This Is How to Smoke Out of a Bowl Correctly

how to smoke out of a bowl

It’s about time you learn how to smoke out of a bowl. Whether it’s your first time or your friends are moving past the days of dab pens, you need to learn.

We’re here to give you the breakdown of smoking a bowl so you won’t be lost the next time you smoke. Let’s jump right into it.

What Is a Bowl?

There are various amounts of things you can smoke weed with. You can roll it into a joint, smoke it from a pipe, or even rip it from a bong. One of the most popular and common ways to smoke weed is through a bowl.

Not, a weed bowl is not like your average bowl. In fact, it’s more like a pipe. It’s a small piece that has a long pipe part and at the end of that pipe is a small bowl.

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On the side of this bowl is a hole, which will be very important later on. Other then the hole at the end of the pipe part, that’s all there is to it. Before we can smoke it, however, we need to pack it.

How to Pack a Bowl

Packing a bowl if you’ve never done it before can seem daunting. The reality is that it isn’t so difficult. It is easy to get overwhelmed your first time so let’s take a look at how to pack a bowl.

Some tools you will need include a grinder, your bowl, maybe a screen, and some weed of course. A grinder will allow you to grind up your weed so you can smoke it. The screen will help prevent ash and bits of weed that may come through the pipe and into your mouth, but it is totally optional and not needed.

To start, you need to grind up your weed. Make sure it’s ground and there aren’t too big of pieces. After you’ve grinned the weed, pack it.

It’s as easy as taking the weed and putting it in the bowl. After putting some in, you want to pack it down into the bowl so you can put more weed in there, hence why we call it ‘packing a bowl’. Feel free to pack however much you want.

How to Smoke Out of a Bowl

After packing your bowl, it’s time to smoke the bowl. A lot of people struggle their first time doing this so don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it right away.

First, you want your hand to be on the bowl part of the piece, which hand depends on what bowl you have. This is because you want your finger to be over the hole on the side of the bowl. Once it’s covering it, put your mouth to the pipe, and get your lighter ready.

Once you’re ready, put the light to the weed and inhale while you do this. This fills the piece up with smoke. When ready, let go of the hole on the side of the bowl and continue inhaling to get the smoke into your lungs.

If you do it right, then you’ll be good in no time. Now just puff puff pass until it’s time to pack another.

Smoke a Bowl

Wondering how to smoke out of a bowl is no longer a problem for you. Take this knowledge and impress your friends. We’re sure they’ll be happy.

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