Myths about Muay Thai training for fitness in Thailand

Muay Thai training for fitness

Getting the Muay Thai training for fitness seems one of the efficient decisions if you are a fitness freak. It comes up with so many advantages in the bundle that lets you live your life better. However, at the same time, there are some myths about the training out there. Many people have their own perception about the training programs and format. They strongly believe in all those myths that require a burst for sure by reality. Let us discuss some of the drastic myths people usually have about Muay Thai exercised that are not true:

Requires giant muscular structure

It is a myth that only a person with a giant muscular body and structure will be able to have the Muay Thai training. It is about the core strength and physical energy to learn and practice the strikes and skills. Fitness never comes in specific for the people with good physique in fact it helps everyone to be in good shape.

Need to have specific weight limit

 To be a part of a training camp in Thailand for Muay Thai nobody requires any specific weight limit. As far as you are not planning to be the part of any professional match, weight is not a problem. Anyone from men, women and even kids can have the training easily.

Can only practice in ring

Many of the people have a myth about Muay Thai training being ring specific. It is not necessary that you will go to the ring and wear the proper kit to have the training. Although, basic kit is necessary, you do not have to be in the ring. For the basic training, you can be the part of an outdoor setup or club that will help you to get better with the initial training and then move forward. Furthermore, you will be able to have practice in your own customized location afterwards.

A team training only

Many people think that you can practice Muay Thai only with people and teams. It is a fact that having a partner will help you to get some support and real time response. In case you are unable to have a live partner then you can use some other tools such as sand bags, barriers or other models to practice.

Focus on the body fitness

Muay Thai training is not only about being fit, losing weight, and having a good body shape. Along with the body, it works best for the mind. The training lets you release stress, focus better and learn new things.

An athlete sport only

Many of the people think that Muay Thai is only an athlete sport that serious players will follow in their life. In real, a lifestyle sport and training help every person to be fit, healthy and wise at the same time. A number of Muay Thai training for fitness programs in Thailand at offer people to learn the art of healthy living with this sport. It lets them to have a better fitness, weight management and mental wellbeing.  


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