New York COVID Variants Are Alarming Concerns In The Present Scenario

New York COVID Variants Are Alarming Concerns In The Present Scenario

The latest information about the New York COVID variants has come at the most unfortunate time. Now, when most people in New York start to come out of their homes to experience a more relaxed situation, the alarming news hits the city. However, the B.1.526 is one of the strongest New York COVID variants comprised of one-fourth of total variants at present.

According to expert scientists, the first signs of the B.1.526 variant were visible in November 2020. However, none was able to assess the spreading rapidity of this virus back at that time.

Researchers and experts suggest that the reason for this variant to spread so quickly is a unique mutation combination of spike protein that can pace up viral infectivity. Moreover, this factor also allows the virus to multiply faster. Besides, this time the virus is more likely to circulate in the body for a longer time.

While the B.1.526 is already alarming, experts believe that the situation can worsen at any time. Some of the other mutations that are becoming more visible include the D253G and E484K. Both of these will be quite harmful to our immune system and difficult to fight off.

Scientists are revealing that the E484K variant can single-handedly reduce the virus-neutralizing capacity of a person’s body. Moreover, the same can happen with a person who has gone through a recent vaccination process too.

Why are the New York COVID variants more dangerous?

The real deal is that any mutation that will allow the virus to attack our immune system increases its chances of surviving inside the body. If another mutation adds to the combination to ensure that the variant multiplies faster, it will become a more immediate and real threat.

As a result, the chances of severe illness and fatality also increases. Overall, the  New York COVID variants that we hear about are not only capable of attacking the immune system. They are more transmissible and deadlier too.

Many New Yorkers were hoping to step out more often now with the arrival of the vaccines and the downward trend in the number of cases. Everyone was hopeful that after the vaccination process, the situation would return to normal soon.

However, experts who are continually studying the mutations of the COVID variants and other infectious diseases do not seem to be so hopeful anymore. Instead, to ensure that the variant does not spread too much, every individual must double their efforts and maintain all types of restrictions.

What is the necessary measure to avoid transmission?

Firstly, every individual must be extra careful when stepping out of the home than ever before. It will no longer be enough to wear our regular masks or the double-layered ones. Instead, you will now have to wear the PPE kits, N95 or KF947 masks, along with face shields. It is a fact that wearing proper masks and shields can protect transmissions significantly, even inside hospitals.

On the other hand, people who are now eligible for vaccination must go for it immediately. Even though the latest New York COVID variants can attack the immune system even after vaccination, it is good to get the shots. According to research on similar variants, it is evident now that people who go through the vaccination process are at least safer than those who are yet to get the shots.

Again, if you prefer to send your children to schools and colleges despite the option of online classes, it is time to think. It is now better if you consider the digital classes option over physical classrooms. The mutants present in the latest variants make the virus more capable of latching on more dangerously to the ACE2 receptors.

Keep children safer than ever before

Experts believe that it is the same reason why the COVID virus does not attack children more. It is because they have the minimum number of ACE2 receptors in the body. However, with the recent variant already spreading, it may not be possible to keep children away from the radar. So, to keep them away from the apparent transmission, infection, and risk of serious diseases, it is best to let them stay back at home.

Despite following every guideline, if you still fall ill, make sure that you isolate yourself immediately. Besides, you must ensure that everyone close or at home is also quarantining for two weeks for 14days.

Don’t pay attention to the seven to ten-day quarantine rule that many offices and schools are recommending. You must understand that the virus may linger for a longer time. So, being even a bit careless can make you regret it later. It is because there are chances that you may unknowingly transmit the infection to someone else’s body.

It is time to be more cautious.

The New York COVID variants are circulating for quite some time now. So, if you are still safe, consider yourself lucky and keep following mandatory COVID measures. There are other variants, such as in South Africa, that are yet to be identified. Till that time, the people of those countries are in more severe danger of transmission.

America is still lucky to witness a decreasing trend in the number of infected. However, just a bit of carelessness can take us back to square one. Every time you forget to abide by a specific rule, think of the situation in 2020. One wrong step can send all of us back in the state of lockdown that was depressing and painful in so many ways.


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