Cool Weather Skin Protection- Step-by-Step Guide

Cool Weather Skin Protection- Step-by-Step Guide

It is truly very awe-inspiring to watch the winter season arrive and fill the surroundings with delighted snows. However, not all the aspects of winters are pleasing and this, to some extent, prevents many of us to enjoy it thoroughly. Our skin is also affected by the cold climate, which makes us feel uncomfortable and spoils the pretty winter mood. If you are looking to have a wow pink skin out in the winter, then you would need to follow a routine for protecting it in such extreme weather conditions. London Skin Clinic could offer you aid for the same, and it would be really good if you consult them. Given below features a step by step guide on how you can protect your skin in the cool weather: 

  • Moisturising is a key 

Moisturising your skin daily could prevent it from getting dry and giving rise to infections. Due to dryness, there are minute cracks created on the skin which facilitates entry of microorganisms and causing a fungal or bacterial infection. Applying moisture on a regular basis could prevent such conditions. It is advised to apply petroleum or cream-based moisturisers on normal to dry skin. In case you have a sensitive skin type, then it would be better if you apply fragrance or lanolin-free moisturiser. The best way to apply a moisturiser is directly on to the wet skin after bathing so that it could help in trapping the surface moisture. 

  • Proper cleansing but not too much

If you overdo cleansing action, then there are chances that your skin might lose its natural moisture. Washing your face, hands, feet,  and spaces between the folds once in a day is enough. Overcleaning could result in dryness and at times could also trigger itching or irritation. You do not need to use soap or cleanser every day to clean each and everybody part. Just giving a rinse is fine and could keep your skin healthier. 

  • Cold weather and hot shower- Good or Bad? 

Bathing with hot water in the cold climate is considered to be overwhelming and enjoying, but it might cause harm to your skin. It is not at all advised to take a shower with extremely hot water as it could result in the opening of the pores on the skin. The opened pores could attract dust, bacteria, etc. If you have winter-inch, then you can consider taking short showers with lukewarm water. It would be better if you use non-irritating and non-detergent-based cleaner. Just after the shower, you must apply a moisturiser by gently patting the skin to dry. 

  • Get a humidifier

Installing a humidifier in your room this winter could help you to escape from the extreme conditions. Dry air results in pulling off the moisture from the skin, thus humidifier could serve a great purpose for helping in this. (Ultram) Though, it becomes important to keep a check and maintain such humidifiers as they are potent at developing fungi or moulds. Cleaning its unit and changing the water should be performed on a regular basis as per instructed by the manufacturer. 

  • Stay safe from the inimical wind

Moving out of your apartment when you see the wind storming is not something you should be trying during the winters. In case you got work and need to go out, then it would be better for you to cover your face and hair before stepping out. Also, you must consider applying skin Protectants with special ingredients such as petroleum or creams with ceramides.  

  • Bearing Extreme colds could be frightening

Some of us might not be able to cope up with the extremely cold environment. Some even develop a skin disorder or frostbite due to the low temperatures. It is highly recommended that one must not overlook the symptoms of such disorders. The most common signs are colour changes in the hand and feet, which is accompanied by pain and even ulceration. In case you feel severe pain and loss of sensation in the fingers and toes, then you must look for your doctor without any delay as these are the clear indications of having frostbite. 

  • Limit exposure to the sun 

We must not forget that the sun emits ultraviolet rays in all seasons and exposing ourselves to intense sunlight even in winters could be harmful to the skin. Thus, we must make sure to apply suns cream in winters too. If you think you will be out for a longer time, then it is important that your suns cream has a sun protection factor 15 or greater than that. This concern is often disregarded by many of us, but overexposure to the sun could lead to premature ageing and in some cases, it has resulted in skin cancer too. 

  • Say no to winter tanning

Winter tannings are indeed fascinating for the western culture, but it has the potential of damaging the skin as well as increasing the risk of cancer. You could rather make use of self-tanners with extra moisturiser, but this method is also potent in causing harm if used for longer periods. 

  • No to the sun but yes to Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is one of the most important components needed for the development of healthy bones. This vitamin is available in sunlight, but as winter rolls, the exposure to the sun decreases. For maintaining good bone health, it is necessary that you consider availing vitamin D to your body from some other source. Taking vitamin D supplements could be a great option to choose from. 

  • If required, see a dermatologist 

If you feel that your skin is being consistently dry and the problems such as itching, scaling, skin growth, rashes, etc. are getting aggravated, then it would be better to consult a good dermatologist. London Skin Clinic might be the one to assist you with this. 

Winters are blessings in disguise which also accompanies certain unfavourable things too. Skin problems are one of those unfavourable elements. However, you must not worry about it much and enjoy the winter holidays. If it troubles more then simply seek help from London Skin Clinic. 


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