How to Turn off Optimized Battery Charging (2024)

How to turn off optimized battery charging?

Rechargeable batteries are a key requirement for our smart phones and electronic gadgets. With modern gadgets, the technology of charging is also transforming fast. For instance, iPhones have also introduced the feature of optimal battery charging, which ensures optimized battery charging. Keeping the battery charged 100 percent all the time leads to the deterioration of your battery. Optimized battery charging helps keep battery health in check. But to ensure fast battery charging, we must turn off battery charging features. So, in this post, we will show you how to turn off optimized battery charging settings on an iPhone. Let’s start the process quickly.

Process to Turn off Optimized Battery Charging 

Optimized Battery Charging Options

Smartphones have a clever way to keep their battery health in check. For instance, if you use an iPhone, it comes with the natural setting of an optimized battery. The optimized battery setting implies that your iPhone will slow the charging process as soon as it reaches 80 percent. This process extends the life span of lithium-ion batteries. However, if you expect fast charging, you should know how to turn off battery charging. Take a look at the following steps:.

1) Locate the settings app on the home screen of your iPhone. Open the settings app.

Go to settings on i-Phone


2) Once you perform these steps, you will be able to view different settings options. Select the battery from these options.

Go to Battery Option

3) Select battery health and charging.

Battery Health and Charging: How to Optimize Battery Charging

4) Now, tap on the optimized charging toggle to turn it off.

How to turn off Optimized Battery Charging

5) You will see two options. Turn off until tomorrow, or turn off.

How to turn off Optimized Battery Charging

6) If you see a green light, it implies that optimized charging is still on. Instead, if you see a grey light, it implies that these charging options are turned off.

7) If you select the turn-off until tomorrow, it will keep your optimized battery settings off for 24 hours.

8) As against it, if you select turn off optimized battery settings, it will keep your battery settings off until you turn them off the next time.

Tips to Perform Optimized Battery Settings Turn off 

Best tips on Android Battery Optimization turn off

Like an iPhone, you will not find a turn-off battery optimization feature on your Android phone. Only a few smart phone manufacturers will provide you with a dedicated battery settings app on your Android mobile. Therefore, if you want to achieve battery optimization status on an Android phone or else want to turn it off, you can explore the diverse features. So, you will not find this option directly on your Android phone. Therefore, you can approach the following steps in this case:

1) Search for a dedicated app to keep optimized battery settings on your Android device.

2) You can also select a third-party app for battery optimization from the Play Store.

3) Now, once the dedicated third-party app is on your phone, look for the app optimization feature.

4) By using this app, you can easily turn off the optimized battery settings option on your iPhone.

5) If you still find yourself unable to cope with the battery optimization options on your Android device, you can use the developer options to turn off optimized battery settings. However, you may find these options on many new Android devices.

Is Turning Off Optimized Battery Charging Safe for Us?

How to turn off optimized battery optimization.

Many Apple iPhone users need clarification about whether to turn off the iPhone Optimized Settings options. Some users consider these options unsafe. If we talk about reality, turning off optimized battery charging is entirely safe. This feature is available on the iPhone 13 and its later models. Turning on this option will improve the battery life of your iPhone device, and turning it off will ensure fast charging. Whatever suits your requirements, you can easily pick this option from the iPhone settings.

How do I turn off optimized battery charging on AirPods-Pro?

How to Turn off Optimized Battery Settings on iPhone.

You can use the feature to turn on and off optimized battery settings on your iPhone and other devices. For example, it is also easy to use these settings on your AirPods Pro. Here is how you can turn off this feature on your AirPods Pro.

1) Go to the settings option on your paired device.

2) Find the Bluetooth option, and then select the connected device.

3) Locate the optimized battery charging toggle and tap on it. You will see the turn-off option; click on it to turn it off.

4) If you want to turn on optimized battery charging on AirPods-Pro, you can repeat the same steps proficiently.

The End Note

With these tips, you can easily learn how to turn off optimized battery charging. You can choose any option depending on your preference. Keeping the battery optimized settings on will keep your battery life long, but it will make the battery charging speed slow. So, if your preference is to charge your device fast due to a business meeting or any other reason, ensure that the battery optimization settings are turned off. Charging the lithium-ion batteries of modern gadgets is not at all tough.


1) Should I prefer to turn off my optimized battery charging settings?

You can turn off your optimized battery charging only if you want fast charging. Otherwise, turning it off may reduce the lifespan of your battery because we enable this option to increase the life of our iPhone batteries.

2) Should we charge our iPhone up to 80 percent or 100 percent?

For optimal battery life, we should charge our iPhone up to 80 percent. Charging every time up to 100 percent will increase the wear and tear of our battery life.

3) How does the feature of optimized battery charging work?

This feature works after analyzing certain patterns, such as phone usage and sleeping patterns. After taking these options into consideration, they work perfectly. 


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