Why you should have a memory foam pillow for you and your kids?

memory foam pillow for you

Are you scouting for the perfect pillow for your little one? One of the top recommendations, when you look up adjustable bed pillows for kids would be memory foam pillows. But, do you know how it improves the sleeping experience with your little ones? We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make the right pillow decision for your kids. 

What are memory foam pillows? 

Let’s start with the basics. What is this buzzword – memory foam pillows all about? Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam contours in response to heat and pressure. Memory foam pillows come in different sizes and shapes. For children, memory foam pillows are a great choice to help your child with their posture while sleeping, without compromising on comfort. Over the last few years, memory foam pillows have become the new sleeping trend and an innovative essential to improve the quality of sleep. 

Types of memory foam pillows

When it comes to memory foam pillows, there are two different kinds – Solid and shredded.  Looking for the perfect pillow for your little one can be a struggle. But with memory foam car cushion, come in several different sizes and shapes.

Solid memory foam pillows are perfect for side or back sleepers. They are packed tightly with supportive foam cells and are designed to assist your child with every movement during their sleep. These types of memory foam kids pillows are also known as cooling pillows for kids. Apart from these benefits, solid memory foam pillows are firm and supportive, are an especially great choice for neck pain. 

With shredded memory foam pillow, helps create a cool sleeping environment. They are popular for better airflow and are soft and moldable. If your child is looking for even and comfortable support from their pillow, you must opt for a shredded memory foam kids pillow. 

What to consider while choosing memory foam kids’ pillows? 

Memory foam kid’s pillows come in several different sizes and shapes. While choosing the right one for your child, you must always consider the below factors: 

  • What position does your child prefer to sleep in? For instance, if your child is a back sleeper, a standard memory foam pillow will be the right choice. But if your child is a side sleeper, look for a contoured or conventional memory foam pillow.
  • Right pillow size matters. Try and coordinate the pillow size with bed size for the right fit. 
  • Look for the right amount of support and firmness. You don’t want to pick a pillow that is too soft or too firm. Look at what your child might be comfortable with for a good night’s sleep. 

Are memory foam pillows safe for toddlers? 

Experts recommend using pillows for children who are three years and older. Suffocation and breathing difficulties are considered to be two of the key concerns amongst toddlers who are using pillows. As a parent, you need to look for pillows that are of the right size, not too large, as they can cause discomfort. If your child has allergic reactions, it’s best to look for memory foam pillows for kids with CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certifications. These certifications are crucial to guarantee that the memory foam pillows you have chosen contain no harmful elements. 

Benefits of using memory foam kids pillow

In comparison to regular pillows, memory foam kids pillow has several benefits. Here are some of the key benefits: 

  1. Memory foam pillows are also known as adjustable bed pillows for kids. They easily adapt to your child’s sleeping posture. 
  2. When compared to regular cotton pillows, memory foam pillows are durable. If you have notice cotton pillows turn flat after a period of frequent usage. That doesn’t happen with memory foam pillows. 
  3. Looking for the perfect pillow for your little one can be a struggle. But with memory foam pillow, they come in several different sizes and shapes. 
  4. They are manufactured using hypoallergenic materials that are highly recommended for children with asthma concerns. 
  5. Support the spine and aligns with your body. These adjustable bed pillows for kids are great for those who complain about back pain and poor sleep posture. 
  6. Memory foam kid’s pillows are manmade and have a certain smoothness to them. Even as it ages, the consistency and smoothness remain.
  7. Since memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic, they are a perfect choice for kids with CertiPUR-US.
  8. These pillows have a cooling effect on them. They are cooling pillows for kids even during the warmest of nights. 


There is no doubt that memory foam kids’ pillows are on the pricey side, especially when you compare them with regular cotton pillows. But you can’t beat them on benefits. As a parent, we want the best for our child and to ensure they are comfortable, even while they are asleep. Memory foam pillows are firm, supportive, hygienic, hypoallergenic, helps with pain relief, and spinal alignment. Memory foam pillows are specifically designed using polyurethane and other specialized chemicals and they are extremely durable. 


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