4 Tips for Buying Cannabis Edibles


Smoking is a great way to enjoy cannabis, but it’s not the only fun way to get the most out of the herb. The substance can take any form, so if you’re new to the community, you might want to try edibles.

These can take the form of any food or beverage, from coffee to candies. With edibles, you won’t have to light up a blunt if you need a quick cannabis fix. You only pop one in your mouth or mix the substance in your favorite drink. You will need to choose brands that are friendly to beginners like yourself. On that note, here are five tips to help you make the most out of buying edibles as a first-time enjoyer.

  1. Know how much THC is too much

Since they are derived from cannabis, edibles are subject to strict regulations. Federal and local laws generally prohibit the sale and use of products that contain more than 0.3% THC. You might find products that go way above the allowable limit, but consider these as black market items that bring serious health concerns if you dare to try them out. When shopping for edibles, make sure the THC content is within legal limits to avoid the risk of overdosing or getting collared for breaking marijuana laws as a consumer.

  1. Learn when the high kicks in

You might assume that eating edibles works the same way as inhaling cannabis smoke, but there’s a stark difference. Smoking produces almost an immediate effect, but eating cannabis products will take more than 30 minutes before the substance kicks in. Be careful not to consume edibles too quickly. These products are meant for slow eating, so pace out your bites or sips to avoid overdosing.

  1. Explore other product types

As you go deeper into the market for edibles, you might find that there are numerous cannabis beverages and food items you can try out that aren’t necessarily made from marijuana leaves. From vitamin gummies laced with hemp to mushroom chocolate bars from sellers like Neau Tropics, you can develop numerous ways to mix and match your experience with edibles so long as you purchase from legitimate vendors.

  1. Buy from stores you can trust

The market for edibles is expanding at a rapid rate with many new brands penetrating the market today. However, not all of these brands come off as legitimate. Cannabis products are still subject to the purview of the Food and Drug Administration, so it’s not a good idea to buy from uncertified stores.

Don’t fall for low prices, sleazy advertising, and unsubstantiated claims. If anything, illegal edibles may often contain heavy metals and additives and may have also been manufactured under unhygienic conditions. Before buying from a brand, check if the business is licensed and its products are approved by the FDA. 


Buying edibles isn’t the same as grocery shopping. To get your money’s worth and stay safe, keep these tips in mind before you go out or go online to shop for food items and beverages you would come to love.


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