How CBD Can Help You Overcome Cravings And Addiction

CBD Can Help

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant, and it’s said to have many health benefits, both mentally and physically. Some studies have found that it can help with epilepsy and the side effects of cancer treatment. More generic problems it may help with are sleep problems and low mood. However, recent studies have suggested that CBD could possibly help with cravings and addiction. Keep reading to find out more… 

Sugar Cravings

If you’re struggling to stay away from sugar while trying to improve your diet, you’re not alone. Sugar can be extremely addictive and withdrawal from it is said to be extremely difficult. But with the help of CBD, you might be able to say goodbye to your sweet tooth cravings once and for all. Taking CBD gummies that are sugar-free can be a great way to help wean you off sugar. They still provide you with a sweet flavour, but none of the sugar, and they have the magical ingredient that is CBD. Unlike cannabis, CBD doesn’t increase your appetite. In fact, as it helps to regulate your endocannabinoid system, you may become less likely to overeat. 

Sugar cravings can also come when your mood isn’t that great, and if you reach for a high sugar chocolate bar, it’s more than just sugar addiction playing a part in it. A lot of people associate eating high sugar foods with positive emotions in their subconscious, so whenever you feel down, your body will automatically crave these foods. Regularly taking CBD can be one way to break the habit as it works to help create higher levels of dopamine in your body. Thus, improving your mood and eliminating your craving for sugar.  

Alcohol Addiction

Although alcohol is legal, it can be a very dangerous substance as it can easily become an addiction. Recently, studies have been done into the use of CBD and its effects on alcoholism, and the results have been pretty positive. These studies showed that taking regular CBD can actually reduce the pleasure you normally get from drinking alcohol by inhibiting the part of the brain it usually affects. This can make it easier to cut down on how much you drink as you don’t actually find it that fun anymore. So, if you’re wanting to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, CBD could be a good tool to use.    

Drug Addiction

Other serious addictions like drug addiction have also been studied to see how CBD could help, and again, the results seem quite impressive. As well as helping reduce withdrawal symptoms, making it easier for people to quit, CBD has been shown to help addicts ignore cravings. If you have a craving for your drug of choice, then taking a dose of CBD is said to help counteract the craving itself. This can be crucial for former addicts who are trying to refrain from relapsing. Although there are some positive studies showing how CBD can help, that isn’t to say that it can completely free people from addiction. Drugs have actual addictive compounds in them, so the best CBD can do is attempt to mask a craving and help you cope with any withdrawal symptoms.  

Nicotine Addiction

Lots of people are addicted to smoking cigarettes, and it can be incredibly hard to quit. Nicotine dependency can be excruciating to try and deal with, but new research has shown CBD could potentially help with that. You can actually find nicotine free CBD e-cigarettes or vape juice so you can make the transition easy and not have to give up the action of smoking cold turkey. CBD is claimed to help with things like anxiety, high blood pressure, and insomnia, all of which can be withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Having a slightly better time quitting can make it easier to resist a craving. For instance, if you’re feeling really rough and you know smoking one cigarette will make it all go away, it’s pretty hard to resist. But, if you’re feeling pretty okay, then you’ll find it easier to forget about your craving and move on. 

Addiction is very hard to deal with on your own, so if you’re struggling, make sure you reach out for support. Don’t feel like CBD will instantly enable you to quit your addiction, but it could possibly help with the symptoms. Although CBD is still relatively new in terms of scientific research, everything so far has painted it in a positive light. If you’re thinking of taking CBD to help with your addiction, make sure you consult your doctor first so you can ensure you get all the support you need to see it through and beat your addiction.  



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