Best Babymoon Destinations: 7 Places that Couples Can’t Resist to Visit

Best Babymoon Destinations

Congratulations! You are on the family way. This is the most wonderful experience for all the couples as they are bringing the fruit of their love in the world. They feel incredible upon getting this news. The soon-to-be-parents often get lost in the dreams of their loving baby. It is indeed true that after the addition of their cute family member, the lives of the to-be-parents are gonna change 360 degrees.  They will find themselves laden with so many accountabilities.

During the pregnancy, the to-be-mothers experience the most beautiful yet drastic changes in their lives. Those cravings for eating something special, the mixed feelings of the biggest change leave them a little surprised and stressed. To make the most out of their beautiful phase, couples nowadays love to visit babymoon destinations. If you are inquisitive to plan out an exotic babymoon destination, we are giving you a round-up of the 7 best babymoon destinations that you can’t shy away from.

Best Babymoon Destinations that Will Turn Your Time More Special

Memories are most valuable for couples, and they wanna cherish their valuable moments throughout their lifetime. So, when the fruit of their love is gonna open its eyes in a few months, we can understand that you will yearn to celebrate those special moments. They look for babymoon destinations to spend the golden moments before the arrival of their baby.

1. Paris

Wanna cover the most romantic destination with your love, what can be the best option than Paris? Once you land in this beautiful place, you will be charmed by its exquisite landscapes, tall buildings, monuments, and world-class shopping destinations. The fascinating atmosphere of this breathtaking destination will lure you with its unparalleled beauty. Plan adventures, activities, and sightseeing with your partner, and you will feel as if your to-be-baby is also receiving the blessings of the goddess of nature. Do not miss out on boating activities, shopping in flea markets, and visiting the Eiffel Tower as it will make the tour of Paris most memorable ever.

Best Babymoon destinations

The Best Months to Plan: March to August

Nearest Airport: Orly Airport

Medical Facilities: Paris has the most advanced hospitals for pregnant women. American Hospital of Paris, Cochin Hospital, Hospital Maternite, Saint Joseph Hospital are some big names here.

2. Maldives

When couples are considering the best babymoon destinations, they can’t miss the best place with a stunning natural retreat. Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about the splendid beauty of Maldives from which you can’t take away your eyes. The ideal destination for couples to spend their cherished moments not only during honeymoon but also before the time of the baby’s arrival. The serene beauty, the vibrant destinations, the crystal clear sea, the ultimate beaches, and the colourful life will make you feel truly mesmerised. Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor also have spent their honeymoon time on this beautiful destination. No chance to miss you!

destinations to choose for babymoon
Image Credit: AccuWeather

When to Plan: November to April

Nearest Airport: Ibrahim Nasir International Airport

Medical Facilities: This is the best place for expecting parents, all the areas of maldives including its surrounding vicinities has basic medical facilities to take care of pregnant women health issues.

3. Greece

If you love to immerse in the beauty of Mediterranean culture, then nothing can be better than planning your ultimate travel destination than Greece for a babymoon. Famous for its historical destinations, and eloquent beaches, Greece is jam-packed with many cultural activities. If you love to bask in the sunshine or wanna drown in the adventure of islands, this country will mesmerise you with its amazing confluence of a perfect culture along with adventure. For to-be-parents, it can be an ideal destination as they can enjoy here beholding the hands of each other with a promise that they will shoulder their upcoming responsibilities with a sense of togetherness and happiness.

babymoon in greece

When to Plan: May to September

Nearest Airport: Athens International Airport

Medical Facilities: Greece also has advanced medical facilities for pregnant women. Here Non government organisations also offer free-of-cost advanced facilities for pregnant women.

4. Singapore

If you are looking for a beach destination, you may skip Singapore, but if you are a couple, who loves to drown themselves in the glory of exotic and chic shopping malls, dining restaurants, and luxurious hotels, this should be the place for your babymoon destination. There are a myriad of places in Singapore that will lure your attention, and you will be spellbound by its luxury and beauty. For instance, if you admire and love nature, you can visit an underwater park. If you are a connoisseur of the ecosystem, you can visit Singapore Zoo which is home to many wildlife creatures such as zebras, white tigers, mole rats, etc.

babymoon in singapore
Image Credit: Pheuron

When to Plan: November to July

Nearest Airport: Singapore Seletar Airport, Singapore Changi Airport

Medical Facilities: As per world health organisation’s report Singapore is marked as 6th  out of 100 topnotch healthcare facilities in the world. Therefore, because of advanced medical facilities pregnant women can roam safely here.

5. Italy

The most buzzing destination for Babymoon travel that couples can’t miss is Italy. Yes, you have guessed it right, Italy is famous for its beautiful landscapes, and its scrumptious cuisines that will wipe away all the stress of parenthood, and you will immerse in the beauty of its jaw-dropping landscapes. It is also known as Bollywood celebrities’ favourite destination for tying the knot, so how can you miss this wonderful destination for your babymoon period? Plan this trip with your partner, and we promise that one day you will be showing the amazing landscapes to your kid.

babymoon in italy

When to Plan: June to August

Nearest Airport: Rome Ciampino

Medical Facilities: Italy has many advanced prenatal care centres, and post-natal care centres. It also has advanced national healthcare services.

6. London

If you have not yet seen London, plan it for your babymoon destination. We bet that you will never regret your decision as this city is Jam Packed with coffee shops, bustling streets, world-famous sites, bars, and restaurants. If you love to see the wonders of exotic places, London is a place not to miss. You and your spouse will love its mesmerising beauty and, we bet you will love to extend your stay.

Best Babymoon Destinations

When to Plan: April to June, September to October

Nearest Airport: Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport

Medical Facilities: There are many best hospitals for maternal healthcare in London. King College’s Hospital, Royal London Hospital, Homerton University Hospital are some of the best healthcare hospitals for women on the family way.

7. Dubai

If you love entertainment and shopping, nothing can beat your wanderlust better than Dubai. It is a premium shopping destination known for its skyscrapers and buildings coupled with the vibrant influence of traditional and modern culture. Visit this destination, you will feel that this place has a deep influence on modern and traditional culture. Because of the availability of top-notch cuisine with a blend of different cultures, it is also known as a perfect destination for gourmets.


When to Plan: October to March

Near Airport: Dubai International Airport

Medical Facilities: Dubai is home to the best gynaecologists, and has some advanced hospitals such as HMS Mirdif Hospital.

The Bottom Lines

Hope, that you have loved this list of amazing babymoon destinations. So, choose one destination amongst the list of 7 best babymoon destinations so that after becoming parents you can tease your kid. Oops! He or she one day will ask “ Ma, Pa, why wouldn’t you take me along? We bet that you will have a trip to the above-mentioned places with your complete family. Stay blessed couples!


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