Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dresses for the Big Day

Guide to Wedding Dresses

Many women start dreaming of their wedding gowns long before they find their prince charming. However, when the time finally arrives, they want nothing short of the best designer wear in town. With many wedding styles and designers in the market, one can quickly feel perplexed while picking the best option. We bring ultimate guide to wedding dresses-

The endless options of wedding dresses and styles make picking the perfect gown more challenging for excited soon-to-be brides. While discussing their big-day outfits with the bridal stylist, women must consider their body shape, complexion, and preferred gown style. Knowing bridal gown styles and cuts helps brides pick the dress that makes their grooms’ hearts skip a beat while walking down the aisle. 

Let’s read about some silhouettes and styles that you can consider for your big day by reading this guide to wedding dresses:

1. A-line Gowns

A-line gowns are the preferred choice for many brides as they accentuate the waist and bust. These dresses are snug around the bust and have more volume toward the bottom. Moreover, the dresses make brides appear slender and slimmer. It is one of the popular wedding trends as it goes well with various necklines. Furthermore, you can create an illusion of a tall body frame. You can effortlessly wear a beautiful pair of high-heel sandals or wear comfortable sneakers under the flowy dress. 

2. Empire Style Dress

Another popular bridal gown is an empire waist dress that features a long skirt. The dress fits nicely around the chest and flares down to the hem; thus, lengthening the appearance of legs. Many brides are conscious about their waist or hips and do not want their dresses to appear revealing. An empire waist dress is ideal for them as it catches attention towards decollete and neckline. Women sporting pear-shaped or apple-shaped bodies can flaunt their style in an empire-style wedding dress.

3. Mermaid Gown

Women must appear glamorous on their auspicious days, and with mermaid gowns, they can appear uber chic. The dress is exactly as the name implies and follows the body contour before flowing out below the knees. The gown is sexy, accentuates curves, and steals all the attention. Brides with hourglass figures can rock the fishtail gown by pairing it with beautiful and classic jewelry. 

4. Ball Gown

The classic wedding dress, the ball gown, is still a popular choice among brides. The dress is full-length and features a fitted bodice. Ball gowns make brides feel like princesses and appear stylish on their big day. Women can go for strapless ball gowns or wear off-shoulder dresses and reveal their slender bodies in beautifully styled gowns.

5. Sheath Wedding Dress

Sheath or column dresses have a snug fit straight from the neckline to the hem. The dress is slim from top to bottom; so, if you find walking difficult in tight dresses, opt for a highly slit that reveals your slender leg. It features a narrow shape and gently hugs the brides’ body showcasing the slender figure. Women can raise the style quotient by wearing the sheath wedding gown and pairing it with elegant earrings

Aside from the cuts and styles of wedding outfits, necklines determine the overall impact of the wedding gown. Now, let’s learn about some wedding dress necklines:

  1. V-neckline

Two diagonal lines forming a V shape, exposing décolletage is a famous neckline in wedding gowns. Women can easily decide how much cleavage they want to show and get a deep cut in their necklines. Also, it defines necklines to minimize the appearance of the bust and add height to the overall look. Avery Austin has a great collection of v neck wedding dresses to check out.

2. Square Necked Dress

As the name implies, a square-shaped neckline makes a square cut on the neck and connects the straps, forming a right angle. The neckline makes brides appear royal and blends well with A-line and empire waist wedding dresses. 

3. Halter Neckline

Halter neck dress has a strap that sits around the neck and holds the gown from the top. Brides opting for backless gowns choose halter necks and show shoulders and arms. Halter neckline wedding dresses are alternative to strapless styles and add a bit of height to a petite body. Moreover, these dresses draw to cover the front body and draw attention to arms and shoulders. 

4. Strapless

Another popular wedding gown style is strapless wedding dresses that snig around the bust and give brides an elegant appearance. It is ideal for women sporting smaller figures as it does not have straps to support the heavy gown. Strapless styles work well with all types of wedding gowns and allow women to wear classic necklaces. 

5. Off-the-shoulder

Off-shoulder wedding-styled gowns are not going anywhere. Off-the-shoulder styles look stylish on A-lien and fishtail gowns and are ideal for women with round and small shoulders. The neckline allows women to draw attention towards their necklace and choose to reveal their cleavage.


Soon-to-be brides experience pre-wedding jitters and anticipate their day, dreaming of themselves wearing the gown they select with much deliberation. A wedding gown has to be perfect in every aspect and must align with the brides’ preferences. At the same time, women must realize that their confidence and smile are necessary to carry beautiful gowns with grace. Fnd this in guide to wedding dresses.


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