The Best Weight Loss Workout Plan For Men


For many reasons, you may have disproportionate bodies and often gain weight in an uncontrolled way.

Thankfully, by moderation and perseverance, you can find a balanced body in a short time.

Note that the instructions below are for men only.

Start With The Circuit Training Exercise

Start With The Circuit Training Exercise
Start With The Circuit Training Exercise

Circuit Training is a combination of many exercises that are dedicated to every major muscle in the body. The rapid change between exercises helps increase heart rate more effectively than most other exercises, thereby burning more calories.

You should start practicing Circuit Training to burn more calories faster and support weight loss. There are many suitable exercises that you can incorporate into the Circuit Training session, especially:

  •        Burpee
  •        Squat
  •        Bench Press
  •        Lunge

Perform fast-paced exercises to increase your heart rate to the highest level and burn calories to an optimal level.



Unlike running long distance, sprinting is running as fast as possible in a short distance.

This exercise helps to increase heart rate quickly and is ideal for fast weight loss.

Strong movement when sprinting also helps firm your leg and abdominal muscles while increasing strength and lung capacity. Perform the sprint exercise by following these steps:

  •        Start by slow jogging or brisk walking.
  •        Thoroughly relax muscles for about 10 minutes after starting. Strong movements when sprinting can cause tension or even tear muscles if you don’t relax properly.
  •        Start at the beginning of the 90-meter stretch and sprint to the end of the road. If you are new to running, you should not run too fast as a spring, but should only run at half your top speed to ensure your body is ready and avoid injury. After that, you can gradually increase the speed in the sprint later.
  •        Walk slowly toward the starting line. If you’re still tired when you get to the starting line, you should rest until you feel you can sprint again.
  •        Perform 6-10 sprints in each training session. Repeat 2-3 times per week.

Always wear Jockstrap underpants for athletes or at least you should wear underpants that fits your body while sprinting. Rapid movement can lead to groin strain or testicular injury if you don’t wear proper underpants.

Start Practicing Strength

Most people think that exercise forging is the only way to lose weight. But in fact, practicing forging power is also very important. For beginners, weight training can help boost metabolism, help burn more calories for hours after strength training.

In addition, muscle burns calories more efficiently so muscle building will help burn calories even when you rest.

Some good muscle-building exercises for men include Deadlift, pull-up workout, and squat. These exercises help create major muscle groups such as back and legs.

Run On The Treadmill

Run On The Treadmill
Run On The Treadmill

Treadmill is a very familiar device in daily practice, but do you know how to run it to both burn fat and save time?

Time is not the most important issue when running on a treadmill.

Running properly for 10 minutes will result in better results than running an hour without following any method.

Please refer to the following method:

  •        1st minute: Start by walking with an average speed of 6 mph, a slope of 4%.
  •        2nd minute (recovery): Walk at a speed of 4-5mph, reducing the slope to 0%.
  •        3rd minute: Increase speed to 6.5 mph, slope 3%.
  •        4th minute (recovery): Walk at a speed of 4-5mph, reducing the slope to 0%.
  •        5th minute: Increase speed to 7 mph, slope 3%.
  •        6th minute (recovery): Walk at a speed of 4-5mph, reduce the slope to 0%.
  •        7th minute: Increase speed to 7 mph, slope 4%.
  •        8th minute (recovery): Walk at a speed of 4-5mph, reduce the slope to 0%.
  •        9th minute: Increase speed to 7 mph, slope 5%.
  •        10th minute (recovery): Walk at a speed of 4-5mph, reduce the slope to 0%.

Finally, rest for about 5 minutes. You should repeat this method 2-3 times to get the best results.

Diversify Exercises

Diversify Exercises
Diversify Exercises

Do you exercise regularly but don’t see the results you want?

In the bodybuilder, there is a term called steady state. The body gets used to the current exercise and doesn’t notice the remarkable effect as before.

A completely new workout plan can help innovate and increase the effectiveness of bodybuilding.

You can try changing the order of exercises. For example, instead of exercising abdominal muscles, triceps, muscles, head, back, and legs, you should change to a new order.

You can find more exercises to help train the strength of the same muscle group.

In short, you need to change the practice routine every few weeks to avoid a steady state.

Awareness About The Risk Of Injury Increases

Most people want to lose weight as quickly as possible, but for obese people (BMI of 30 or higher) or people who have not practiced much before, intense exercise can lead to injury, affecting the effort to have a balanced body.

Make sure you understand your limits. Think about when you last trained, when your daily activity level (for example, you travel all day or sit in a workplace), consider your recent injuries or illnesses and current age. This helps you avoid unwanted injuries.

Set Up A Support Group

Any time, even if in a short period of time, support groups are always helpful for your weight loss. Research shows that people with support groups are more successful with long-term weight loss.

Try asking your friends or family members to support your weight loss campaign. They can give you more motivation or pressure to make sure you complete the task.

You may also consider asking them to lose weight. Many people want to eliminate some extra weight and will be happier when people do it together.

Check The Measurements

Compare with your measurements in the first week. Follow the results and let small achievements motivate you to continue your efforts.

You also need to maintain a weight check. After a month, you may want to reduce the extra 2 kg or do the current program for another month to see how much you can reduce.

Also, don’t forget to track your measurements. When your weight drops, you should focus on exercising and toning your muscles.

For both men and women, maintaining an ideal weight is always a common goal. With the above information, we hope that you, men, will set up a weight loss plan that fits your health condition, interests and time.

Finally, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We will respond as soon as possible.


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