Botox Lip Flip Before and After: What is a Lip Flip and Who Needs It?

Botox Lip Flip Before and After

A lip flip is a popular procedure that makes the lips look fuller without increasing the lip’s volume. However, before venturing into the procedure, individuals need to have good physical and mental health and have a realistic approach.

Understanding Botox lip flip before and after procedure makes a lot of difference and expects an outcome with a pragmatic appearance.

What is a lip flip?

A lip flip is a process without surgery that makes the lips fuller. Instead, the healthcare provider injects botulinum toxin into the mouth at the corners and the edges of the lips. The toxin content relaxes the upper lip muscles, making the lip “flip” outward and appear more prominent than usual.

Types of Botulinum Toxin Injections

Botox lip flip before and after has varying results because of the toxin content and the muscular structure of the lips. There is no specific standard of appearance because the muscles are different for each individual. Botulinum toxin is available in different brands, and Botox is the commonly described word. You can discuss the option of the procedure with the healthcare and select the ideal approach. The other options include:

  • Dysport
  • Xeomin
  • Jeauveau

Is There A Difference Between Lip Flip and Lip Fillers?

Both the lip fillers and lip flips are the procedures that enhance the lips to make them look complete or fuller. The dermal filler (lip filler) is a critical procedure, and therefore, consulting with a healthcare professional is of utmost importance. The professional injects hyaluronic acid (HA) into different parts of the lips to increase its volume. There is an instant reaction, and the lips become fuller within a short period after completing the procedure.
Botox lip flip before and after takes about a week to notice the change. First, the healthcare professional injects the Botox into the upper lip. Then, after about a week, the lips begin to show the difference, without adding volume to your lip, as they become poutier. Lip flips generally make the lips more natural than lip fillers.

Why Does Anyone Need a Lip Flip?

The reason why someone wants a lip flip is a personal decision. The need and desire to look beautiful certainly have its perks. For one, it increases confidence and empowers. Botox lip flip before and after requires meeting particular prerequisites for individuals to ensure that the process is successful. These include:

  • Good physical health
  • Keep a realistic approach toward the result
  • Should not have any oral infections, including cold sores and cancer sores

People with thin lips and those who want to make them look fuller often consider lip flip over lip filler because of the positive results. The following are the reasons why one considers a lip flip:

To make the lips fuller: The individual’s age or the thickness of the existing lips increases the groove between the septum and upper lip. Such a scenario increases the distance between the corners of the mouth.

Avoiding lip fillers or augmentation: Both lip augmentation and lip fillers increase the lips’ volume, automatically changing the lip’s shape. However, both the procedures are expensive and cause bruising and swelling.

Avoid Wrinkles: A few people opt for lip flip because the procedure relaxes the muscles, which further reduces the appearance of wrinkles while making facial expressions.

The Lips Cover the Gums: If there is excessive gingival display when you smile, choosing a lip flip is right because it covers the gums and closes the extreme gap.

Boost Confidence: With the correct appearance, increasing self-confidence is possible, and opting for a lip flip procedure is ideal.

Why Lip Flip?

Botox lip flip before and after does not alter the process of aging or the structure of the lips. However, it relaxes the muscle that makes them appear fuller. Therefore, the process is suitable for people facing several oral problems and those who like to appear attractive to boost their self-esteem. The other reason one would also prefer the process is the loss of volume due to smoking habits, genetic disorders, and sun damage.

What is the Age of Lip Flip?

The Botox eventually fades, and the maximum time that the appearance stays is about five months.

The Procedure Before Lip Flip

Botox lip flip before and after involves a process that increases the volume of the upper lip. After meeting with a healthcare professional specializing in the process, they will assess different factors, including your social conditions and mental health. Some of the questions asked by the professional include:

  1. Why are you opting for the procedure?
  2. What are your expectations from lip flip?
  3. What do you think about the defects present in your body, and how do you imagine them?
  4. Is someone influencing you to take the procedure, such as a family member, friend, or partner?

The other actions include evaluating general health, including preexisting conditions and risk factors. For example, please share any allergies with the healthcare provider if you have any allergies. Speaking about the consumption of medications or over-the-counter drugs also helps the healthcare professional plan a procedure that does not interfere with the healing process. For the medical record, capturing the image of the lip and face is part of the process and carried out by the professional.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Botox lip flip before and after does not involve any invasive method. Therefore, the professional does not numb the lips. However, if you fear the use of needles, you can speak with the professional, and they shall apply numbing cream or nerve block injection.
The professional will inject Botox into the upper lip using a thin needle, covering the entire area, including the edges and corners of the mouth. One will feel slight pain and tear up during the procedure. On average, four units of Botox are injected into the upper lip and two units into the lower lip. The entire process is simple and consumes about twenty minutes.

After Lip Flip Procedure

Once the process is complete, the professional will keep you under observation for fifteen minutes to ensure there are no side effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Allergic reactions
  • Swelling
  • Substantial bleeding

Advantages of Lip Flip

Botox lip flip before and after procedure is safe when performed by experienced healthcare professional. The complications or the risks involved are low, with minimal bruising and pain.

Recovery Time

The recovery time for the lip flip procedure is about 12 hours. However, the injection takes about a week to show full results. Therefore, if you are keen to make your lips appear fuller with the help of a lip flip for a special occasion, it is advisable to plan accordingly.

Eating and Drinking Habits

Avoiding alcohol, messy foods that require frequent wiping of the lips, and puckering is advisable to retain the effect of the Botox injection for a minimum of three days. One should also stay away from smoking.


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