Suzanne Somers Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Death, and More

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers was an accomplished actress, entrepreneur, author, singer, and wise investor. She died recently on 15th October 2023, battling breast cancer. After her death, a sense of deep shock and grief prevailed in the Hollywood Industry. During her life, she remained busy with her acting assignments and business ventures. Suzanne Somers Net Worth is a representation of her hard work, smart entrepreneurial decisions, and acting skills. If you are interested to know about the professional and personal aspects of this celebrity, you have hit the right page. Here you will find some coveted aspects of her life related to her career, personal life, cause of death, and more.

Name Suzanne Somers
Full Name Suzanne Marie Somers
Profession Actress, Entrepreneur,  Singer, Book Author
Date of Birth 16th October  1946
Birth Place San Bruno, California, U.S.
Spouse Alan Hamel
Net Worth $ 105 Million
Death Due to Breast Cancer
Father Frank Mahoney
Mother Marion Mahoney
Zodiac Sign Libra
Age at the time of Death 76
Nick Name The Queen of the Jiggles


Suzzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Somers was a woman of multifaceted talent. Because of this, she was able to garner a pretty penny.  Suzanne Somers’s Net Worth was $ 105 million. This huge financial success was due to her diverse income portfolio. She always proved her mettle not only as a brilliant actress but also smart businesswoman. Let’s caste a look at her sources of income.

1) Movies and Sitcoms

Suzzanne no doubt, had a slow start but she got some good movies eventually. Some of the movies that influenced her financial status positively are American Graffiti, Serial Mom,  Zuma Beach, Seduced by Evil, and Nothing Personal. 

These movies have honed her acting craft and she established herself as a beloved Hollywood icon in the industry. She had received immense popularity from her sitcom “Three’s Company, where she played Chrissy Snow.  In Step by Step, she also played Carol Foster Lambert.

2) Brand Ambassador of Thigh Master

She received immense success as a business entrepreneur. Suzanne became the brand ambassador of Thigh Master an in-home exercise device. She received groundbreaking success as a businesswoman as she sold 10 million devices of Thigh Master during that period. Overall she made $ 300 million from this whopping deal. By selling Thigh Master, she had transformed her role as a health and wellness guru.

3) Book Author

She also penned more than 25 books out of which 14 were International best selling books. Most of the books were revolved around health and wellness.  As a result, she earned a lot of amount from bookselling and royalty. She wrote many self-help books to lift the morale of people.

4) Dancing Skills

Somers was an influential figure who explored several arts that not only added to her overall personality but also earned her strong financial acumen. She later on associated herself with Dancing with the Stars, an American television series. It had also added to her diverse stream of income.

All these sources played a great role in expanding her income portfolio and added to Suzanne Somers Net Worth.

Suzanne Somers Earnings Bifurcation

Three’s Company $ 30000, per episode
American Graffiti $ 1.4 thousand
Total Earning from these Sources $ 31.4 thousand

Suzanne Somers Net Worth Comparison

Year Net Worth
2018 $ 80 Million
2019 $ 85  Million
2020 $ 88 Million
2021 $ 93 Million
2022 $ 99 Million
2023 $ 105 Million

Real Estate Investment

Suzanne was quite skillful in her real estate investments. She had invested in many real estate properties along with her husband. All her real estate investments also reflect her grand net worth. She had invested in a property in Palm Springs and she lived there for a long time, but she sold that property for $ 8.5 million. She then purchased another mansion with her husband for 2.3 million. Her strategic property decision had solidified her net worth to a great extent.


Suzanne’s career had passed through a struggling phase in the early times. She struggled to find noticeable roles. Out of the continuous struggle, she appeared in many small roles from 1960 to 1970. Initially, she appeared in many talk shows, and enjoyed bit parts in movies such as “Blonde in the white Thunderbird” in American Graffiti.” Apart from this, she also appeared in the Sitcom “Lotsa Luck.” It was based on the British Sitcom “On the Buses.”

Breakthrough with Three’s Company

Suzanne received her first breakthrough with Three’s Company. At that time, then-ABC president Fred Silverman suggested her name for the role. She portrayed the role of Christmas Chrissy Snow in this sitcom. Her role became extremely popular beyond expectations. Talking about her compensation, she was initially paid $30000 for the role which was much less than her male counterparts.

However, during the fifth season of the show, she demanded a huge salary increase from $30,000 to $150,000 to match the compensation paid to her male counterpart Ritter. Also, she demanded 10% of the show’s profit. However, the television authorities were not willing to pay such an enormous increase in her salary. Adding to the injustice, she was expelled from the show.

Later Career

In 1991, she appeared in another television Sitcom “Step by Step.” This show was premiered from 1991 to 1997. She had diversified her career and appeared on Home Shopping Network as an entrepreneur. She became a successful businesswoman who sold household items, clothing, and jewelry designed by her. The different phases of her career led to an increase in Suzanne’s Net Worth over the years.

Early Life

Suzanne Somers Early Life

The accomplished actress and businesswoman was born on October 16, 1946, in a working-class Irish-American Catholic family. On viewing her struggle closely she raised herself from rags to riches. Her father was a laborer, and Gardner. Suzanne’s mother’s profession was Medical secretary.

Her upbringing was not normal and her relationship with her father was not cordial. Her father had an obsession with alcohol and was abusive sometimes. She liked to stay away from her father. Somers went to Mercy High School in Burlingame, California. She had dyslexia and sometimes faced trouble in completing her school homework. Apart from her medical condition, her father’s night rages were also responsible for the condition. She was expelled from school at the age of 14. Later on, she graduated from Capuchino High School in 1964.

Personal Life

She married Bruce Somers in 1965 and because of some personal reasons, the couple divorced in 1968. She married again to Alan Hamel in 1997. The departed soul is survived by three granddaughters.

Health and Death

Suzanne Somers Death

She fought with her medical conditions throughout her life. She suffered from Hyperplasia at the age of 20 and skin cancer at the age of 30. Despite her fluctuating health conditions, she managed to excel in her career as an actor, singer, businesswoman, and author. Because of her deteriorating health due to breast cancer, she recently died on October 15, 2023, just one day before her 77th birthday.


All in all, we can say that Suzanne Somers Net Worth is a reflection of her celebrated and dynamic personality. Her prolific career choices had given her room to explore her capabilities. Her foray into the health and well sector as a health guru, and status as an influential businesswoman is unmatched. She had left a great financial legacy behind her. Her fans will always remember her majestic career and that broad and confident smile. However, her death has left a never-filled vacuum in the eyes of her fans.


1) What is Suzanne Somers Net Worth?

Suzanne Somers Net Worth is approximately $ 105 million.

2) What is the name of Suzanne Somers’s Parents?

Somers Mother’s name is Marione Mahoney. Her father’s name was Frank Mahoney.

3)  Suzanne Somers was born at which place?

She was born in San Bruno, California.

4 ) How rich was Suzanne Somers?

Suzanne Somers Net Worth is approximately $ 105 million.

5) Suzanne was suffering from which disease at the time of her death?

She was suffering from Breast Cancer at the time of her death.




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