What Are the Different Types of Wedding Bands That Exist Today?

types of wedding bands

As your special day approaches, it often feels like there’s a never-ending list of things to do. Whether it’s sending out invitations or getting the wedding party’s dresses/suits together, this planning overwhelms many people.

In fact, it often overwhelms them so much that they give little thought to their wedding rings. While this is understandable, it’s not good. Your wedding rings will stay with you and your significant other for the rest of your lives.

These rings symbolize your love and commitment to one another, and so they bear consideration. So, in this article, we’ll give a brief guide to the five leading types of wedding bands.

Types of Wedding Bands: Eternity Band

The eternity band is a perennially popular choice due both to its glamor and its symbolism. This ring symbolizes eternity both through its circular shape and its use of several diamonds covering the ring’s circumference.

The resilience and shine of diamonds symbolize the endurance and glow of a loving, committed relationship. As such, it suggests a bond of love, equality, and dedication.

There are different variations of eternity bands, such as half-eternity or gemstone eternity rings. In the half-eternity ring, diamonds only cover half the ring’s circumference. In gemstone eternity rings, other gems besides diamonds cover the ring. (www.laserdocmd.com) Take a look at some eternity band options and see what you think.

Infinity Wedding Band

As with the eternity band, this ring aims to symbolize the eternal nature of the love between you and your significant other. Unlike the eternity band, this ring captures this by the repeated use of the infinity sign.

Just like the eternity band, this ring style comes in a range of designs. Some feature the infinity symbol along the entire circumference of the ring, while others only use the sign once. Either way, the ring boasts a classy, elegant look with a rich meaning.

Minimalist Wedding Band

Minimalist rings do what you’d expect; they take a minimalist approach to their designs. Unlike infinity bands, they do not feature any intricate designs.

However, these rings also come with variations. Sometimes, minimalist rings resemble eternity rings with diamonds studded across the circumference. Other times, they’re a straightforward gold or metal wedding band.

Sterling Silver Band

Sterling silver is the best silver for wedding rings and anniversary bands. It’s a soft and malleable metal, alloyed with a touch of copper to give it extra durability and strength. Because of its malleability, you can find sterling rings in all kinds of shapes and styles.

The biggest detractor to sterling silver is the amount of polishing and upkeep it requires. However, several options exist to help keep its shine.

What Meets Your Budget

The deciding factor in choosing types of wedding bands for most people is their budget. While you want a beautiful ring with lots of meaning, you shouldn’t go broke to buy it. Search online today to find rings that catch your eye and fit your budget!

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