Should You See a Sex Therapist? 3 Reasons to Keep an Open Mind

sex therapist

Has your sex life become dull or non-existent? Are you worried about talking sex with your partner? If so, seeing a sex therapist may be the solution.

Just to be clear, a sex therapist is not going to have a threesome with you. Porn has helped create the myth that each session ends in hot passionate sex- it does not.

Instead, a sex therapist can listen to you as a couple and help to overcome sexual issues. This can help save your relationship and improve both your lives.

So, read on to find out why you should consider seeing a sex therapist and some of the ways they can help.

1. A Sex Therapist Will Help Both of You To Open Up

It’s rather shocking that most of us find it hard to talk about sex. Even though sex is constantly thrown in our faces via tv and the internet, we struggle to open up.

But, a sex therapist is comfortable talking about sex with strangers and will help put you both at ease. They’ll help make it become normal to talk about your sex life, issues, ultimate fantasies, and more.

Once this happens, you and your partner will start being able to communicate better. You’ll start to open up about your feelings and this is a major step in having a better sex life.

2. They Help Find the Root Cause of the Problem

Some couples think they know why their sex life is poor, but, they may be completely wrong.

For example, one person may believe their partner isn’t attracted to them anymore. They may have come to this conclusion because they keep getting rejected when they initiate sex. However, it could be the person is tired and doesn’t have the energy for sex.

By listening and guiding conversations, a sex therapist can help you both understand what the real issues are. Only when you find them can you start to fix them.

This is another major benefit of therapy for adults.

3. A Sex Therapist Can Help With Trauma

During couple sex therapy, it’s not uncommon for the therapist to speak to both of you alone. This is a chance to discuss your sexual history and any past issues you may have had.

For example, if you were molested as a child or had a bad sexual experience, this could still be affecting you today. You may even have never spoken about the issues with anyone including your partner.

But, the therapist can help you to face these issues and help you to finally overcome them.

Why Should You See a Sex Therapist?

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have found it useful.

As you can see, there are many benefits of seeing a sex therapist with your partner. Not only could you regain your sex life, but your relationship can reach a new high.

Finally, check out our blog for more relationship advice.


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