How to Play Ark with Friends: A complete Tutorial

Ark Survival

Playing the Ark Survival Evolved game with friends is not a tough nut to crack if you have the right knowledge about it. Therefore, the moment you plunge into thinking about how to play Ark with friends, you should know the right mechanism. If we deep dive into the method of playing this game, we will realize that Ark Survival Game has brought a revolution to the survival game segment. Otherwise, playing the survival game has gone out of fashion. Developed by Studio Wildcard, this game falls into the action-adventure category. Just like other survival games, this survival genre of the video game is also set up in a hostile, and open-word environment.

If you are not aware of how to play Ark with friends online, take a look at this step-by-step tutorial. It will help you to understand and skim the basics of how to play Ark online.

How to Play Ark with Friends: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Playing Ark survival games has become quite popular among players. This game will entice you to play it. The chief reason behind it is unlike other casino games this game will offer you big wins. Apart from this, playing this wonderful game is going to be a treasure for you. Once you get the experience of playing this game, you will pretty much enjoy this wonderful game. This game gives you two options to play. Either you can enjoy the game playing it solo, or you can enjoy the game playing it with your friends. 

Ark survival game

1. Pick an Apt Platform

If you want to play an ARK survival game, the first step is to decide where you can play the Ark survival game.  For playing this game, you can take recourse to different options. You can choose from different platforms that you find suitable as per your needs. Consider playing the game on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or any other platform that is suitable for you as per your requirements.

2. Select the Type of Server

Now, choose if you want to play the ARK Survival Evolved game with official servers or unofficial servers. When you select official servers, Studio Wildcard will be responsible for maintaining servers for playing the game. In the case of unofficial servers, you will play with limited friends with no accountability. Playing with the official servers is the best decision ever. However, when you choose to play with unofficial servers, you should know the IP address.

3. Swiftly Join the Servers

Choosing to play the Ark survival game with a group of friends is going to be a crazy experience for us. The best way to play this game is to invite your homies and ask them to join the public servers. You will also join the public servers as their counterpart. To understand in detail, first, join the server in the Ark game with your friends, and then share the server ID with your friends. Doing so will make them enter the Ark survival game.

4. Locate the Main Menu

As soon as you enter the game, you will find the main menu. Go inside the main menu, and you will easily find the Join Ark option. Now, you will see the option of filters, select it to show how you will like to play the game.

5. Create a Character

How to play Ark with Friends

Ark survival game gives you the option of creating a character while playing the game. Each character will have its name, appearance, and stats. Therefore, you should carefully pick the characters. Choosing survival characters is always the best option. When playing the game, you should be well aware of how these characters’ stats will influence your choice of characters. These characters’ stats relate to health, stamina, food, water, weight, fortitude, crafting speed, etc. For example, character stat food implies that your character will become more hungry over time.

6. Survival is the Ultimate Goal

When you enter to play the Ark survival game, your sole choice should be to survive and thrive. To survive in the game you will perform every activity that can be crucial to your survival. For instance, to survive in the Ark survival game, you will gather resources, build adequate shelter, or else, even tame dinosaurs.

7. Ensure Wholesome Interaction with others

If you are playing the Ark survival game, you should interact with your buddies often. This Ark survival game allows you to interact with your counterparts. For instance, you can interact with the other players by forming a tribe, trading, cooperating, or else, competing with them. This step is crucial when you are looking forward to mastering how to play ark with friends.

8. Decide the Format to Play the Game

When you want to learn how to play the Ark survival game, it is essential to understand the format properly. You can choose the two formats to play the game efficiently. Picking player vs player or player vs environment are the two main choices in front of you. In player vs player format, players will combat each other. Compared to it, in a player vs environment server, players will stand joined against the environment.

How to play Ark with Friends

9.  Always Stay Informed

The best way to play the Ark survival game is to always stay informed of the server’s guidelines and rules. It will help you to play the Ark survival game efficiently. You will feel excited when you will play this game with your friends. However, you can play it alone as well. By following all the steps, you can master how to play Ark with friends.

The Ending Notes

In a nutshell, we can say that playing the Ark survival game can be a tedious choice when you are playing it for the first time. However, playing this game attracts handsome rewards and can be a pretty good option for you. Do keep yourself informed of the different terminology that can help you in playing the game. For example, know the terms like taming, engrams, base, tribe, spawn, harvesting, crafting, inventory, DINO, XP ( experience points) hunger and thirst, and stamina well in advance. This terminology will help you to master how to play Ark with friends.


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