12 Best Couple Therapy Hacks By a Relationship Psychologist


Even the growth of social media is increasing, reality has something else. Facing problems is common among couples. However, the crucial thing is how they are handling their problems. In this case, a relationship psychologist can help you out.

Well, we are not saying that you have to visit a consultant right now. If you are having relationship issues, you need to follow some couple therapy hacks. In most cases, couples get help by following these methods. Hence, most relationship counselors suggest these hacks.

relationship psychologist
relationship psychologist

In this article, we are sharing the best twelve couple therapy hacks that a relationship psychologist suggests. Make sure you are implementing them carefully.

Top Hacks By a Relationship Psychologist

Most of the time, couples forget about doing some simple things. That is the reason why they are facing problems nowadays. However, doing couple therapy is easy now. It’s possible because of telehealth and online resources. Let’s find out the top hacks to make your relationship more beautiful:

1. Narrative Therapy

Most psychologists prefer narrative therapy when a couple is having issues. In this therapy, you have to write down your stories from the beginning. In simple words, you have to share your experience. Narrative therapy is ideal for all those couples who think that their relationship is failing for both of them. Well, it’s very helpful for these people.

2. Express Appreciation

One of the best hacks to maintain a healthy relationship is expressing appreciation. You see, keeping a partnership is not a cup of tea. You have to work for it every day. And complementing your partner can help you a lot. In most cases, you don’t need to contact a relationship psychologist when you are implementing this hack.

relationship psychologist
relationship psychologist

3. Practice Gratitude

As we noted above, you have to express gratitude while being in a relationship. Well, gratitude has so many benefits. It’s very helpful to improve a relationship. On the other hand, practicing gratitude is also good for your well-being.

Sharing gratitude can increase oxytocin, a hormone that helps you reduce stress. According to some studies, practicing gratitude can improve a lot of things.

4. Increase Your Cuddle Time

Even it sounds childish, but cuddle time can help you with a lot of things. When you are cuddling with your partner, your body releases oxytocin hormone that helps you reduce the stress hormone.

relationship psychologist
relationship psychologist

On the other hand, cuddling can help lower blood pressure. It will also improve your sleep. So, make sure you are increasing your cuddle time with your partner.

5. Connect Through Music

Music is the best therapy. And it can help you improve your relationship as well. If you and your partner share the same taste in music, it can be more helpful. According to a study in 2011, music can create strong social bonds. (sballergy.com) So, why not create a playlist with your favorite songs. Make sure you are listening to the playlist with your partner.

6. Start a Book Club

Just like a music playlist, a book club can help improve your relationship. Well, creating a book club is a very unique idea. It can be more helpful when you are sharing the same interest in reading. You can go to a book store together. On the other hand, you can set a date to discuss books over dinner.

7. Avoid Social Media

As we noted above, social media is one of the reasons why many relationships are failing nowadays. To solve your problem with your partner, make sure you are keeping yourself from social media as much as possible.

On the other hand, you can also avoid your smartphone when you are spending time with your partner. It will improve your communication.

8. Show Interest in Each Other’s Day

Showing interest in each other’s day is another great hack that a relationship psychologist advises. Basically, people feel motivated when someone is asking them about their day.


So, make sure you are doing it with your partner. On the other hand, it’s a great way to start the conversation. Hence, it can save your relationship if you have been facing issues.

9. Include Important Conversations

As we mentioned above, the conversation can help couples a lot. However, you need to choose the right topic when you are discussing something with your partner. Make sure you are not including something that will hurt your partner. It can be the reason for an argument. So, you have to include important things during the conversation.

10. Stay in Present

A very common factor among today’s couples is they are talking about the past. For example, many people are talking about their ex while being in a relationship. It can be a huge issue.

That’s why a good relationship psychologist always suggests couples stay in present. On the other hand, you shouldn’t talk about the future as well.

11. Lower Alcohol Consumption

Another common problem that many couples face is alcohol. If you or your partner has this issue, you need to take care of it. Make sure you are lowering your alcohol consumption.

If the problem is serious, you can seek medical help. Hence, you can also contact a relationship psychologist. They can help you with a lot of things.


12. Understand Your Lover’s Love Language

Every person has their own way to express their love. If you are not identifying your partner’s love language,  it can create some problems. Many newbie couples face this issue. Well, solving this problem is very easy.

You can apply several things to understand your lover’s language. Moreover, you can also get help by taking an online quiz regarding this issue.


You see, you need to follow some methods to make your relationship successful. We have shared the best couple therapy hacks in this article. No matter if you are married for the last five years or just started dating, these hacks can help you anytime. For more information, you can either contact a relationship psychologist or start your research.


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