First Effective COVID Vaccine Promises to Offer 90% Protection

First Effective COVID Vaccine Promises to Offer 90% Protection
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Developers BioNTech and Pfizer believe that it is a great day for humanity and science. It was right after the announcement about the first effective COVID vaccine.

The best part is that the vaccine was applied to over 43,000 people from across six countries, and there were zero safety concerns. Therefore, both BioNTech and Pfizer are applying for official permission so that vaccine applications can start soon. They aimed to begin an application by the end of November 2020 or at least the beginning of December 2020.

As per record, this is the first vaccine going from scratch to finalization within such a short period. While there are indeed new challenges that are going to come, scientists are celebrating the moment. According to them, it is no less than a victory. Moreover, experts believe that life may get back to normal with the application of this vaccine by Spring 2021. According to Sir John Bell, he is confident that this vaccine will be the game-changer for the world soon. Bell is the regius professor of medicine at Oxford University.

How effective will the first effective COVID vaccine be?

There are so many restrictions on everyone’s lives now. However, better treatment, along with the first effective COVID vaccine, is the best escape from such a life.

According to official data, the vaccine’s correct dosage is two doses with a gap of three weeks in between. Moreover, the reports from the trials in Germany, the US, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa reveal that there will be 90% protection right after the second dose. However, this report is yet to undergo final scrutiny.

The available report is a compilation of observations on only the initial 94 COVID patients. Therefore, the results will surely change once the full results are out. However, there are favorable chances only.

Pfizer chairman Dr. Albert Bourla happily announces that they are very close to giving the world a breakthrough. People worldwide are now very close to bringing an end to the global health crisis. a founder member of BioNTech, Professor Ugur Sahin, refers to this achievement as a milestone.

Availability of the first effective COVID vaccine

Regarding the vaccine’s availability, only a limited number of people will receive it within this year. BioNTech and Pfizer had already announced that they would have enough information to present in front of the vaccine regulators by the third week of November 2021. (modafinil predaj online) So, it is only a matter of patience because the vaccine campaigns cannot begin until final approval arrives.

According to the companies’ assessment, they can supply at least 50 million doses by December 2020 and 1.3 billion by December 2021. As mentioned earlier, each person will require two doses. By the end of 2020, the UK must receive at least 10 million doses, and there will be a pre-order of 30 million doses.

Now, everyone will not get the vaccine, of course, and countries are deciding their priorities now. The home care workers and hospital staff will be the first ones to receive the vaccine. It is because they work in an environment that exposes them to the highest level of risks. Next comes the older adults who are most prone to viral infection.

Besides, the UK is already stating that their priority will be the older adults and those looking after them in the care homes. However, this is still not the final decision because the final test reports will decide the rest of the course. In every case, the people who will come at the lowest part of the lists will be the ones below 50 years.

What are the potential challenges?

Since whatever is available is only the interim information, experts still have so many doubts. The first question is whether the vaccine restricts the further transfer of the coronavirus or treats the symptoms. Moreover, will it work well enough for elderly adults who are prone to the virus? The biggest question here is about how long the immunity will last? However, this is a very uncertain question, so finding a definite answer will take a long time.

There will be massive challenges regarding the manufacturing and logistical procedure too. It won’t be easy to manage the immunizing process of so many people. Moreover, the storage issue arises because the vaccine will remain alright in super-cold temperature. The ideal temperature should be below -80C. Although the vaccine appears effective and safe as per the more significant tests, it may still not be perfect.

The reaction of the authorities towards the first effective COVID vaccine.

Now, over a dozen vaccines are undergoing Phase 3 trials, but this one is the first to show positive results. An entirely genetic method is used during the final experiment. In this, the scientists will inject a portion of the virus’s gene code. The same works to train your immune system effectively. According to the previous trials, the vaccine directs the body to create both antibodies. Plus, it also helps the T-cells to fight the virus.

According to Professor Chris Witty, the power of science is becoming good news for 2021. He is the chief medical advisor of the UK. On the other hand, US President-elect Joe Biden says that he is pleased to hear the news. However, he adds that people must understand that the end of COVID-19 is still far away. The official spokesperson of the Prime Minister of the UK states that the results are quite promising. Besides, they are in full support of the NHS and want to begin a vaccination process very soon.


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