Moderna COVID Vaccine Protects Us From New Variants

moderna covid vaccine

The Moderna COVID vaccine protects us from the new variants of the coronavirus along with the first of its kind.

After going through thorough tests, the pharmaceutical company reports that the vaccine protects us more if infected with the UK variant compared to the South African variant.

Moderna is all set to test booster doses for the vaccine. These doses will further protect people from fighting strains of the original COVID-19 variant.

Moderna COVID vaccine effective against new variants

The new strains of the coronavirus have raised alarms. The most vital cause of concern is its ability to spread quickly and easily compared to the original. Although the variants have emerged now, both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech companies are hopeful to protect people from them.

Moderna said that their dosage levels of the vaccine are enough to protect variants that have emerged till now. However, the antibody titers’ level for fighting the South African variant is six times less compared to other variants. Thus, this might mean people will still be at risk from the new B.1.351 strains.

There are no significant changes in the virus variant from the UK, B.1.1.7. The company said that they found no need to neutralize titers against it. The test results given by Moderna were reported according to the samples of blood serum. Eight participants were trying to fight off the virus with vaccines. Moreover, the study included samples of serum from animal studies. Finally, Moderna states to come up with two boosters for immunity against the new variants of coronavirus.

How to Moderna introduce booster shots?

At first, Moderna will focus on the same messenger RNA vaccine as approved by FDA. But for the new round, they will see if additional booster doses should be given. This step will verify if one’s body can protect itself from emerging strains of the virus.

Next, Moderna will develop a booster shot and start testing in the US during phase 1 of new vaccine trials. The results will give clear answers of evaluation in terms of immunological benefits due to the booster shot. The shot will include spike proteins according to a certain strain.

According to Moderna, the booster short will be extra protection and needs to be taken with all vaccines. Thus, the boosters do not only have to go with the Moderna COVID vaccine.

Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, said that they are trying their best to defeat the coronavirus. Thus, it is important to keep track of how it evolves. As of now, their vaccine is capable of fighting the original type and also protects from new variants. However, both new strains of viruses can mutate, and that’s also primarily how they become different from each other and the original.

The South African variant is alarming and has more chances of mutation than the one from the UK. Moreover, it can lead to reinfection as our immune system might not be strong enough to control it further.

There is more than one mutation found in the new South African variant. Some of those are present in the Brazil variant as well.


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