David Caruso Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, and More

David Caruso Net Worth

David Caruso is a renowned Hollywood actor who is known for his brilliant acting performances. He is an iconic celebrity who is well known for his superb TV performances and movies. Because of his accomplished performances, he has not only won the respect of his fans but also has garnered huge wealth over the years. In this post, we will dive into David Caruso Net Worth, diverse sources of income, career, and more.

Name David Caruso
Full Name David Stephen Caruso
Birth Date January 7, 1956
Birth Place Forest Hills, Queens, New York
Age 67 Years
Height 183 cm or 6 ft
Weight 82 Kg
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital  Status Divorced
Profession Retired Actor, and Producer
Zodiac Sign Capricorn


David Caruso Net Worth

David Caruso Net Worth

According to different renowned sources on the internet such as Wikipedia, and IMDB the retired actor’s net worth is $ 35 million. During his acting career, he has worked on a variety of projects. These projects have helped him rise to prominence. Apart from this, he has also earned a huge wealth as a television producer as well. Let’s take a look at his diverse sources of income.

Sources of Income

Because of his outstanding acting prowess, David Caruso has obtained a massive amount of wealth. A major share of his wealth stems from his brilliant acting career and producer. However, some other sources have also played a vital role in defining his chief sources of income.

1) Acting Performances in TV shows and Movies

David Caruso has secured a special place in the Hollywood industry for four decades. He is widely remembered for his iconic performance as Lieutenant Horatio Caine in CSI: Miami which aired from 2002 to 2012. His fans have admired him for his first role as “ Danny” in the movie “ Getting Wasted.” He is widely acclaimed for his outstanding performance as “Detective John Kelly” in “NYPD Blue.”  Apart from this, he has also starred in some other movies such as Blue City, China Girls, Twins, First, Blood, Without Warning, etc.

2) Income from the Art Gallery

David Caruso announced his retirement from his acting career and then got involved in his art business for quite some time. Apart from this, he is also a co-owner of “Steam of Sunset”, a clothing store in South Miami. These side sources have also contributed to David Caruso Net Worth.

3) Executive Producer

Apart from his famous movies, Caruso is also an executive producer of Michael Hayes, CBS, 1997. It has also added to his running income sources.

4) Owner of Broadcasting Companies

David’s career has seen some milestones that have contributed to his popularity and Net Worth. Apart from his roles in several movies and his status as a television producer, he is also the owner of two broadcasting companies. He has earned revenue sharing from these broadcasting companies. He is the founder of David Carusotelevision. tv, and Lexicon digital. tv.

All these sources have added to David Caruso Net Worth.

Salary or Income from Hit Shows and Movies

NYPD Blue $ 42500 per episode initially, later rose to $ 100000 per episode.
Miami $375000 per episode
First Blood Movie $ 125 million globally
Proof of Life movie $ 62 million worldwide


Real Estate Properties

David Caruso Net Worth also includes his real estate properties as well. He owns a spacious home in Sherman Oaks. This palatial home is spread across 1650 square feet. He purchased this property in 2005 for $1.85 million.


David Caruso

David Caruso has to his credit one of the most successful careers in the entertainment industry. His career made him stand from rags to riches. He initially worked as a “Cinema Usher.” At that time, he used to see 80 movies a week, and he and his co-workers imitated some scenes from the movies. During his job as an usher, he saw some renowned celebrities as his role models such as James Cagney, Humphery Bogart, James Cagney, and Edward G. Robinson. All this has sparked an interest in him for acting, and he ended up having a very successful career in the Hollywood industry.

  • Caruso’s Phase of Struggle

The famous brilliant actor is not among those celebrities who enjoy instant fame in the Hollywood industry. He had seen a long struggle before his career rose to prominence. His career in the glamour industry began in the 1980s and after that, he has appeared in several films. Initially, he played many supporting roles in movies such as Blue City, and Twins. At the beginning of his career, he gained recognition from his role in the movie “An Officer and a Gentlemen.”

  • His Rise to Fame with NYPD Blue

In the 1990`s, his struggle days vanished and he landed his first big gig in the entertainment industry. In 1993, he played his most famous role as “Detective John Kelly” in NYPD Blue. This outstanding show ran successfully from 1993 to 2005. He was one of the central characters in the show and after its marvellous popularity, he has asked for a raise. During the first season of the show, he was paid a remuneration of $42500 for the show. But later on, because of the show’s popularity, he asked for a noticeable hike. The hike, however, was denied to him. The actor then decided to leave the show.

  • Slump in His Career

Some critics say that leaving this show has turned out the biggest mistake for David. According to a famous Hollywood source TV Guide, this was the biggest blunder in the television industry. Post-leaving the show, he saw a slump in his career, as his movies Jade, and Kiss of the Death did not perform well. Once again the actor saw a phase of struggle.

  • A Strong Come Back with Series CSI: Miami

In 2002, he debuted as Lieutenant Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami. This series has received a big applause from his fans and it was successfully aired for ten years from 2002 to 2012. During this series, David Caruso’s Net Worth has multiplied as he has received huge wealth during this period. After CSI: Miami wrapped up, the actor involved himself in other ventures apart from acting such as running an art gallery.

Early Life

His early background was quite broken, however, with his strong determination and good fortune, he has turned his life into a big example for others. He was the son of Joan, a librarian, and Charles Caruso, a magazine, and a newspaper editor. But adding to his miserable condition, his father left the family when he was just two years old. He attended “Our Lady Queens of Martyrs “Catholic School in Forest Hills.” He, later on, also attended “Archbishop Molloy High School.” graduating in 1974.

Personal Life

David Caruso

He married three times but all the relationships ended in an utter fiasco. He first married Cherry Maugans. The couple divorced in 1984. He remarried in 1984 with Rachel Ticotin, his second wife, and with whom he is blessed with a daughter. David and his then-girlfriend-turned-wife Liza Marquez have two children together, a son and a daughter. However, the couple split in 2007. Marquez has portrayed him as an abusive figure who has emotional distress, and a breach of agreement between them. Despite his fortune, the actor is single to date.

Awards and Nominations

As the actor has a rewarding career in the Hollywood Industry, he has received many awards and recognitions for his roles. Apart from huge wealth, he received huge recognition when he received “Golden Globe Award” for his role as John Kelly on NYPD Blue.”

The Bottom Lines

David Caruso Net Worth is a reflection of his successful and long acting career. However, after serving the Hollywood industry for four decades with his splendid movies, he announced retirement in 2012 after his most successful show CSI: Miami. He is currently living a single life in his home and is focusing on his endeavors. However, his immense contribution to the Hollywood industry will always be cherished. His iconic performances will make his fans delighted over the years.


1) What is David Caruso’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, David Caruso Net Worth is $ 35 million. He has amassed a huge net worth from his acting career and producer.

2) What other activities has Caruso done despite acting?

He was involved in his art business and also earned a noticeable amount of money from it.

3) How many children does Caruso Have?

From his three marriages, Caruso has three children. However, these three children were from his second and third wives. His daughter Greta was from his second wife, and he had one son and a daughter from Marquez who was his third wife.”


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