Tips of Lips to Take Proper Care and Avoid Common Lip Problems

tips of lips care
tips of lips care

Whether it is a bright and vibrant shade of pastel and nude hue, every girl loves to wear varieties of stylish and trendy lip colors. However, none of the lipsticks can give you a perfect pout if you fail to take care of your lips properly. The skin present on the lips is relatively thin as compared to the skin of any other body part. Hence, lips may chap and crack easily, because of which you have to take special care of it. In this blog post, you will get details related to tips of lips to take care properly. Simultaneously, you will know a few common lip problems and their remedies.

Simple and Easy Tips of Lips to Obtain Lip Care

Tip 1-Never Lick or Touch the Lips

Lips do not have their protection, because of which they affect directly each time you lick or touch them. In this situation, you must avoid doing anything to avoid making the problem worse. Licking your lips may create a feel-good moment for a while and let your lips stay hydrated. However, your lips become even drier once the saliva on your lips evaporates. Besides, saliva contains certain enzymes, which are harsh on the soft lips. Secondly, you should never breathe by keeping your mouth open, as it may cause stripping away of various moisture contents with dry air blowing on it.

Tip 2-Stay Hydrated for the Day

Staying hydrated is not only essential for your good health but also to retain your healthy lips. As your skin requires proper hydration from its inside, your lips do so as well.

Tip 3-Make Sure to Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

Similar to the consumption of water in enough amounts, you must make sure to follow a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet is essential to keep your lips in healthy condition. The reason is that the combination of essential nutrients, including vitamins, highlights the condition of the lips directly. Hence, you must make a habit to consume lots of green veggies, juicy fruits, and high-fiber food items to keep your lips lovely.

Tip 4-Your Lips Must Stay Hydrated Overnight

Everyone can identify whenever their lips dry out while they are awake. However, it becomes a problem when individuals fall asleep. The air present around you tends to make the lips dry while a person sleeps. In this situation, you have to use a hydrating or heavy lip cream before you should sleep. Alternatively, you may go with any type of petroleum jelly. You may even use raw milk, ghee/clarified butter, or cream to get your job done.

Tip 5-Remove Your Makeup

Beauticians involved in giving tips of lips have recommended you to remove your makeup to let your lips breathe clearly. Accordingly, you must remove each of your makeup traces from your lips before going to bed. If possible, you should use a wet cotton ball to wipe your lips and keep them clean for a long time.

Tip 6-Scrub the Lips

Scrubbing the lips is essential to make sure to keep them soft and healthy. You must remove dead skin cells from your lips to avoid succumbing to any type of lip infection. One of the best ways to do so is to apply a mild scrub for lips available easily in the market. However, you may go with home remedies by preparing your lip scrub with the help of rock sugar.

Tip 7-Apply Massage to Your Lips

You may use some type of nourishing oils to apply as a massage on your lips for approximately five minutes in one day. This step will improve your lips’ blood circulation and assures the supply of every essential nutrient.

Tip 8-Use Lipsticks while Stepping Out

You must use some good-quality lipstick before stepping out of your home. We know that the lips lack natural protection. Hence, wearing lipsticks give a protective layer to the lips. The use of lipsticks protects the lips from dry air, the sun, dirt, and several other external factors.

Tip 9-Carry a Branded Lip Balm in Your Purse

You do not know when the lips may start drying out. In this situation, you must apply a hydrating and creamy lip balm offered by any reputed brand. You must make sure to carry it while you are making a journey.

Tip 10-Take Help from Experts 

If you fail to get good results even after following the mentioned tips of lips strictly and applying the crucial preventative measures, you must make an appointment with a doctor.

Home-based Tips of Lips to Avoid Common Lip Problems 

Chapping of Lips 

Chapping of lips in girls may take place round the year and in almost every season. 

Remedy-To avoid lips chapping, you have to-

  • Apply a good quality of lip balm daily in a way that it overlaps your lips edges
  • Your selected lip balm must protect the lips from the sunlight
  • Your balm must contain different elements i.e. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and AHA. 

Lipstick Bleeding 

Lipstick bleeding commences when the skin across your mouth losses elastic tissues and collagen with age. In some cases, the bleeding takes place because of smoking cigarettes.


  • You have to use a waxy lip liner for your outline lips to keep the lipstick within its line.
  • If you cannot get any help from cosmetics, you have to look for a permanent solution i.e. intake collagen injections for filling the cracks.
  • You must make sure to avoid involving in smoking activities.

Cracks or Splitting 

Splitting or cracks usually take place after you sleep in dry air. 

Remedy-To avoid the issue-

  • You must make sure of applying a lip balm before sleeping at night.
  • Simultaneously, you have to use a humidifier to retain the air’s moisture content. 

Cold Sores 

Cold sores often take place because of viral infections and they look like open scabs or blisters.


You should use cotton swabs for applying lipsticks while your sore becomes visible.

When you have to take the necessary actions related to lip care, you have to follow a few valuable tips to restore the good health of the lips for a long time.


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