5 Fitness Machines Effective For Cardiovascular and Weight Loss

Top 5 Fitness Machines Effective For Cardiovascular and Weight Loss

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Top 5 Fitness Machines Effective For Cardiovascular and Weight Loss

In the 21st century generation, the main problem facing most people who opt to start working out or change their diet is obesity and overweight disorders. Over weightiness is mainly caused by diet habits and lifestyle practices.

Everything we eat has an effect on the body. A snack may seem small but contain a lot of calories that are harmful to the body.

High cholesterol levels are harmful to the body and may cause dangers such as high chances of heart problems and stroke.

However, there’s a silver lining thanks to technological evolution there are so many ways and machines made to solve this problem. There are no other secrets other than working out.

One rule to help you get excellent results while working out at home is ensuring you don’t miss a workout and you use the right equipment.

Here are the top five machines that will effectively contribute to your weight loss journey and cardiovascular exercises.



According to Liss Cardio, If you are seriously considering weight loss and cardio exercise treadmills are one of the most popular weight loss machines. The treadmill was invented in 1952 and was mainly used to diagnose heart disease they invented by Dr. Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton.

It is also important for cardiovascular exercises treadmills provides the most efficient ways to burn calories due to its accurate cardio exercise that assist in weight loss. See more: Liss Cardio Method

The best thing about them is they are easy to use. The users choose to walk or run while using the machine. It’s like going for a run or a walk but better because you can change speed or the incline which affects the number of calories you burn per session.

Treadmills strengthen the heart by walking and running it keeps blood flowing and reduce the stress on the heart. It is mostly advised not to hold the handle while using the treadmill to provide better results.

However, if it’s your first-time Ostomy Lifestyle would advise you to hold the handle because the fall from a treadmill may cause severe injuries. The other rule while using a treadmill is to keep up with the speed and doesn’t rest while working out.

Treadmills are also very efficient as they can be used at the comforts of one’s home, this is because they do not take a lot of space and some treadmills can even be folded after use.

Treadmills also come with digital monitors which help you to track your work out sessions as it provides information like speed, distance, time, heart rate and even calories burned.

It can be used by multiple people since one can create multiple accounts for users. Treadmills are also important because they tone muscles and legs.

There are different types of treadmill which is convenient since users can pick whichever suits them best. One example is the non-motorized curved treadmill which only moves when the user moves and it adjusts the speed according to your pace and rhythm.


CROSS TRAINERIf you are worried about your safety while working out cross trainers are a way to go. Cross trainers also called the elliptical machine were invented in the 1990s invented by Precor. Their main reason being they were looking for something less challenging than a treadmill.

cross trainer imitates the body movements done by the body that is walking, running,  going up the stairs which provides a full body workout and burns a lot of calories within a short period of time and less tiresome. They are one of the safest and high efficient weight loss and cardio exercise machines.

The best part about the cross trainer is it concentrates on the whole body as it stimulates the entire body and does not just focus on one organ.

Cross trainers are less stressful on the joints which are great for a daily workout routine. Apart from losing weight by burning calories it also strengthens your muscles. Cross trainers are also very convenient if you are looking for equipment for a home gym since they do not take much of your space.

There are three types of cross trainers based on the location of the motor these are the rear drive which is the oldest model which was followed by the front drive and the most recent design is the center drive type.

A cross trainer help in reducing the risk of high cholesterol levels and thus prevents heart attacks and also lowers the blood pressure and risk of chronic disease like diabetes.


You don’t need a river, a lake or an ocean to enjoy the physical benefits that come from rowing now you can purchase a rowing machine and enjoy these benefits in the comfort of your own home. They do not take much of the space.

Rowing machines were invented in the late 1800s by W.B Curtis for athlete rowers to be able to use them to practice on land. A rowing machine is yet another useful tool for weight loss and cardio exercises.


This is because it workout are meant to strengthen your cardiovascular function by lowering the risk of chronic illnesses by making you sweat and make the heart work for the oxygen lost by ensuring the oxygen levels are okay. A rowing machine increases your stamina.

This machine is highly recommended for the elderly, those who are severely overweight and those suffering from injuries.

This is because it’s comfortable and thus it does not strain your back, muscles, and joints while it burns a lot of calories in a short time twenty to thirty minutes on a rowing machine and you have already burned 300 calories depending on the resistance and speed intensity used.

The best thing about this machine is that it engages both your upper and lower body parts and does not focus on only one organ.

It imitates the movements of the body while rowing a boat this strengthens the muscles of the upper body and assists the back to burn calories and also increases your stamina that is an endurance

While using a rowing machine ensure your legs are firmly fixed on the footplate and the strap is pulled to the across your leg so that your legs don’t get off the plate while rowing. Move one body part at a time.

Ensure you keep your back straight the whole time you are rowing to keep your spine straight this is to prevent back injuries because of straining your spine.

To add on my previous point if you are not a frequent user you are advised to use low resistance levels as high resistance levels can also lead to back injuries at first, a rowing machine may seem like a challenge but when you get used to it produces excellent results.


Imagine being able to ride a bike at the comfort of your house, gym, balcony or room without having to worry about the weather or busy roads or falling and hurting yourself then look no further because a stationary bike will solve all that.

You can even multitask while exercising on a stationary bike read or watch television. The first stationary bike is also known as exercise bike was invented in the 1800s and has evolved over the years with new upgraded models.


They are easy to use and do not take up space, in fact, they can be folded and stored until the next work out session. it imitates the body activities done while riding a bike without having to move from one point to another.

A stationary bike is great for cardiovascular exercises and weight loss. The stationary bikes are more affordable than other weight loss fitness machines which are economical for someone on a budget. They are best for overweight or those who just started working out or those who have an injury.

It does not strain your body parts or joints like running or jogging and still gets your hearts rate high which strengthens your heart and lungs and helps the body to use its oxygen. The cardio exercise help to reduce the risk of getting heart attacks and regulates the blood and lower blood pressure. Stationary bikes can burn 400-600 calories in an hour depending on your body weight and pace of cycling.

It also boosts your energy .you are advised to start slow while using a stationary bike and increase your pace after a few minutes then slow down again when you get towards the end of your work out to slow down your heart rate.

Peddle at a steady pace through the workout and don’t move your ankle. A stationary bike can be used by people of all ages. Some of the stationary bikes are electronic which a big advantage is because one can monitor their heart rate and set specific resistance levels.

There also different programs offered and one can choose whichever they prefer.


Another great machine for weight loss and cardiovascular exercises is stair climbers. Going up a flight of stairs gets most of us all sweaty and panting now imagine running on an infinite number of stairs since they keep revolving in 1986 there stair climber was invented and the first Stairmaster 4000pt was launched.

The machine contains steps that once the machine gets turned on the steps start moving and one is supposed to continuously walk on them until the workout session is done. It mimics the body movements one makes while climbing stairs.


Using this machine may seem tiring and intense at first but one of the key benefits of using a stair climber is it improves your aerobic activities which assist you to endure long periods if working out. Working on the machine assists in preventing some chronic diseases such as diabetes and lowers the blood pressure; it also prevents the risk of suffering a heart attack and also strengthens your bones.

Stair climbers help one to burn a lot of calories in a short time because of its high intensity. One can burn 700-800 calories with one hour of working out on a stair climber depending on the weight of the person thus it’s one of the best machines to work on while listing workouts to maximize your weight loss and cardio exercises. One is encouraged to do cardio exercises at last two times a week to ensure they lose a few calories and stay healthy.

The stair climber exercise mainly concentrates on your muscles and your thighs, glutes, and hips. The stair climber basically concentrates on the key areas where fat is stored in the body and enables one to tone and get fat free muscles.

Due to sweating while on the stair climber it maximizes your oxygen use as the body works hard to meet its oxygen demands.

Stair climbers are actually better than going up the stairs since they have less impact on your knees and joints than going up a flight of stairs, going down and going up again. Which forces one to use more force than one would use on a stair climber. Stair climbers can be used by anyone because they are easy to use and are impact free.


Taking time off your busy schedule to work out and burn a few calories has a great impact on your health; we are advised to work out at least twice a week which prevents rick of getting a heart attack. This also protects the body from diabetes and high cholesterol-related diseases.

Most cardio machines are effective and burn a lot of calories in your body. There many types of cardio machines with different benefits and impacts on the body and most are easy to use and one can choose which fits them best.

The best way to get excellent results while using a machine is that it maximizes your work, not to give up and try not to rest while working out.

You should also watch your diet to be in line with working towards your goal. Did you know that working out increases your lifespan? Now you know.

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