How to give your kids a great birthday party during COVID-19

our kids a great birthday party during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the way people live and work all over the world. The news is full of bleak stories from all across the world. But most of us have felt the impact in small ways, close to home. The regular events of life — things like Easter, anniversaries, and birthdays — carry on regardless, and we’ve got to find ways to adapt. In this article, you will find how you can celebrate your kids birthday party during COVID-19.

It’s especially hard for kids, particularly if the virus has impacted an event they were looking forward to, like a birthday. Well, you can’t take the family out to a restaurant, or go and watch a movie at the cinema, but there are still lots of ways to give your kids a memorable birthday party during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are just a few ways to give your kids a great birthday party during COVID-19. visit here

Decorate your home are wear costumes

You can’t head out, so do the next best thing; make your home a special destination. Order Halloween Masks costumes and decorations online, and have fun with a themed birthday celebration. Superhero costumes never fail to entertain the kids

Organise video calls with friends and family

Don’t let your child feel socially isolated on their birthday. All of their loved ones are just a video chat away. Just because your family is all alone doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely.

If you know the parents of your child’s best friends, try inviting their kids onto a video chat, too. If that proves too hard to organise, you could ask for cards to be sent through the post, or get virtual ones sent over email.

Have fun with activities that the whole family can enjoy

Make the most of the people in your bubble. Although your child may not be able to see everyone that they had hoped to on their birthday, you can make sure that they’re able to spend quality time with the people that they can see. Try a board game; dust off the old family favourites (like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Cluedo) or order a new game for everyone to learn together. Let the kids wear face shields, bring alcohol, and lastly gloves when they play.

If you’ve got the sort of family where you don’t want to risk a boardgame (pardon the pun), you could try watching a movie or finding new inventive ways to pass the time together.

Pick thoughtful presents for the lockdown lifestyle

Some gifts might feel inappropriate during lockdown; fashionable clothes, for example, are usually great, but now there’s nowhere to wear them.

Instead, get a present that can be enjoyed by your child within the family home. It doesn’t have to be a video game. You could try one of the following alternatives to a high tech present:

  • books
  • puzzles
  • workout gear
  • cool and comfortable tracksuits
  • play equipment for the back yard

Get creative with the catering to get around food shortages

The runs on supermarkets have made it hard to find ingredients you would usually use to make birthday treats. Unless you stocked up ages ago, things like flour and eggs are all but impossible to find. According to bangla hunt, It might be time to get creative. Is there still ice cream at the shops? An ice cream cake it is!



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