect how close you were to the deceased or affected individual. If you are a close friend or immediate family member, it is appropriate to buy things like a large bouquet, a wreath, or another big arrangement.

If you aren’t quite that close, but still want to send flowers to show your remorse, support or sympathy, you generally want to go smaller. This could be a single bouquet, a vase with a couple of stems or even a small basket.

Think About Culture and Religion

The culture and religion of the family are also something to think about when giving sympathy flowers. While some cultures and religions are happy to have flowers at the funeral or other sad events, this isn’t always the case. For example, if you are attending a Jewish funeral, it’s not a good idea to give flowers as they are not an appropriate way to pay respects to the family in that religion.

Always know what is acceptable beforehand to make sure you don’t offend anyone. If you aren’t sure about something, always ask. Also, just because a friend of yours isn’t or wasn’t religious, don’t take that to mean that their family isn’t.

Include a Card, Message or Note

Include a Card, Message or Note

While a flower can be a kind gift, they are also a little general. All of the gifted flowers may begin to blend in with one another and the recipient or family may not even know which one is yours. As a result, it is often a good idea to personalize your gift of flowers a little bit.

One of the best ways to do this is with a card, message or note. This may only take a few minutes, but can be a great way to show your respects and offer your condolences. As for what you should write in a sympathy card, it can depend on things like how close you were to the deceased, the circumstances and many others. 

You should always be kind and begin with a greeting and express your condolences for their loss. Of course, adding in your own personal message, story or show of support is a good idea, too. While you want to be careful not to say the wrong thing or make someone feel worse, just speak from the heart and be honest with your words.

In conclusion, the information in this guide will be able to help ensure you get the right flowers to show your sympathy and support. Funerals can be incredibly difficult times, but providing some beautiful sympathy flowers can show your support, love and respect for the impacted family.


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