How to get a professional headshot with a business portrait photographer

a professional headshot

Everyone believes that a professional corporate headshot reveals a lot about a personality and profession. It’s not an ordinary photoshoot done by a random photographer, but it’s professional photography done by experts. A business portrait photographer is required for a professional corporate headshot because a particular style is specific for each profession. For instance, a bank official may want to appear more professional, while a doctor would like to appear warmer, gentle, and approachable. A business portrait photographer such as Schmittat Photography uses various techniques to achieve the desired results. Regular photography cannot produce the desired results.

Speed and efficiency are the specific keys for a successful professional headshot, but there are still a lot of areas to work on. Many elements should be kept in mind to get a perfect shot. A business portrait photographer should focus on the following points:

Purpose of the photos

Before starting the photoshoot, the business portrait photographer should keep the purpose of these pictures in his mind. After all, they are not ordinary photographs, they should be taken with utmost care. The main focus should be on presenting the subject of the portrait, as more approachable and confident. Everyone is not that confident in front of a camera; most people are camera shy. It is the business portrait photographer that develops confidence in the subject. 

Developing the confidence

The business portrait photographer needs to develop confidence in the subject, especially those who are camera shy. There are simple steps, that the business portrait photographer can follow not just for building confidence in the subject but also for getting the desired professional headshot. The most important thing here is that the photographer should be confident in himself first and then transfer that confidence into his subjects while shooting. 

Adjusting the posture

The first and the most important thing is to adjust the posture. Get your subject stand straight to make them feel and look more confident. A good posture helps the subject to look slimmer and more attentive. It also removes the appearance of wrinkles on the clothes of the subject. 

Discussing the pose

A professional business portrait photographer always discusses his work with his clients. He will discuss with his clients, his work and his expectations from them. He asks and expects them to co-operate with him. It makes the work easier for both the photographer and the clients. When it comes to posing, the photographer needs to recall what is the purpose of taking the pictures. The ultimate aim of posing should be to make the subject look relaxed and confident. Different poses can be chosen for men and women. For instance, a man can be given a more relaxed pose, like their hands in pockets. Females can stand and hold their hands together in front. Different styles of poses can be decided by the business portrait photographer depending on the profession.  

Choosing the Background

Professional background is also an essential feature for a professional headshot. Unfortunately, it gets neglected by many photographers, but a good business portrait photographer always makes sure that the background is per the photoshoot. 

We all know that a professional photoshoot is different from a regular photo shoot, so the background should also be professional. It should be neutral, and should not be distracting. A light grey or hazel background with a gradient light can be an ideal choice for professional headshots. However, if the client requests any specific background or light type, the business portrait photographer has to take care of it. 

A paper background must not be used for a professional headshot or business portrait. The paper backgrounds distort over time and give rise to small ripples like appearing. It gives an unprofessional look to the picture and needs a lot of editing work. Therefore, the use of solid background is always recommended.  

Choice of lighting

Different lights must be used to check which one is perfect for the professional headshot. Adjustment of light is also very important; it should be done accordingly, for highlighting the subject.

Keeping in mind the above tips and points, a photographer can produce a perfect corporate headshot. Different styles are available for corporate photo shoot which can be selected by the clients according to their needs.


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