5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Talking About Hard Gel Nails

hard gel nails

Hard gel nails are popping up all over Instagram, and it is no mystery as to why. These are stunning and can elevate your personal style.

But what sets them apart from acrylics? What is the difference between hard gel nails and soft gel nails? The answers to these questions will help you decide if such things are right for you.

Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons why everyone is talking about the products right now.

1. Endurance

Both hard and soft gel nails are prized for their high levels of endurance. Regular nail polish looks great and is easy to apply and remove yourself. But it often chips within a few days.

If you want a longer-lasting look, you are going to need something more durable.

Gel-based nails are known for lasting much longer than regular nail polish. Normally, you can get at least two weeks of unchipped wear out of them. If you take really good care of your nails at home, you can even push it to four weeks before you start to see damage to your manicure.

There are many things you can do to help extend the life of your manicure (see Care section below). By following those recommendations, you get extra days and even weeks out of your manicure.

Gel nails last longer because they are more flexible than regular nail polish. They tend to bend more than they break.

It should be noted here than even though they’re called “hard gel,” the texture of the nail is softer than most polishes. It even has a jelly-like texture. But don’t let that fool you–it’s that flexibility that makes them more resistant to nail trauma.

This means that as long as you avoid things that can cause the gel to lift from your nail, like hot water, you can maximize your nail life.

2. Added Length or Art

But what sets hard gel nails apart from soft gel nails?

If you want more artistic or longer nails, hard gel is the way to go. Hard gel offers more customizable art options.

Like acrylic nails, the hard gel can add length to your nails. If you’re fine with the length of your natural nail plate, then maybe soft gel is better for you.

But if you prefer to add length and make it more artistic, especially if you are considering 3D art, you can choose to have hard gel nails at home so you can customize them personally. Hard gel is a great place for creative people to show off their artistic side.

That brings us to customizable options.

3. Customizability

Hard gel nails are highly customizable, which means you can have a unique, flawless nail for weeks.

Hard gel is applied to your nails thin layer by thin layer, which means you can decide how thick you want your polish to be. You can achieve variation in both color and texture of your nails.

In addition to color, thickness, and art, you can also customize your nail shape.

Hard gel can be shaped into coffin, round, stiletto or oval shapes, in addition to anything else you can think of.

Whichever shape you choose, hard gel nails are known for their gorgeous glossiness. It is occasionally compared to a jelly-like consistency.

This shiny look is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will last for weeks. Or at least until your next fill.

4. Easy to Care for

All things considered, these kinds of products are very easy to care for.

Using moisturizing oils can help maximize your gel nail life. This hydrates your skin and keeps your manicure looking fresh and healthy. Cuticle oils are a great place to start.

Cuticle oils are usually made up of vegetable oils (like jojoba or safflower) and vitamins. You just apply a few drops to each cuticle and massage it in.

Avoiding hot water is also a way to keep your nails looking nice for longer. Stay away from baths or hot tubs, and try to wear gloves when washing dishes.

In addition to avoiding things that can lift the gel from the nail, like hot water, the most important thing to remember is not to pick at your nails.

Even long-lasting hard gel nails will eventually start to chip. And when that happens, it’s best to either make another trip to the salon or to leave it alone.

Because hard gel is so much stronger than regular nail polish, if you pick at the polish, it has the potential to remove several layers of your nail plate.

This can do long-lasting damage to your nail. But if you can avoid this bad habit, hard gel is safe for your nails.

5. Safety

Both types of gel nails are safe for your nails, as long as you are caring for your nails the right way.

Gel-based nails are cured by being quickly passed under an ultraviolet or LED light. This light can be fairly strong.

It is safe, but if you are sensitive to those kinds of light, you might want to consider a different manicure option. Or, you might want special gloves to protect your hands.

But in addition to that, hard gel nails can be safer than acrylic options for certain people. For example, these kind of products are safe to get during pregnancy.

This is partially due to the fact that there are no strong fumes or smells associated with such products.

Hard gel nails are also more hypoallergenic than acrylic nails. Hypoallergenic means that it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. For some people who are more prone to allergies, this is a preference or a requirement.

Get Your Best Manicure Today

While there is no best type of manicure, there are different advantages to each kind. Now you know why everyone has been talking and posting about these. If you want customizable, artistic nails that last for a long time, these may be for you.

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Treat yourself to your best manicure today!


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