Beauty Blogs: What Services Does a Beauty Salon Offer?

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Over the course of a lifetime, we spend around $225,360 on grooming and self-care, so it’s safe to say that we like visiting the beauty salon count! With that being said, not everyone is familiar with beauty salons and self-care, so we have created this simple guide to help out!

We are going to walk you through what you can expect when visiting a beauty salon near you. Let’s take a look!


Haircare and beauty salons are synonymous with each other and have been from the beginning of beauty salons. You can expect services such as the following:

  • Haircuts
  • Highlighting or foiling
  • Beard Trims
  • Hair color
  • Hair extensions
  • Relaxing treatments
  • Deep conditioning treatments
  • Perms

These are just a few of the most basic haircare services offered at most beauty salons. However, modern advances in haircare happen frequently and depending on the salon you choose, you might have more advanced options available to you.


Yes…Waxing is for more than just your car! Hot wax is used to remove unwanted body hair quickly with long-lasting results. Most beauty salons offer waxing of some kind, including:

  • Eyebrows
  • Chin
  • Upper lip
  • Full face
  • Legs and arms
  • Bikini/Brazilian
  • Back

Generally, the waxing area is a separate area from the main salon to protect client privacy during the waxing session. Most salons offer either soft wax or hard wax. Hard wax is a newer trend that is less painful and does not require paper strips to remove the wax.

Nail Services

Nail services are sometimes offered as beauty services at salons; however, in other cases, nail salons are businesses of their own and separate from other services such as haircare. Nail services will often include:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Gel nails
  • Acrylic (fake) nails
  • Paraffin wax treatment

These are just a few of the most common services for nailcare. Much like haircare, nailcare is constantly evolving, and new techniques, tools, and styles are introduced. To see what is available in your area, search beauty salons open near me that include nail services!

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions and tinting are a $1.8 billion market and considering one of the fastest-growing beauty trends. Beauty salons that offer extensions and tinting will usually have a separate area for the extensions and timing, much like waxing studios.

For eyelash tinting, the lash artist will choose the appropriate tint for the client and use the color to semi-permanently color(tint) the client’s lashes. Lash extensions are a little more complex and can take up to three hours to complete.

For extensions, the lash artist will usually offer the client a range of styles such as volume-enhancing, length-enhancing, etc. From there, the lash artist individually places lashes over the client’s existing lashes, usually a special glue. The results can last up to four weeks before a fill is needed.

Finding Your Perfect Beauty Salon

Not all beauty salons are created equally. Some salons might offer all of the services we discussed, and others might specialize in a specific trade like lash extensions. So, keep this guide close, and do your research in your area to find the perfect beauty salon for your needs!


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