What Does the Whizzinator Do to Beat Drug Tests?

Does the Whizzinator Do to Beat Drug Tests

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. How about wearing a fake penis only to pass a drug test? Would you do it?

If your answer is affirmative, the Whizzinator is your thing. 

Cannabis smokers are often involved in a pending legal matter or employment issue subject to a random drug test and urine test. Such matters usually drag and take long. Sheer repercussions followed by failed urinalysis could be monumental and may cause serious disruptions in life. Nobody deserves to be imprisoned or jobless just because they enjoy smoking some herb – but, it happens. 

To avoid these types of injustice without compromising with moments of happiness, people have tried to find out clever means of fooling drug screenings. The primary method is to substitute clean or synthetic urine samples for real. However, this method may involve logistical issues, especially if you have to provide a urinalysis sample in the presence of someone. 

In comes Whizzinator. 

What is The Original Whizzinator?

The Original Whizzinator is best defined as an artificial or fake penis. It is made from a rubber-like plastic attached to a reservoir that holds sample clean or synthetic urineurine. The urine reservoir and prosthetic appendage are both attached to a sturdy elastic belt and worn under regular pants. To provide a urine sample, the user has to pull out the Whizzinator from inside the underwear and active a small valve –slyly and silently using one hand – by pressing the Whizzinator Touch – and release urine that flows out of the device, the fake penis, right into the cup. 

To make sure the sample retains its temperature, Whizzinator also features happy packs to keep the urine warm when it is inside the reservoir bag. 

The device is available in five different colors:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Latino

The Original Whizzinator kit also contains a pack of freeze-dried synthetic urine power. You can get more info here. 

Does It Work?

You can only determine whether the device works or not by deciding what to do with it. 

To avoid legalities, the Original Whizzinator is not sold as another tool to pass the drug test. Rather, it is sold as one of the many fetish items. 

The Original Whizzinator package of synthetic urine reads, “Golden Shower.”

However, marketing this device in the open market remains vague. 

The website copy reads, “The Whizzinator Touch can be called a discreet kit of synthetic urine that is deemed to be safe for all scenarios. It is a real-like fake penis available on the market. This medical-grade kit of synthetic urine features a quiet flow system, which is easy to use. It can be operated with just one hand. It is an extensively tested tool and proven to be worthy in realistic situations.”

If the situation, in real life, is related to a kink, the tools probably would work fine. However, anyone who wants to use it to pass a drug test must follow certain things. Firstly, you must give your sample without getting caught or detected. The only way to achieve this is through practice – practice how to whip out this device and put it back into your pants before showing up for screening. 

Another important aspect to note is the sample’s characteristics. To pass this screening, ensure the sample is at optimum temperature and it contains an accurate chemical composition. The Original Whizzinator contains a pack of synthetic urine to ensure users can pass the muster chemically. Some people may even opt for a real sample from a non-smoker friend. Of course, that would be the best choice. 

Is The Original Whizzinator Legal?

Attempting to pass the drug test fraudulently can lead to trouble when caught. If the drug test is a part of the law enforcement or ordered by the governmental agency or court, be doubly cautious not to get caught. 

Jonathan Jackson from Tennessee was sent to jail back in 2014 for falsifying a drug test after he was caught at a probation and parole office. 

Additional Equipment

The Whizzinator is a trusted one of the most popular products available on the market for several years. It has plenty of useful features plus bonuses. The reason for the growing popularity of the medical-grade synthetic urine kit is quite evident from the fact that it is considered to be safe and discreet in all scenarios. Most importantly, the kit is tried and tested to work in practical situations.

The kit contains:

  • 2 leg straps
  • 1 high-quality waistband
  • 4 organic heat pads that guarantee accurate body temperature for up to 8 hours
  • 1 vial high-quality synthetic urine
  • 1 60ml good-quality syringe for cleaning and refilling the prosthetic
  • Instruction manual and tips

The product offers discreet buying and shipping opportunities, with options for overnight shipping. 

Care Instructions

It is fairly easy to maintain and clean the product, with little upkeep. Pour the cleaning agent into a clean and sterile cup. Use the syringe to fill the device with the liquid contained in the cup. Close it securely and shake it for 30 seconds. 

Drain all the liquid out the same way you drain the urine. Rinse it thoroughly, twice, using clean water. Allow it to air dry. Don’t close its reservoir until it is completely dry. Cleaning the device thoroughly after use is very important, even if you used synthetic urine. Bacteria may grow inside the reservoir bag if not cleaned properly.  

 Can The Whizzinator Beat Drug Test?

In most cases, yes, it can. However, the user has to be very discreet and follow the sneaking practice to make sure he beats the test. a lot of it depends on the wearer, not the device alone. 


Undoubtedly, the Original Whizzinator is worth the money. Whether you want to pass the urine test or simply use it as a tool that spices up your bedroom activities, it is worth investing in this kind of novelty having multiple uses. It is a reusable product that does not expire if maintained properly. 

The product also boasts an ultra-quiet system of flow. You can operate it single-handedly, which makes it a better choice. Moreover, it has an ultra-realistic look and feels with interesting functions.  


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